The Beast Brothers of Remnant

Chapter 5

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The Beast Brothers of Remnant

The sun was resting at the crest of its daily arc as the two warriors left the village, Logan still carrying the bucket of water.

"Sure auntie Cindral won't need this?" Muttered a distracted Logan who even now was attempting to straighten his thoughts after the interactions with his only friend and the discussion apparently coming up tonight, that was supposedly so awful that he would be allowed to drink beer for the first time. Something that Aura had been unusually strict about till this moment.

"Yea she just wanted to send you out for a bit. Luckily the water in the house is running low so till it rains that bucket will have to do." Aura's bluntness was because of his current attempts to psyche himself up for the upcoming embarrassment and awkwardness, Cindral had handled Victor's education in this regard which did not go over well. Poor boy couldn't meet her eyes for months afterwards. Even Logan noticed. So this time it's his job, and he was not looking forward to it.

'One thing at a time still got a spar and a hunt before that, the familiarity will settle him down but we'll need to spar first instead of afterwards. He's too distracted to be fighting grimm, cant mess with those monsters on half a mind.' Pondered Old Aura as he observed Logan's distracted state. 'Best shake him out of it now'

"Yo lad we'll be changing up our routine today, Gonna spar at full strength show me what you got, then we go hunting for the horde." Aura casually stated his intentions causing Logan to do a double take before smirking at his grandfather.

"Sure that's a good idea old man. I might beat you this time." Logan smirked at his teacher even as they both chuckled good naturedly at their banter.

"That'll be the day kid." Muttered Aura as his laughter trailed of in favour of rolling his shoulders and moving his limbs to limber up for the fight ahead. Next to him Logan did the same, their similar if completely different sized builds flexing against their clothes as they prepared for a bout. It was at these moments that their nature as warriors was at its most transparent. When blood pumped through their body and brought their muscles to readiness, their bodies almost seemed to harden to marble as their aura flowed faster and more agitated not manifesting but openly strengthening their bodies beyond the limits of ordinary people. The only time that their nature was clearer was in the midst of a bout when they moved like blurs and made shockwaves with their impacts. Many civilian that observed the spiritual hunters of both Human and Faunus civilisation where shocked stiff as people that looked just like them, some that they even knew personally seemed to transform to something more than human. Though some said that they were less, these detractors where thankfully in the minority in the wider world. Not so in the village but that's life.

The two came to a clearing not dissimilar to the one they had fought the Ursa Major in this morning. Though this one had a pond sitting on its edge and several ferns surrounding that. Logan calmly listed them under potential cover/hiding spot. Though it would be too obvious to go there first in a bout against Aura he would have to keep his options open and unpredictable, he couldn't out fight his ancient master so he would have to beat him with cunning and sheer guile if he hoped to claim his first victory today. As he had been taught his only thoughts towards defeat was how to prevent it even if he stood no chance he would fight to win, otherwise there was no point.

They stopped in the centre of the clearing both feeling ready for their bout Aura calmly confident in his superior skill and experience while Logan was flicking his mind across a variety of methods to defeat the almost unassailable fortress that was his Grandfather.

"Ready lad?" Murmured Aura as he pulled his axe from its holder on his back. His white aura flashing once before he crouched down into a ready position his hands resting at both the middle and top of his axe to allow for greater control/defence.

"Always old man" Grunted Logan as he crouched even lower. His trench knives were held in a stance reminiscent of many hand to hand martial art stances, with one located at the centre of his chest while another pointed out knuckles facing his grandfather both knives held down in the icepick grip. His legs were bent and ready to spring him in any direction and his hair was beginning to perk up as his ears strained for any audio tells that his grandfather may give off, physically his small size and hearing where his only real advantage to his teachers speed, strength and reflexes. Though Aura would tone it down for his student he would make sure to push him to just below his limit and keep him there for as long as possible. Pushing past your limit was for strength training and life or death scenarios.

This method pushed Logan's stamina and taught him to fight a stronger opponent on the back foot and create the opportunities that would allow him to defeat his superiors by taking advantage of their arrogance and self-assurance. Since most of the sentient threats to the village were bandits arrogance and self-assurance in the face of an 11 year old boy was basically guaranteed. Doing it after a hunt pushed Logan even further but today Logan would be able to truly push himself. Though Aura would push him harder since he had no exhaustion to take note of.

The clearing seemed to go quiet as the two warriors stood in silence watching each other like their animalistic counter parts would. Then the silence was broken as Logan's impatience got the better of him and he launched himself at his grandfather clearing the 20 feet distance in three running steps before clashing his forward blade against Aura's axe handle attempting to slide it down onto his fingers to cause some damage. Only for his grandfather to switch his hand to above Logan's knife blade faster than he could change his blade direction before using his knew leverage to push the axe head down towards Logan's head allowing the forward knife to slide harmlessly towards the earth, thankfully Logan kept control of his weapon and as he returned it to his stance he brought his backward right handed blade to collide with the side of Aura's axe pushing it down and past his body.

Before he attempted to quick uppercut with his returned forward blade forcing Aura to lean out of the way before he brought his hand back to their original positions on his axe handle before striking out with his axe's bottom nearly striking Logan's jaw as he slide out of the way kicking his grandfather's leg as he moved past in a diving roll to gain distance. The kick did nothing but Logan knew better than to pass up free damage against a superior's aura. As his grandfather said.

"If you can't risk hitting them hard then hit them softly a dozen times till it adds up, then take advantage and smash them with an attack they won't expect."

As he cartwheeled back into his stance Aura shifted his footing till the faced Logan before he seemed to disappear, reappearing in front of Logan mid swing as his Grandson was forced to curl his body backwards to avoid the swipe leaning back almost perpendicular to his lower body. This manoeuvre spared him a direct hit from the axe but left him open to a kick to the lower back. Logan expected this and reinforced his aura in that area saving him from winding or damage but draining his aura by around a fifth. This was not a good start but Logan had a plan, a trump card he had been saving for months now. As he flew through the air from the blow he spun in mid-air to land on his feet before shifting into a square crouched stance holding both blades against his thighs seemingly preparing to stop an attack in any direction.

'What's he up to' Aura thought cautiously before deciding to spring the obvious trap and see what his grandson had up his sleeve. That stance was only good for countering attacks from the front or sides but had no defence against attacks from the back. So Aura decided to remind his student of this and blurred behind him faster than he could perceive. He lashed out with his axe watching as Logan squatted down under the strike ears twitching as they responded to the slight whistle of the blade passing through the air.

'Clever must have closed his eyes the moment I moved' pondered Aura before he lashed out with a straight kick watching as Logan darted forward in a mid-air cartwheel dashing just out of range even as he turned towards his opponent in mid-air. Logan barely had any time to prepare for the downward axe strike which his master followed up with forcing the boy to take a cross guard with both knives to have enough strength to block the blow. Said blow nearly brought Logan down as he struggled to stop it with his entire body strength behind his arms, Aura raising an eyebrow wondering why Logan would take such a risky and almost pointless move, before he saw Logan's smirk.

'Oh shit' the thought passed through Aura's head as Logan opened his mouth the tell-tale glow of aura enhancement surrounding his chest and lungs before he unleashed an unholy scream directly at his Grandfathers ears.

This ability was one Logan had developed while experimenting in aura enhancement, partially in revenge against Sabertooth who was constantly showing off his shadow semblance (Currently unnamed) when he first unlocked it 3 years ago. By enhancing his lungs and diaphragm he was able to unleash a compressed burst of sound like an expanding cone of sound which could deafen and daze his enemies.

He had kept it hidden from Aura for this very moment as a trump card in the hope of finally winning against the old man. The ability had disadvantages though, he couldn't speak for 5 to 10 minutes after it and it left him breathless for 3 min's at least. It also consumed roughly half his aura in one burst making him drowsy when he used it. However even with the sudden exhaustion and breathlessness that he was experiencing Logan wasn't going to let this chance go by.

As for Aura he found himself suddenly deaf and dizzy with a ringing sound echoing in his ears, In addition his loss of hearing unbalanced him and left him stumbling back. He forced his eyes open to see Logan rearing his metal covered fists preparing to strike his Master full force. Aura immediately knew that his body wouldn't be able to guard fast enough to stop this attack. However he felt know fear or frustration.

Instead he felt pride and exasperation.

'Clever brat…. Well if you're going to pull out a surprise trump card I'll follow suite.'

With this thought Aura sent a pulse of tension throughout his body making every muscle in his body from his forearms even his heart tense up, before a burst of a long unused but familiar power rushed from his body.

To Logan's eyes his grandfather's body seemed to flash white before a spectral figure lashed out at him.

'Oh shit'

His thoughts mirroring his masters, the still unformed spectre seemed to pass through his aura before passing through his body as well. Despite the incorporeal nature of the impact Logan was sent flying backwards his aura flickering seeming to short circuit even as the ground rushed up to meet him. As darkness flowed across his consciousness his final thoughts echoed out.

'Fucking OP semblance'

End of the original unfinished chapter everything after this point is new.

The next time Logan awoke he found himself suffering what could charitably be called a headache but was further towards a migraine.

"Shit" Groaned the young warrior as he forced himself to sit up and take in his surroundings. He quickly noticed the fire that he was lying next too primarily because it burned a hot spike into his eyes. After blinking the pain away and letting his night vision adjust he took in the only other thing present in the clearing.

"Sup kid" The nonchalance of the statement was almost as infuriating at his smug smile.

"Laugh it up old man. I had you that time." Grunted Logan as he finished sitting up and moved closer to the fire. A quick glance to the sky peering through the tree leaves confirmed that it was around 4 to 5 in the afternoon. They would need to hunt soon.

"But you still lost." Blankly stated Aura as he shifted on the log that he currently sat, "Explain" His demand was met with silence at first before Logan shifted his position to rest cross legged almost touching the flames. He looked quite straining to Aura's eyes. With his usually solid brown eyes flaring up into a burning hazel from the light of the fire showing his Faunus heritage clearer than ever.

"You used your semblance to stop me from getting you." Murmured Logan as he searched for any alternative meaning in Aura's question only to come up blank. There was no real argument Aura simply blasted Logan in the face with his semblance the moment he got a shoe in towards winning.

"Exactly. You're at the level that you can push me when I'm not going full throttle that's around trainee hunter level. You're strong enough now that you could give any bandits a run for their trouble." He gave a proud smile towards his ward before sobering his features.

"But you have to keep in mind that anyone who's worth fighting in this world has a semblance. So you need to be able to fight at that level while keeping something back to deal with their unique little power. Doesn't change the fact that you've solidly surpassed your brother. So head up, you're advancing faster than anyone that I've ever met. I think you'll be at full hunter level at around 15. Maybe sooner if your semblance is anything near as useful as your brothers."

At this Logan's head perked up a little. Before he looked Aura straight in the eye.

"Seems that our family has a knack for overpowered semblances." He finished the sentence with a smirk which Aura Mimicked.

"God damn right. Long history of powerful semblances going back over 5 generations. Hell they seem to keep on getting better every generation your mother could increase her force in proportion to the amount of aura she sacrificed. She was a terror when she started swinging that hammer of hers. And your dad could straight up neutralise any opposing force that he came into contact with so he would just run over anything that got in his way, made him invincible when he started a charge with his gauntlets could literally walk through walls by neutralising the opposing force that stops solid things from moving, kept making holes in the walls when he first got his semblance." His face had shifted to a fond annoyance that could almost fool Logan into thinking that these things happened yesterday.

"And then Victor got shadow powers. Even I would struggle to take him down at night. Or sundown." Aura's recollections incited fascination in Logan who always longed to hear more about his parents. Though his pride wouldn't allow him to beg like he wanted to that didn't stop him from asking.

"Got any stories. Of ma and da I mean." His attempt at being casual was a failure. As always he was transparent to his grandfather. But Aura didn't mention it and other then a glance he did as he was asked without any reaction.

"Well there was the first time they met. As you know your dad was 2 years older than your ma and a lazy brat for the majority of his childhood. Plenty of talent but that just let him coast through his training with little effort. Your mother was completely different she came from the deer clan (the hunters) and enlisted in the warriors at 6 making her a new blood. From the start she was a hard worker, pushed herself to the limit much like you and victor have all these years. Anyways your mum was 15 I think and a bit cocky back then. 'Ha' Not that she didn't have any reason for it. She was the strongest of the new bloods that joined us in over 40 years. Best in her age group as-well" He smile fondly remembering the short little girl who once send a full scale hunter to the other side of the village with a punch. (Jian learned damn quickly to stop offering a free hit to the young warriors during spars after that flight).

"So she started to boast as kids do. But eventually she ended up challenging your father, who at the time, was two years ahead of her. All because of a dare that her loud mouth got her into." Aura couldn't help but chuckle as he pictured her indignant and embarrassed face when his youngest (and last) son turned her down the first time. Logan also chuckled mostly out of delight for finding out more about his mother the parent he knew the least.

"After nearly a month of bugging the poor boy he accepted. The entire clan showed up to watch, some even betted on the winner. Funny thing is when you've got a person who generates force for a semblance and a person who neutralises force you end up in a stalemate. The two of them had to brawl it out for hours to wear each other down, hammer and gauntlet pure skill. One of the best fights I've ever seen from teens, though they weren't at your level lad they were damn exceptional for their age." Aura smirked proudly at Logan as he blushed slightly unsure how to deal with that praise.

"Thanks grandpa." Murmured the boy as he forced himself to not fidget in happiness. 'Damn old man pulling crap like that out of nowhere' grumbled Logan in the safety of his mind.

Aura simply laughed at his reaction before continuing with his tale.

"So after 4 hours nonstop fighting they actually managed a double KO! Nobody could believe it." Aura smiled before leaning back and looking into the sky immersed with his memories. Then he continued even as he chuckled forcing him to push out his next words around his laughter.

"I laughed my ass off, it served that lazy little shit right. Seriously getting a draw from a fighter two years younger than you, and a new blood who had only been training 9 years to his 13. The shame! 'Hahaha!'" Auras boisterous laughter drowned out Logan's slightly embarrassed chuckle at his dad's expense. He stopped laughing long enough and quickly sobered up. Continuing the story with a more serious face.

"To be fair for your dad he was holding back early on and got hurt for it. Because she was younger see. Anyways when they woke up they were legends in their age group. It was on hell of a fight. It also managed to light a fire up under your dad's ass. Getting taken down by a 15 year old was enough to finally get him to take being a warrior seriously." Aura smirked at his grandson in response to his amused look.

"Turns out all it takes to get a lazy boy of his ass is a beating from a girl. Any way he got his shit together and within 3 years of training he was the strongest fighter in the clan barring a few old soldiers like myself. Your mum didn't take well to that and pushed herself even harder to take the title from him. Soon they were one and two in the ranks constantly sparring and shifting ranks back and forth at the drop of a hat. They also got sent out on the most patrols and extermination missions out of any one, usually together. After a few years of that they started to bond. Fighting together for years and saving each other's lives does that. At first they fought even more, then they started to calm down, then it was hanging out without fighting, and then they started looking for excuses to spend time together. By then they were all but official and only they didn't know it, usual oblivious shit. They were married by 23 and had Victor two years later." Aura's smile turned reserved a more bitter sweet tinge to his memories. Logan likewise had turned silent though his was more out of respect for his grandfather's silent mourning.

"Sorry kid only meant to tell you about the fight, got carried away." Aura appeared embarrassed.

"Don't be I'd listen to that any day." Logan gave his grandfather a sincere smile and pretended to not notice the tear that the old man wiped away.

Aura gently exhaled before he picked up his axe standing up firmly as Logan did the same reaching for his knives.

"You ready" Muttered Aura his face serious and cold staring at his Grandson.

"Yea" Murmured Logan his face equally as cold.

Before they turned away from the fire and looked into the hoard of red eyes staring from the shadows.

The hunt had begun.

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