The Beast Brothers of Remnant

Authors Note Hello and welcome to my first ever Fanfiction Story. I have been wanting to start writing fanfics for a while now and figured now was the best place to start. I do not own either the RWBY or X Men universe's which are the property of Rooster teeth and Marvel respectively. I am doing this for entertainment purposes only and am not making any profit from it. I honestly hope that this story will inspire a more experienced writer to adopt the crossover since the main reason I want to write is to create the stories that I always looked for on without luck. Well enough about that enjoy and please leave any constructive criticism that you think might 1

The morning was just starting to pick up in this quiet corner of the forest, the sun shone high and strong in the clear sky. The wind whispered gently as birds of all sizes and shapes sung filling the tall trees with their music, rabbits, foxes, and even some deer could be seen moving through the thick thriving underbrush.

A truly tranquil picture…..until.

"Jimmy!" a harsh voice shattered the peace that the wild life had enjoyed as the animals scattered and the birds fled the scene to escape the sudden threat. They were replaced by a gray haired old man with a wild bushy beard. His face was sharply carved though most of it was hidden under his long hair and beard and his weathered by time and the elements. His patch work brown robes had multiple traces of repaired holes and added material which spoke of simple but resourceful means. To be honest the only extraordinary thing about this man was the majestic antlers escaping his forehead similar to a deer, each point of his tree growth like head ornaments sharpened to spikes. You see this man was a Faunus part man part beast, and he was on a mission. He marched through the brush quickly despite being stooped with age and hardship wielding a large staff to aid him. His gait hobbled by an old injury in his right leg. Despite his age and injury he moved with grizzled confidence. The type that could only be brought by battling the worst that life had to offer, and winning obviously.

"Were the hell is that boy" muttered the elder as he stroked his scruffy beard coming to a stop in the centre of the clearing, apparently unaware of the figure moving above him in the trees getting ready to strike. The figure moved with care taking every precaution to make not even the slightest noise for their prey to detect as they slowly moved till they were above and behind the old man as he muttered to himself about his errant charge. In the shadows of the canopy one could see the flash of a malignant smirk as the figure prepared to pounce while the man's back was turned, the flash of silver from its right hand revealing dark intentions as it leapt down at the man as quietly as possible.

Unaware that the old man had his own smirk hidden from the now falling figure as large muscles previously hidden under his baggy robes kicked into action becoming defined against his loose robe as he prepared to retaliat against his attacker all signs of weakness gone. Even as the figure swung the now clearly seen hunting knife which flashed down towards his targets neck intent on slicing the venerable collection of veins and arteries wide open.

To no avail as the elder moved to the side twisting his body so the knife missed him by inches. The shadow's previously hidden blue eyes widened before he was hit in the chest by the elders staff, causing him to release the knife and sending him back into trunk of the tree that he had just leapt from.

Crashing into the tree with a huff as a blood red flash covered his back and chest seeming to shield him from both the strike and the impacts harm though clearly not entirely successful as the once shadow looked up coughing and panting in pain from the blow dashed out by the gray haired elder.

"Your getting better Jimmy but your not that good" Gloated the elder as he rested one of his arms on the staff smirking at the now revealed boy as his other hand skilfully twirled the blade he had caught from mid-air.

He was young only 10 years old and a little on the short side. His black hair was done up into two large almost triangular growths sticking up from his head giving him a wild look. If one looked closely at the growths they could see an occasional twitch from the large ears sitting atop the boys head mostly hidden by his strangely grown hair. Sharp blue eyes shining with animalistic cunning glared indignantly at the silver haired elder as he caught his breath and stood to his full height. At 4ft 4in he stood a bit shorter than most his age, a point of embarrassment for the child which he covered up with a mix of bravado and aggression. His body despite being so young was built of lithe muscle showing a life of either regular guided exercise or hard labour. Possible both.

"How the hell did you hear me old man? I was silent" Growled the now christened Jimmy as he stepped aggressively towards the elder despite being clearly outmatched. His bravado clearly amused the old man as he chuckled before explaining "your ears aren't as good as mine yet boy, and besides I knew this was coming since this morning. I was ready for this over 4 hours ago." The old man smiled as Jimmy looked shocked at this revelation whispering "How?" looking genuinely lost. The old man chuckled once more at the boys expression before stating "did you actually thing I wouldn't notice one of our training knifes was missing? Though I'm glad that you went to the effort of getting a blunted dagger before trying to assassinate me. Shows that you care about your old grandad. But if you are going to try something like this then you should really have gone all out. Stole and blunted a dagger from somewhere else, maybe from Cindrals kitchen?" Jimmy at first looked awed at the old man's perception before frowning disbelievingly at his closing statement "really Cindrals, if I took one of her skinning daggers she'd gut me like a fish. And if I blunted it." Jimmy shivered dramatically to the mirth of the elder who took a certain amusement at the child's fear of this Cindrals wrath. "got him trained well don't you little sister" thought the elder before he began to move off back towards the small village that they had came from "hurry up lad, unless you want to miss lunch as well as breakfast for this little 'attack' of yours" hollered the quickly retreating elder as Jimmy stared blankly at his broad back before his words registered. Growling in annoyance at the old mans insistence on annoying him Jimmy still began to jog after him shouting "Dammit for the last time gramps my name is Logan!"

So that's the end of my first chapter ever as a fanfiction writer. If any one who reads this wants to create a story based off of this one then go right ahead, if you reach over 100K ill probably read it anyway. Id appreciate a shoutout but its not nessacarry, just do a good job so I can finally enjoy the story that ive been looking for on this site for over a month now. Im also going to make a list of stories that ive thought up and put them up on my profile for anyone to borrow. I will almost definetly not be able to create all of them so I would honestly appreciate it if anyone could take them up and make some great stories out ot them. If they are good and over 80K ill eventually read them though id appreciate if you could tell me about them before hand so id know where to look. Ill stop writing now ill try to make chapter 2 asap. Chapter 2 goals summary Its going to contain a description of the political atmosphere of Logans village, the ware bouts of his brother and his reasons for attacking the old man (and the olds mans name which ill keep secret for funs sake). Ill also try to make it longer and put some of logans training in.