Beast Brothers Of Remnant

Chapter 7

AU: Sorry for the wait had some things going on. Im running some edits of the earlier chapters so ill only post around 500 words at first but I've finished the edited chapter 6. No change to story just better grammar and slight changes to explanations. Im planning to insert more Faunus traits in some people mentioned in the story since I feel I've neglected to do so. Other ways here's chapter 7


Two weeks after the start of resistance training

The forest sat tranquil and chaotic all at once. Deer gently feeding in clearings and drinking in streams. Wolves chasing them down and feeding on them. Birds flying through the trees. Wildcats stalking them and other small creatures as they rummaged for food. A constant cycle. With trees standing as silent witnesses to it all.

The forest was wild, free and tranquil. As it should be.


Till it wasn't.

Logan stood arm extended off a deer track in the forest. All of the animals quickly leaving the vicinity as the dead tree he had struck bear handed, landed in several pieces across the woods. His fist flared with blood red light before it quickly vanished, having prevented any damage to his body allowing him to strike full force without repercussion.

It had been two days since he fully unlocked his aura and Logan was still getting used to the sheer power contained in his body. Which was enhanced to a greater extent by his fully active aura -while also being protected from any drawback through shielding- allowing him to exert himself to the fullest potential of his body. The sensation of power was addictive especially to a child.

He had to admit if it wasn't for Aura kicking his ass just yesterday he would have gotten a big head pretty damn fast. As it was Logan was still getting used to the feeling of exerting himself without holding back, so naturally he took every opportunity to practice.

It was all for the training after all.

"Ha! See that old man?!"

Mostly for the training

Logan admired his handy work before running back to the forest path to walk in step with Aura. Who looked at him with what could only be described as exasperated fondness.

"Yea brat I saw it now brush yourself off. It's been two weeks since Cindral last saw you and I don't want her nagging me about cleanliness again." Aura stated brushing some wood flakes of his Grandsons shoulder. They had a week at most to prepare for the horde and this was their day out to spend with family and friends. To relax and regroup before putting their all into preparation.

"It'll be nice to see Auntie Cindral again." Murmured Logan trying to supress his happiness. Before a token thought caused an embarrassed flush to cover his cheeks.

Of course Aura noticed.

"OH Hoho. Seems Cindral isn't the only thing filling your thoughts. Gonne visit your friend." You could almost hear the old man's smirk.

Logan's flush spread across his face, diffusing the force of his response before it could be felt.

"Shut up, old bastard. You're the one who told me about… All that stuff." Logan's voice quickly fell from its initial yell to an embarrassed whisper. Aura glanced at him before putting a hand on his shoulder.

"It was time for you to know. Believe me you'll be grateful for the tips. And it almost makes up for how complicated it makes…. Everything involving them." Aura shivered slightly in an odd mix of fond love and fear. Remembering his own late wife always brought both emotions in mind. Hell he didn't even decide to marry her, or have a family. She did, dragging him along for the ride.

He was grateful to her but she still scared him even to this day.

Of course this reaction didn't bring any confidence to Logan. Who could only stare nervously ahead with a mad cocktail of conflicting thoughts and feelings flowing through his head?

He was way too young for this shit.

Cindral same as every day could be found in her domain keeping the food house in order and dealing with dozens of little problems that sprung up both as director of the village's food hall. Usually she wasn't bothered, it was part of the job after all. But some things… really got on her nerves.

"My soups cold!" The teenage girl cow Faunus' voice was completely ordinary in every way. To Cindral it was like nails on a chalkboard.

"For the last damn time your soup won't be hot if you leave it lying 30 minuet's to talk to your friends. Either go to the back of the que or toddle off." Growled the Irate cook as she glared at the girl. Who seeing her face quickly decided to run back to her gathering of friends before she pushed Cindral any further.

Cindral knew that they were just kids being stupid. Spoilt kids for sure but that was their parents fault more than theirs. But they bothered her both their attitude and their lifestyle pissed her off beyond belief.

They were all 'supposed' to have started working for the village but their parents had connections to the council of elders and several held elevated positions in the village. As a result they had enough lee way to get them a cushy job 'inspecting' the labourers. Which amounted to them standing around and gossiping while other kids their age got dirty in the mines or lumber mills.

'Honestly these last three generations of leaders are driving this village off a cliff' Cindral though tiredly before moving away from the complaints desk. That's right in a village comprising of little more than a thousand people had a…. Mother fucking complaints desk in the food house.

'It's like they want us to be inefficient. Unlike the kingdoms we can't afford it' Cindral began to move back towards the kitchens to keep an eye on the chefs mentally ranting as she went, which was noticed by her co-workers manning the serving stations who shot her worried and concerned looks which she waved off. She only traversed half the distance before her mental tirade was cut off by a familiar and very welcome distraction.

"Auntie Cindral!" She barely got time to turn around before a blur wrapped its arms around her and nuzzled her stomach affectionately.

"Jimmy! O I missed you boy." She quickly returned the embrace glancing at the approaching Aura who nodded towards her with a fond smile, deliberately ignoring the terrified glances from her customers who had definitely noticed the two warriors entering the hall. Aura looked smart in his suit. One that she hadn't seen for over 23 years. It was a simple black suit jacket and dress slacks (pants) along with a silver shirt and blood red tie, instead of dress shoes he wore smart boots which his trousers covered to the heel, the buckles and buttons on his attire were also silver.

Logan was also dressed smartly though far more casually in a blood red t-shirt which stretched across his unnaturally developed physique and black stained jeans. His boots were the same steel toed combat pair as always but had been polished to a shine and appeared to have new laces. Boots were hard to make and expensive so having a pair for fancy events when you would grow out of them in a few months' time was moronic when living on their budget. So Logan had one pair of multipurpose boots to use, he didn't see a reason to complain.

Both received looks of reserved admiration and confusion from the villagers, many of whom had never seen the two looking like anything more than forest dwelling hermits with sharp weapons. Weapons that were present of course. Logan wore his blades on his hip holsters while Aura carried his axe across his shoulder since a harness would ruin his jacket.

"Is there an occasion that you two have kept from me?" Cindral said jokingly though she couldn't help but feel slightly self-conscious in her work apron and simple brown dress. The closest thing she had to fancy on right now was her hair net. It was white and had a customised pattern of prancing jade green deer's on it and was tailored around her horns, but she had worn it in the kitchen for over 17 years leaving it faded and stained. So yeah she was really feeling underdressed in their company.

Aura gave her a sombre look before glancing at the villagers.

"Yep" Such a simple response had never put so much ice in her soul before.

After that Cindral had sent the two into her office and quickly set the kitchen into something that resembled orderly. It would hopefully allow her an hour or two the listen to her brother before she inevitable had to get to work.

She walked into her office glancing at her little family as Logan gratefully drank the grape juice she kept just for him. Aura left his untouched most likely awaiting the more serious conversation that was to come where he would most likely need a drink.

She didn't sit as much as sink into her chair leaning back into it as she gazed lazily at her great nephew. A desperate attempt to restore her energy for the likely very tiring conversation to come. She turned her gaze back towards Logan with a gentle smile.

"I see you got full aura then." Cindral couldn't help but smile at her nephew's indignant reaction. Obviously he had hoped to play a surprise reveal, probably involving some mischief. It was cute, though she would spare the boys pride from that information.

Logan just barely kept his tongue in check. His aunt would pinch his ears bloody for swearing aura or no.

"Come on auntie I was going to surprise you." Mumbling in dejection Logan felt an unwilling smile come across his face no matter how hard he fought it. Cindral smiled back then turned towards Aura. Her smile slipped off at his still grim eyes, though his face looked relaxed she could see the tension trying to creep around his eyes. She turned back to Logan who had begun to flit his eyes between the two nervously.

"Jimmy could you go out for a little while. Have some fun in the village." Aura's words cut through the suddenly tense atmosphere causing Cindral to lock eyes with him again.

Logan stood with no words and a nod, leaving the office before Cindral could collect herself.

The two siblings sat in silence for nearly 20 seconds before Cindral stood up bustling towards her drink cabinet.

"Did you really have to send the boy away Aura, he clearly knows…" She attempted small talk while reaching towards the fruit juice glasses already in hand.

"A horde is coming." Aura's sentence seemed to still all the sounds from them and a village both creating an unearthly silence.

Cindral stood stock still for a long, long while before bypassing the fruit juice and grabbing the hard liquor hidden in the back of the cabinet too deep for Logan to reach.

She returned to her seat placing the glasses down with the bottle before uncorking the drink allowing a heady smell of malt whiskey to fill the small space.

When she tried to pour the stupid bottle wouldn't stop shaking almost spilling the drink before Aura took over. Cindrals eyes met his, her usually healthily flushed face pale and sickly, as she hungrily searched his face with her eyes.

She took strength from his unfaltering visage. Just like when she was young. She sat back and grasped her now full glass, upending it and drinking deeply with steady hands.

She resisted the urge to cough up the burning liquid drawing upon sheer experience before putting the empty glass on her desk.

Awaiting her refill impatiently her next sip was slower and more composed. She returned the glass and looked down bracing herself.

"Explain brother….. and leave nothing out."