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Harry Potter and the Witches' Secret


Friday 6 August 1995

To: Amelia Bones, Director MLE

6 August 1995

Report of Auror activity in support of OOTP

From: Auror Basic, Nymphadora Tonks

Today an escort from the Order of The Phoenix (OOTP), commanded by Master Auror (Ret.) Alastor Moody and including Senior Auror Kingsley Shacklebolt, Senior Auror (reserve) Emmeline Vance, Auror Hestia Jones, and myself, as well as the werewolf wizard Remus Lupin and wizards Elphias Doge, Dedalus Diggle, and Sturgis Podmore, removed Lord Harry Potter from 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, to a location under Fidelius in the environs of London.

This leadership of the OOTP considered that the move was necessary to provide a safer environment for His Lordship as he had been forced to defend himself and his cousin, fighting off two dementors on Monday, 2 Aug 1995.

Lord Potter appeared to be malnourished and was bruised about the limbs and face. The house appeared unnaturally clean, almost unlived-in. The door to Lord Potter's room contained four deadbolt locks, all keyed from outside. Lord Potter did not have the key and stated that the family (Dursley) he stayed with routinely locked him in the room after forcing him to work. There was a device called a cat flap in the bottom of the door where apparently cans of soup were pushed through if the family decided to keep the subject confined. The room was bare of furnishings with the exception of a single bed, a wardrobe, and a desk with one chair. The one window to this room was barred.

When added to the reports from the Medi-Witch at Hogwarts, this information leads this Auror to believe that Lord Potter is ritually abused in the Dursley household and should be permanently removed from the location as soon as possible.

In the location to which he was removed, Lord Potter is under the care of his godfather, Lord Black (Sirius Orion Black). While it is obvious Lord Black cares greatly for his godson, he is being pressured by APWB (Albus Percival Wulfric Brian) Dumbledore to leave Lord Potter at 4 Privet Drive in order to maintain his safety, due to (apparently) unique wards that are tied to the circumstances of Lady Lily and Lord James Potter's deaths.

This Auror knows of no such wards. While at the residence the wards were scanned and the results were forwarded to Unspeakable Hanson for analysis.

I can only conclude that APWB Dumbledore has some ulterior motive for his actions concerning Lord Potter. The subject is alternately kept isolated, then allowed to be near his only family (Lord Black) and friends (the Weasley family, especially the youngest boy, Ronald, and girl, Ginevra, and Ms. Hermione Granger, a first-generation witch).

Lord Potter has not been educated in a manner reflecting his social status. Lord Potter has not been trained to use or control his huge amounts of raw magic.

Lord Potter is, as stated, extremely isolated socially, and while he apparently is developing along normal lines for a wizard, his enormous amounts of raw magic are unrestrained and are having the expected affect on all witches he comes near. This being the case, I believe that all unbonded witches near him will be unable to restrain themselves.

While Lord Potter is in fact fifteen years old, he is exerting tremendous breeding pressure due to his enormous level of raw magic power, his ability to overcome his pitiable circumstances, his known great wealth and lineage, and his obvious capacity for overcoming adversity. Again, he has not been educated in wizarding traditions and therefore represents a tremendous risk of a mass breeding, especially in the school environment.

As a side note, two of the Weasley boys, Fred and George, have devised an artifact known as an Extendable Ear. Using these artifacts, it is possible to listen in to conversations from a substantial distance. Two of these artifacts have been forwarded to the Department of Mysteries for analysis.

The OOTP continues to meet in secret, but no actions have been taken. The OOTP is apparently more interested in information gathering than in using that information. Lord Potter is specifically prevented from gaining any information from the OOTP or any other source. Lord Black continuously rails against Dumbledore about this policy, so far to no effect.


Nymphadora Tonks

Auror Basic

Amelia put down the report and closed her eyes. This was the last of the four reports she had received that said basically the same thing. Mad-Eye Moody had gone into more detail about the OOTP, but he still had not told her all she needed to know. He would in the morning, though, or he would find himself in a cell.

Her niece was in school with this young man; she could no longer take chances. She now understood why he was all that any unbonded witch between thirteen and a hundred and twenty could talk about. A mass breeding had not occurred in five hundred years. Oddly, that one had also involved the last scion of the Potter family and had ended up involving almost five hundred witches.

Knowing this, how could Dumbledore have let this happen again? The female population of at least the British wizarding world was being slung about by their collective hormones and ten million years of evolution.

The bonded witches alternating between wanting to be Potter's mother and wanting to protect their daughters, and a significant percentage of the unbonded witches, were slowly but surely coming into what amounted to heat for him. It was only a matter of time before two witches went territorial and somebody died. How could Dumbledore have let this happen?

The boy was fifteen; it was too late to start training him now. He would have to be bonded. And now she was going to preside over his trial on trumped-up charges. Damn wizards for the fools they are. Additionally, Dumbledore was playing one of his inscrutable games with this young wizard.

Okay, Amelia, think. What are you going to do? First, find out who the witches involved are. Second, get those witches together and find out who the Alpha is. Third, find out what Dumbledore and the OOTP are up to.

Amelia was startled out of her introspection by a knock. "Madam Bones, Auror Vance to see you."

"Thank you, Janice. Send her in, please."

Emmeline Vance entered the Director's office and sat down in the chair in front of the desk, shivering.

"Tea, Emmeline?"

"Yes, please. Next time Alastor needs help, please remind me to be busy."

Amelia smirked. "Bad?"

"First, we ride brooms to the middle of Surrey; then, since Tonks had dealt with those horrible Muggles—smart witch, that one—we look around their painfully clean hovel."

"Next, we meet His Lordship the Baron Harry Potter, and at first I simply wanted to mother him, I thought."

"Then we ride brooms over southern England for three hours."

"Last we arrive at that horrible house of Sirius's, and while attempting to get warm I realise that I have to have Harry Potter inside me right now, and I want at least ten of his babies. Amelia, you have no idea what it's like! As soon as the Order meeting was over, I fled. I'm sorry, but if I had stayed I would have taken him right there on the kitchen table, with Molly Weasley making fisheyes at us the whole time."

"I don't know how Tonks and Hestia can stand it, much less those teenage girls, who by the way were looking daggers at Tonks, Hestia, and myself, after thanking us for bringing Harry to them. I can tell you this, though: none of them will ever willingly let another wizard touch them, and both of the teenagers will be bred this year. I cannot believe Dumbledore hasn't trained him and is keeping him at that school. He knows what will happen."

"Are you sure, Emmeline?"

"Yes, Amelia. Minerva, Hestia, and I told Dumbledore at the end of the last school year. He knows the effect Lord Potter is having on the unbonded witches he's around. Merlin, Amelia, he's driving the witch population of this whole country insane."

"I know. I dream about him every night."

"Ha! At least you have privacy. I have to carry spare panties. Why is he all I can think about?"

"You know the answer, Emmeline; you're in your prime childbearing years and unbonded. He's the most powerful, fully functional, wizard since Merlin, maybe ever, and he hasn't yet hit maturity. We're going to have to mate him and pray he bonds her, but whom?"

Emmeline groaned. "Amelia, don't do that. I just told you it was all I could do to keep from jumping him as it was. I would say that Tonks would be the best, and I'll bet he takes those two teenagers, Granger and Weasley, too. Molly Weasley, the cow, has to know what's going on; I think she's going to throw Ginny at him this week."

"Would that work? Would she be enough, Emmeline?"

"No, Amelia, he'd completely dominate her; and his power levels are so high, he'll bond multiple witches. I'll bet he fathers hundreds of children on hundreds of witches over the course of his life, if the Dark Tosser doesn't kill him."

"Which brings up another point: how do we protect the bonded, the mistresses, and the issue?"

"And how do we keep every other wizard calm about it, Amelia? Not to mention the great and powerful beacon of light APWB Dumbledolt. First, he's fifteen—and while the old laws reflect the reality of magical mating, the Geezergamot is a lot too stodgy for this."

Amelia was sputtering and laughing after the Dumbledolt and Geezergamot comments.

"I'm serious, Amelia. I'm going to get at least one child from him. If we bond, okay—if not, fine. I'll go find a good wizard after my power child urges are over. Or not—I might just raise my babies myself. I know he has plenty of money now and will have access to more. There are bound to be elves on the Potter estates. He will be generous and those elves will follow the progeny. His godfather is childless and broken from Azkaban, and I've seen the adoption papers. He'll be the Baron Potter Black. That might actually make it a Duchy, certainly a Mark"

"So why don't you, Hestia, and Tonks take him, Emmeline? That will solve the protection issue; you're all qualified as Aurors, you are an Unspeakable in research, and we'll put all four of you through Hit-Wizard and Unspeakable operational training with a Time-Turner. If he's going to bond any of you, he'd have time to do it then. I'll handle the Geezergamot, but we're not about to tell them how many he really bonds or who they are. Maybe after Moldyshorts is put down, but not now."

"Are we going to tell Jones and Tonks the plan, or are we just going to let them take him, Amelia? And what are you going to do about Dumbledolt?"

"Let's try a little planning. We want to reach an end state wherein Lord Potter can mate any witch who is compatible without interference from the Ministry or Geezergamot. To facilitate that, we'll need to train the witches to defend themselves and their children. So, we'll need facilities, time, and instructors. This leaves us with some basic logistics questions:

1. Are there three secure rooms where he is that could be used for training with a time turner in order to maximize its capabilities?

2. Do you, Tonks, and Jones, and how ever many other witches, have access to both where he is and the rooms?

3. Are there house-elves where he is staying, and are they bonded to him?"

"There is both a library rich in the Dark Arts and training rooms, as well as a potions lab. They're full of Dark objects but could be cleaned. There is a house-elf, Kreacher, but I think it's mad, Amelia."

"We could use the free elf. Dobby!"

Both women started as an odd elf materialized wearing a pile of hats and four pairs of mismatched socks.

"Yes, Madam Bones, you called Dobby?"

"Dobby, would you help Harry Potter and not say anything to anyone about it?"

"Dobby would do anything for the great wizard Harry Potter and never tell anyone, Madam Bonesses."

"Thank you, Dobby. Lord Potter will call you when he needs you."

Dobby bounced excitedly and then popped away.

"So that is Dobby, the free elf. I suspect he's not as free as people think. Emmeline, it's time for some honesty. I know you're an Unspeakable. What would you suggest for Lord Potter's training?"

"Amelia, I think due to the nature of his life so far we need to go through the full Hogwarts syllabus, Auror training, and then Hit-Wizard training. Then I would recommend that we either get the Americans to loan us an instructor team or we send Lord Potter and his retinue to America for war wizard and the battle mage training. The Americans have an excellent program, standing magical forces as well, hence their lack of Dark Tossers. This would be the fastest way to catch him up with our Dark Tosser. Using our best time turner and mental and physical improvement spells, potions, and rituals, this would take one-third the amount of time as passed in the sidereal universe.

"The problems I foresee are:

A. He will be adding women, by either bonding them or mating them; there's nothing to stop that, at least until the women become enough for him or he feels he has enough heirs, both physical and magical.

B. Getting enough instructors."

"Any of these instructors that are unbonded witches must be made aware that they will at least be bred and possibly bonded if they can stand to be around him, and that they will be targets of the Dark Tosser. Any wizards must be bonded or family to Lord Potter. We do not want a territorial dispute between the wizards. I know Lord Potter would win, but why go through it? The last problem we'll face is keeping this hidden from both Dumbledore and Snape. Dumbledore has some ulterior motive involving Lord Potter, and Snape is a spy for the Dark Tosser."

"What do you believe that ulterior motive to be Emmeline?"

"It could be as simple as the boy having some kind of connection to the Dark Tosser Amelia. Chief Unspeakable Hamlish has theorized that the pains in the scar on Harry's forehead are indicative of at least a connection between Voldemort and Harry, and may in fact be a particularly nasty piece of dark magic gone horribly wrong."

"I personally favor this last conclusion, due to the fact that giving it to Harry cost Voldemort his current incorporation at the time, and I suspect that was the last thing Voldemort expected. It's obviously some kind of connection as well. Voldemort is continuously able to find Harry, even though up until now it's been very one-sided in Harry's favour. If it is a connection, then I believe it's Dumbledore's belief that Voldemort could use Harry to gain information."

"A more Slytherin interpretation of Dumbledore's actions would be that he intends to use Harry to take Voldemort down, and either sacrifice Harry in the attempt or get rid of him later to secure his own position."

"Thank you for your candor, Emmeline. I believe we will proceed as follows. During the next few days you will run background checks on candidates able to instruct the basic Hogwarts syllabus and the mind arts. I will identify instructors for Auror and Unspeakable training. We will both identify all of the witches that we know are involved and invite them to join us tomorrow. We will meet once a day at 3 pm to review syllabus, and next Saturday we will implement the program with you, Tonks, and Jones, at a minimum. Next Friday we will explain it to Lord Black and Lord Potter. Thank you for your time, and I'll see you tomorrow."

Author's Note:

Credit is due to the unknown author who coined "Dumbledolt".

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