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The assassin attempt was good but it was not enough as Koro-sensei showed another trump card. He can exchange all his speed for his defines. Now he is trapped in a crystal ball around the size of the hand. The one who is holding him is Tsuna. She is wearing a white sundress and straw hat at her head. (she stopped wearing it when they start their attempt. And was wearing light materials that covered her arm.)

(Tsuna was happy that she got a video of Koro-sensei watching the video of all thing that the student collected. Even hers. It is very funny especially how he looked like he is on the edge of death.)

Then the tragic happened. Many of the student fell sick without a reason. Then the call they got wanting the Chibi Trio to come with Koro-sensei and exchange him for the antidote for the students. (Tsuna was close to go there herself and kick the face of who ever looked down on her. But the rest were able to stop her. The students also know that they don't want to face the rage of Tsuna. They were barely able to withstand this one and it wasn't directed at them.)

Then at climbing the mountain to reach the hotel. The fastest students were Okano and Tsuna. They know the reason of why Okano can climb the mountains easily but they don't know about Tsuna. They later asked her from where did she learn that. Her answer was that she always climbs the mountain once every month so it was not so hard at her.

Then their meeting with Smoke. Quite frankly Tsuna knew about him being an assassin before Fuwa voiced what she found. Not to forget the meeting with Grip though the moment he saw Tsuna he starts acting strange like he didn't feel that she was there with them.

And all the way they moved. Tsuna also got a picture of Nagisa in girl's cloth. she was in the same boat as Nagisa when many boys start asking her about her name and other things. She made sure that they don't try get close to her. She was also able to run after she was able to start fight between the boys.

Then when they had to take out the two guards. She told them to leave everything to her, only that she need someone to draw them closer. The moment the guards were close she attacked them in their present points and knocked them out in a matter of seconds.

At the show of strength, the class made sure to not get in a fight with her. If she is able to defeat two grown up double her size or maybe even triple it. Terasaka was kind of disappointed the they were not able to use the stun gun. It only looks like that Tsuna will surprise them today many times.

Then after some time they finally arrived at the place where the final boss stays at. But at the way there Nagisa notice something. Terasaka and Tsuna were also Sick. When he found out she said something to him.

"I'm not sure but I think. What we have is not a deadly virus. Also, I will tell you this no matter what happened none of us will die. Trust me in that." The way she said it gave some hope to Nagisa.

Then the final boss appeared to be turned out that he is Takaoka who had gone crazy after Nagisa defeated him. Then he started out on how he starts having nightmares and how he can't sleep because of him. How he starts planning his revenge and all.

In the end he was defeated by Nagisa AGAIN. Though maybe this time is worse for him. Turned out that they didn't have virus but poison. Smoke gave the antidote as he made sure that Takaoka didn't use the virus on the students.

(Believe it or not they have mercy too, even if they are assassins.)

For Tsuna this pain was just the start of everything. As her temperature is extremely low, unlike the rest of the others. The pain was the start as she felt heat inside of her as her temperature raised. The heat was familiar to her as it tried to destroy the thing that hurt her after it break free from its prison. Tsuna had to hold the flame from her as it tried to go out of her body, having trapped there for too long.

The moment her class mate got better Tsuna went to a place around the beach but away from everyone. The second she was sure no one was around she let it lose. The beautiful orange flame that was trapped in ice. It glowed brightly that if It was not sunset right now someone would notice the glowing flame.

After the glowing died down, Tsuna not having any power to stand star falling. Before she hit the ground, someone catch her and carried her. Tsuna, while still weak from being free again, opened her eyes slowly to see the person who had saved her from falling.


"Go to sleep Tsuna-san. After all many things happened today."

"I'm not forgiving you…if….you do….some fun….without….me." With that Tsuna fell asleep to restore the energy she lost while Koro-sensei is watching over her.

"I'll be sur to help you Tsuna-san. That is the least I could do for my student." Koro-sensei said as he went to the hotel. Not noticing the bound that was forming between his flame and his student's.

On other places some people stopped what they were doing as they felt a warm feeling clothe them and warm them, feeling relaxed more than any other day they felt.

Other people who are more than hundred years old, felt a strong flame that appeared, when were about to go search for this flame it disappeared before they could get a location of it. Knowing that someday the flame will appear again they dropped the matter since the have more thing that is important.