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-time skip one mouth later-

-place Moon castle -no time change-

-Jeff's pov-

Black is in the air on Shades back and L J try's to stand but the injuries from the ropes are to much forcing him to crush to the floor so that means it is up to me to deal with Dead- no not Deadly she isn't home right now and now i get to deal with Red as she walks towards Jake intending to kill him only for her to stop in confusion when i stand in her path.

Blood red white ringed eyes look at me from across the room with familiarity as a echoing truly dark female voice says gleefully "oh well well if it isn't the child who ran away from me smiling my my how you've grown Joker" i instinctively want to ran away as far as i can away from the woman in front of me but i cant run away this time all i can do is tighten my hold on the staff in my hands as i say "Red what happened to Deadly why do you have complete control her body" Red's sharp black fangs are bared in a wide smile as she purrs "our body not just White's body our body Joker, as for where White is right now she is sleeping the moon brat try'd to control her mind to force her to kill our mate so i put her to sleep just like i did when we were Nightlight-hmm such a lovely smell it has been so long since i was last let out fully to be able to eat i am nothin but bones now".

Red turns her unnerving eyes away from me towards the bastard who at the name Nightlight is backing away as Red walks towards him with all the grace of a apex predator she doesn't even bother to make sure he cant escape as she devours the remainder of the bastards bleeding right arm and part of his shoulder however when she is about pounce on him for more flesh and blood arrow made of white sand cuts Red's left cheek deeply making her stop just short of grabbing the blonde bastard.

A truly insane laugh rips though Red's blood covered throat as she looks up at Black who is still in the air on Shade's back with the bow drawn to fire another arrow as she looks at him with a terrifying sense of understanding as she says gently but still very dark in nature "alright alright i may be starving but even I'm not foolish enough to believe that i can win against a Dream Weaver especially one who fully intends to die here with what was to be my meal, have you any words of parting that you wish for me to keep Dream Weaver?".

Black nods his head as Shade lays his down on top of the heavily bleeding bastard while Black says "GoodNight" Red's eyes widen in horror as she quickly grabs my the collar of my shirt rushing to do the same thing with Jake as she and Shade run like bats out of hell right off the moon and Shade catches the three of us as we fall towards earth before he starts haling ass even farther away from the moon and his master.

-Soul's pov-

I put a clawed hand on my belly as i let E J hold me tightly in front of the rest of the family as we all watch as the full moon explodes in a massive burst of white sand leaving on a crescent moon behind forever i lean into my sun guardian and second mate's chest as his hold me becomes almost painful when Slenderman says seriously "you two where are Jeff and Black" the sound of a nightmare sounds before ether of us dare to say anything.

Shade stops in front of me with L J and Jeff being held by their shirt collars by a very different Deadly however when Slenderman doesn't see Black with the four of them he starts walking towards me looking very pissed off thus making E J push me behind him as Slenderman growls out dangerously "what have you done sky witch" it isn't his words that make me cry it is my pregnancy and the lose of my first that force me to cry into E J's back a unfamiliar growl greats my ears as the dark voice of a woman says enraged "I don't give a flying fuck if you hates sky's you just made a pregnant woman who just lost her first mate fucking break down and cry, your so dead buddy" i look out from E J's back just in time to see the strange feeling Deadly biting Slenderman's left arm as he try's to pull her off of him.

A arrow of gold sand pass's by the her right cheek making her stand with Slenderman's bloody arm in between her black fangs which she holds in her left hand as she back slowly away from the heavily bleeding Slenderman who is laying on the ground and the woman says annoyed "your the second Dream Weaver today to refuse to simply let me enjoy my dammed meal hmm i wonder if White still has living ice statues under our lake i don't mind frozen food, oh yes the White Dream Weaver wanted me to tell all of you GoodNight and we both know what that means Dream Weaver" GoldenFlower has tears of blood going down his cheeks as he starts hitting the ground until his hands bleed showing bone while he says "that fucking idiot you dammed fool Black you -" the woman starts shaking his shoulders as she says "Dream Weaver stop it if you tell the truth without a mate or sky bond to ground your soul The Inevitable well begin to devour you!" GoldenFlower looks at her soullessly.

Even as he says "The Lady of Red Lake why are you in my daughters body and seeing as you refuse to let a old Weaver die the way he chooses you tell them the truth Red" Red rolls her eyes as she says "well well someone old enough to actually know who i am but Honestly Sandy what is it with you and Joker thinking that this body belongs souly to White it is our body, my former body died when you were still a child Sandy and when White was created i could sense that she didn't have a vey strong well to live so we made a deal the night before she was born, we fuse our souls together thus becoming one we share everything pain, pleasure, love, hate, death, life, memories, powers even though only one of us can control our body at a time, and Sandy you know the high respect that i have for the Dream Weavers as a people so if you wish to seal your fate then do so" L J rushes to catch Red as she falls asleep and he simply holds her close.

The look on GoldenFlower's face is one I've only seen on Blacks face when he told E J and i about Dream Weavers the night after he lost his wing i am ripped from thoughts as he says "a few days ago when you asked what was wrong with our son i lied to you Sweats that's the reason he sent all of you to me for answers that day he lost the ability to lie correctly when he gained a mate so that meant that i who nether has a mate nor a sky had to lie on his behalf because Black just like all Dream weavers including myself don't like to talk about our curse the first Weavers named it The Inevitable and their are only two ways to activate the curse by the destruction of one or both wings like what happened to Black or by telling the truth without a bond of any kind just like i am doing now ask Soul for more info Black told her our entire history so that she would be able to pass it down to the next Weaver, and as for his final word to everyone it is a Dream Weavers goodbye but not just any goodbye this one is the kind where the dying Weaver plans to die before The Inevitable kills him by using their soul as both power for white sand and as a bomb to kill the threat to his family thus leaving nothing behind not a soul, not a feather not a single grain of sand nothing and that is what Black he compactly destroyed himself taking MIM with him in doing so that is the only reason we ever say goodnight" GoldenFlower leaves before anyone can stop him more then likely wanting to enjoy the year he has left to live alone.

-a few months later-

-Deadly's pov-

The sound of a new born's first cry's sends the family into party mode and i go to the medical room to E J and Souls room and the site that greats me warms mine and Red's soul i see E J cover Soul with a gray blanket as she holds the new born blood covered child in her arms who looks almost entirely like his mother flaming tail and all although his flame color is golden-yellow making the little one a sun user like his step father, but it is the gray wings and eyes just like his father's that make me happy.

the little Weaver coo's happily at seeing me sit beside his mother as i grin while saying "well you look at that Hiei already knows who his aunt is, Soul may i? Soul smiles tiredly as she lets me hold the blood covered Hiei who i clean with a very light amount of ice as i rub noses with him while i say "hello little Nightmare do you want me to tell you a bed time story about the Dream Weaver who killed a false god?" a very cute coo is my answer and i look out the window at the crescent moon as i tell my big brothers story to his son from the beginning.

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