The Beast Brothers of Remnant

Chapter 4

Authors note: Just wanted to mention that my plan for this story is to finish the first 'vol' around where volume of the RWBY franchise starts. Don't worry this will be at least 100 thousand words worth of content since I plan to go through both Logan's story and several other new characters including some side stories including active characters from RWBY. As for the recurring question of whether Wolverine and Sabretooth will have their mutant powers you'll just have to wait and see. I've got this story planned out already I'm just putting the story into paper at this point. After completing volume 1 of this series my plan is to move onto one of my other potential stories for a small break before starting vol 2. This is still my main story and most likely will be until either I work out a good way to end it or the RWBY franchise itself ends. Also for anyone not reading the comments Chapter 3 has been updated with several word fixes and a finishing section at the end which includes an explanation of Cindral's powers and the political state of the village. For now enjoy chapter 4. Gonna be some expansion of the village as a world and some fleshing out of the villagers.

The village streets only just beginning to quiet down as the workers arrived at their work while the other membersbegan to trade food in preparation for dinner and complete the odd jobs around the village. As such only the non-workers and people on scheduled off days were walking around this early. It was on the main street that Logan could be seen wandering casually while looking around at the sights and sounds of this little civilisation.

Logan walked through the village forcing himself to walk slowly to increase the time that Aura and Cindral would have to talk.

'Hope the old man can calm aunt Cindral down she's scary when she gets like that'

As he walked the surrounding villagers kept at least a meters distance between them and him. Granting him the occasional glare or side look but none of them brave enough to actually try anything.

'Assholes learned that lesson the hard way' Thought Logan returning the glares and providing scathing looks to those who didn't even have the balls to look at him directly.

As he continued towards the water fountain he reminisced about the first time one of the villagers had tried to cause him trouble. It had only happened once showing that the villagers weren't completely stupid.

A bully called Kharl from the hog clan had tried to push Logan around when he was four. He was used to being the big boy and had built himself a rep throughout the village, part of the reason Logan didn't get into trouble when he fought back. At this point Logan's aura that he had unlocked at the age of 3 wasn't strong enough to create even a weak shield and was only used for enhancement. His brother had watched knowing that his little brother didn't need any help as the 4 year old boy started to beat the hell out of the 10 year old overweight pig. It would have ended with Logan knocking the daft shit out, but Kharl had just so happened to get himself a switch blade from his father's workshop and upon being battered around and humiliated by a toddler had drawn the blade and attempted to slice little Logan. Logan dodged but didn't have a chance to retaliate before Victor came on the scene and crushed Kharls knife hand before scarring him across the face with his claws. Since Kharl was so disliked in the village, below even the two 'carnivorous abominations' the villagers actually let the incident go in their favour and let the brothers off with a slap on the wrist.

Even at that age Logan could have fought Kharl, knife or no but Victor drew the line at threatening his "little bro jimmy's" life.

In the warrior clan unlocking ones aura was considered the first trial. The 'trial of evolution' was left up to the student after they were taught the technique to unlock their aura when they began their training at 2. The earlier that they unlocked it the faster they could receive full training to become warriors, though said aura couldn't be used for shielding until they were eight it could be used for healing and enhancement all throughout a student's childhood. This prevented permanent damage or disfigurement from the harsh training during formative years and allowed for a child of Logan's current 10 year old size to have the overall strength of two men.

And Logan had nothing on Aura's strength. He once wrestled a goliath to the ground as a demonstration of what the boys could earn through training. Though at his age it did tire him out quite a bit, he also had a limp for a week which was noticed by Cindral. When she found out what he had done from Victor she almost tore Aura's head off.

Logan and Victor where both prodigies unlocking their aura at age 3 just months after being taught the technique and beginning their training. The average in the clan was age 7 which exceptional students were expected to do it at age 5. The brothers created new records one after another, though Victor helped Logan out to beat his record by two months.

Logan continued to walk down the path parting the stream of early working villagers as he walked on looking up at the colossal mountain which framed the North side of the village. In the forests the trees where so well grown and so tight that you couldn't see the sky meaning that these visits into the village granted Logan a rare opportunity to observe the world that he lived in from the ground level.

The mountain rose above the village in an inverted descending V shape with a valley sitting between the centre of the village and the middle slope of the hill were a large forest separated the two. Said forest was the life line of the village and the reason why not even the deer clan hunters had ran into any grimm in generations. Despite every clan being descended from a plant eating animal, Faunus of both types had more, humane diets, though ones core animal did influence food preferences for a balanced diet a Faunus had to eat both meat and plants in variety.

The hunter clan once worked closely with the warrior clan to secure food from the woodlands safely with the hunters hunting and the warriors taking down any grimm that tried to interfere. After the bandit assault on the village 47 years ago were Aura got his arrow wound the village migrated from its position in the mountains close to vale to this little valley on the other side of the mountain range. This was where the forest came in. The forest under the mountain was part of the reason why the village had survived for this long without any grimm contact, it contained a massive amount of animals including deer, wolves, boars, bison and rabbits/hares. The hunter clan immediately declared the forest off limits to the rest of the village and began controlled hunting in the area, making sure to only hunt certain amounts of animals at certain times so the population's never became inbred or ran out, providing a virtually unlimited supply of meat to the village population and ending the relationship between them and the warriors.

Logan's eyes tracked up towards the mountain itself. The one thing separating the village (and primarily himself) from the larger world of the 4 kingdoms. The village rested on the vale continent though the villagers stubbornly refused the call it that and instead referred to it as Reaman the ancient Faunus word for the landmass.

Logan planned to climb that mountain just like his brother had before and join him in the wider world. He had kept his wish secret from everyone except Aura knowing that despite the villagers insistence that the warriors where no longer needed that all of the intelligent members of the community knew that without Logan their one method of defence against the grimm would die with Aura forcing them to start again when their current 'happy thoughts' defence inevitably fell apart. If they weren't all dead. Logan knew that if he told anyone the village would demand he stayed to be glared at and whispered about with hate, cursed to defend them till he died.

Fuck. That

These people treated him and Victor like garbage since they were toddlers and would treat them even worse if they weren't afraid of getting their collective asses handed to them the moment they tried anything. The one time that a group of villagers had actually gotten the balls to try something was when Logan was six. This was the reason that the villagers looked at Aura with fear.

Funnily enough he didn't do a thing.

Seven grown men came to the family hut and demanded that Aura hand over the 'abominations'. They were drunk and stupid shouting slurs and pronouncing about the horrors that they were going to subject the two children too. Throughout this Aura just stood and stared at them through the window. He stared when they threw stones at the door, he stared when they started attempting to bash the door down, he stared as they tried to set the house on fire not realising that the clan had long since fireproofed their homes, he stared when they called him a coward….

And he stared when their hatred summoned a hoard of grimm who tore the group apart. They were slow unable to outrun the grimm. They begged Aura to save them. When the first died they even begged Logan and Victor who sat in their rooms forbidden to leave at Aura's command.

Aura stared through it all.

They all died, then he walked out and tore through the grimm venting his anger into his strikes, keeping the boys inside so they didn't see the remains of the foolish men who had tried to harm his family. He told the village what happened and the families of those same men were forced to collect the remains of their family members.

This was a grimm reminder to the villagers that they were still dependent on Aura for survival. And a warning to all of the particular hateful members of the village, "try to harm my family and you'd better hope that I'm the one that kills you".

Logan was quickly shaken from his dark thoughts as he had arrived at the well. It was currently surrounded by several female villagers and the youngest children all under 5 years old, too young to be left alone with the larger children though several could be seen attempting to sneak away only to be called back by their watchful mothers who kept an eye on them even as they discussed the currently happenings of the village. Helping the mothers through their duties were several injured or infirm males who were either too weak to perform the 'mans' work or currently too injured to work. Among the villagers it was expected that every member of the village be able to fulfil 'essential' roles no matter the position of the individual. This meant that even the workers in charge of the water system were expected to know how to repair clothes and care for children. The only exception where the warrior clans whose role required them to dedicate every single moment to training meaning that Logan and Victor had only been told how to take care of themselves.

Though Cindral did help expand their education. In the village there was no gender restriction in roles but men were expected to put their stronger bodies towards the more manual roles of the village and could find themselves socially isolated if they refused to do their 'duty' while women's only real restriction was if she could keep up with her co-workers she could work the job. This attitude change occurred in the earlier days of the village when the first members where dying of thirst, starvation and grimm and every person was called upon to ensure survival. Turns out that when you're less than one water breakdown from dying of thirst things like sexism quickly get dropped. Until recently the village had never had the security to afford wasteful attitudes, as such any person male or female with talent in an industry was quickly made of use.

Though most women were allowed to choose supporting roles which give them time for their children this was also considered essential, since the children had to be raised in the best possible environment to ensure their usefulness to the village.

This was why the women round the well and preforming other duties (several of whom didn't even have children), were tasked with looking after the younger generations with the help of some of the elders who guided them through stressful situations. Though they mostly just sat back and watched with happy smiles, reminiscing to their own time in the role.

This atmosphere of fun and comradery vanished so suddenly that Logan could almost feel the temperature drop when they noticed the young Faunus standing watching them. Up until that moment Logan had been enjoying the sight but he quickly grasped hold of his emotions to stop them from seeing how much it hurt for such a happy scene to end just because of his presence. Several younger children actually hid behind their elders, almost trembling in fear while others (mostly brash boys) seemed to take a stance prepared to defend their mothers and care takers from who they perceived as a monster. Barely stifling a sigh Logan walked past grasping a bucket from a nearby pile approaching the well even as the small crowd of children quickly separated to allow him access. No more laughter sounded from the crowd of children as Logan filled the bucket and quickly left. Refusing to let them see his pain.

Logan walked back down the street towards the food hall. If anyone would dare to ask, his foray into a deserted alleyway was for a piss, not to cry. Not at all.

"Logan" A as of now unfamiliar voice stated happily causing Logan to quickly turn barely taking the time to collect himself.

"Marie, how you doing?" Suddenly Logan was all smiles as he looked at the young rabbit Faunus standing before him. Marie had the currently singular title as the only person in the village outside of his family who treated him with kindness. She had met Logan when he was 6 and had out of curiosity decided to spend some time following him to find out 'what a monster did in his spare time' her intentions were entirely innocent as she truly didn't understand the difference between monsters and people and simply wanted to discover what made him tick. She was quite put out when she discovered that other than combat training Logan was the same as any other 6 year old boy. Just with less play time and no friends. So deciding that she didn't like him not having friends she declared herself his first friend.

Thankfully she had two thing going for her that saved her from the fallout of being associated with Logan. She was beautiful even as a child with sparkling expressive blue eyes, waist length blond hair that glowed in the sun and a healthy tan even if she was too young to be considered anything other than a kid she was already considered on the of the prettiest girls in the village. That saved her popularity among the other children who were easily influenced by simple things like appearance. Her position among the adults was spared because her father was the best electricity works upkeep and design expert, which had allowed the village to have actual working street lamps despite having no access to industrial level machinery and industry.

She showed signs of following her father's footsteps making her too valuable to isolate for simply hanging out with Logan. This didn't mean that she didn't catch some flak from individuals in the village especially from other girls who were jealous of her looks and abilities and were all too happy to attempt to use her connection to Logan to hurt her.

Despite this she always treated Logan as a friend and for that she had Logan's complete loyalty as a friend. If Logan was more truthful he would also admit that he had a massive crush on her but as is he was too immature to even be fully aware of such things.

"I'm doing great! Just getting some new produce from the market. The tomato crops came in again so I'm going to get some and make pasta for daddy tonight."

Marie exclaimed happily bouncing over to her friend's unoccupied side and clasping his arm in a hug as they walked along. This was another reason for her popularity, she was genuinely upbeat and nice.

"Hmm. I'm just getting water for the kitchen, favour for Cindral" Logan smiled sheepishly at his friend desperately trying to ignore the sensations from his clasped arm as they brought feelings that he honestly didn't understand.

The two continued to walk in comfortable silence simply enjoying each other's presence, before it was interrupted by a spiteful sound coming from the right.

"Well if that isn't cute" Snarled an older blond haired girl strutting over with a demeaning sneer at the two friends.

"Marie and the beast. Wonder what terrifying children will come out of that." Sarcastically smirked a brunet as the older female group of 6 approached the two all of them maliciously giggling at the two children's expense. These girls were what Aura called wasters. Talentless girls who focused on good looks and relationships over personal talent and ability. Aura always told Logan to avoid them since they would make a living on stealing boys hearts and using that to steal their money/assets. Worst thing was it worked.

Each of them put a lot of effort into appearing as beautiful as they could every day as such they found Marie's natural good looks to be extremely frustrating, combine that with a jealousy of her talents as a electrician and the little gang made it a sport of trying to get a rise out of the girl.

Non off them would take it any further since her father could quite easily 'slip' and cut the power from their houses for a month so they contented themselves with bad spirited teasing and insults. The fact that these insults flew over Logan's currently Ignorant head but clearly effected the more in the know Marie caused them no end of amusement comparing Logan's confused stare with Marie's Blushing countenance.

"haha, so tell me Mar. What's it like having a animal like him to hold on to." Sneered the blond leader obviously enjoying Marie's embarrisment.

Of course just because he didn't understand didn't mean Logan couldn't see that Marie was uncomfortable or that he was being insulted so blatently. And that pissed him off.

"Oi back off!" Snarled the boy preparing to drop the bucket and lash out if these bitches tried anything. Only to be stopped dead when one of then gently grasped his face and examined him closely.

"You know, maybe little Marie's got the right idea. Your actually pretty cute… For a monster at least" At first speaking sweetly at first before changing her tone at the end.

Logan got back to his senses and shook his head out of her grasp and with a growl powered through the small group pulling Marie with him growling at any of the girls who attempted to reach out to stop them making them jerk back with mocking squeals, only making him angrier.

He quickly managed to push through and continued on refusing to stop for fear of killing the 6. Their laughter faded away as the two moved on before Logan felt a tugging sensation of his arm as Marie pulled free. He quickly turned afraid that he had done something wrong only to be surprised by the happy smile on her face.

"Sorry Jimmy. But I have to get to the market, thanks though. For dealing with them." She smiled gratefully all traces of embarrassment leaving her face.

Logan was confused but responded quickly "Um… sure but, do they, well…. Bother you often?" Logan cautiously questioned truly not understanding what was going on or why Marie was so affected by what those girls were saying. It all flew over Logan's head to be honest but he had to admit that when the older girl had grabbed his face he had felt… Something strange, new.

Marie shook her head smiling at him before stating firmly.

"No they only came over because they saw an opportunity to embarrass me in front of you. But… um…. you really should talk to your grandfather about… The birds and the bee's?" Suddenly appearing unsure Marie looked at Logan's face searching for any hint of recognition only to find none. Only a surprisingly cute look of confusion, ears tilted and everything.

"Yea ask him about that soon ok." Despite his iron clad control Marie was very familiar with Logan after hanging out with him for 4 years and the 12 year old easily recognised that his reaction to her hug and the wasters touch was starting to change and that he was confused.

She knew better to try and explain especially since she didn't have all the details herself but knew that Aura would keep Logan straight. After all the elder had been a man for almost two lifetimes so he surely knew how to handle this. Speaking of which.

"Hello master Aura" Once again smiling cheerily at the sudden arrival of the elder who had appeared behind Logan with little noise, though considering his lack of reaction Logan most likely knew he was there.

"Hello little Marie" Smiled the old warrior finding the girls tolerance a breath of fresh air.

"How are you doing today?" He questioned bowing slightly making sure to observe the proper curtesy when talking to a female, hoping Logan would pick up on it and start to learn early.

"I'm doing very well but I really do have to make it to the market soooo." Quickly turning towards Logan she hugged him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek causing the boy to freeze as a sudden rush of warm feelings flowed through him. With a wave towards the elder she ran of shouting goodbye as she navigated the crowds of villagers which were beginning to appear on the once deserted road leaving a still frozen Logan and an Aura feeling a mix of annoyance and humour at the situation.

Deciding to get this out of the way as quickly as possible so that his world could return to making sense Logan quickly turned towards his grandfather.

"Grandpa what the birds and the bee's?" Questioned the confused child only to be further confused as his grandfather's head slammed into his palm before he responded.

"I'll tell you tonight. Over some beer."


Authors note: Ok this is the complete chapter 4 the training scene is going to be first thing next chapter so that'll be fun to write. Also if you guys want to see any news from me check the reviews or the other AU since for now that's the only way I know how to give general messages.

In addition some explanations. All of this chapter has been edited with changes throughout which make the story flow better and make more sense. The inclusion of Marie as a character was created to show that despite their racial hatred and ignorance the people of the village are just people. People can be either extremely smart or extremely dumb depending on the circumstances and on occasion you get people like Marie who will go against the tide. Though these people can only make a difference if they have the neccassary resources to protect themselves from retaliation since going against the tide isn't popular unless people are unhappy. As for the negativity the villagers feel towards Logan attracting grimm you'll learn about how that's dealt with in the upcoming chapters.