The first time tsuna felt like something is wrong with her was when an old man her father boss come to visit . First she felt something warm covering her like a blanket telling her that she is safe until she looked at the old man who tell her to call him grandpa looking at her with cold eyes that look was the beginning of her cold, lonely and darkest days that will be close to braking her until she meets someone or someone's who help her get the light and the fire she lost the moment the old man poked her forehead with a finger on fire.

I was thinking of doing a crossover but I don't know with which one these are the ones that I can't chose between to do the crossover with :

Harry potter

Digimon frontier


assassination classroom

Fullmetal alchemists

Shugo chara

Hunter x Hunter

Also if you have any idea you are free to tell me the moment I know what t will do I'll write the first chapter also I might add twin to the story if needed or something like that