Okay, so good news: I'm posting this prologue early before the rest of the story. I'm trying to write out all the chapters before I start posting, but I feel like I should give you guys a taste on what this story is about. Chapter 1 probably won't be up for a while, as I still have a few chapters to finish. Hopefully early August is when I'll post again. But anyway, here it is: The Final Battle. I hope you enjoy.

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Randy ducked underneath the Sorcerer's sword, before back flipping back to away to gain some room. The sorcerer however, wouldn't have that, taking another stab at the ninja as soon as he landed, only to be blocked by Randy's own sword. The Sorcerer started to push the ninja back, Randy making sure not to trip over any of the roots still present from when Evil Cyborg Julian had control of the Chaos Orbs.

Jumping off the staircase, a lunge from the Sorcerer created an explosion which knocked Randy back several feet, only for him roll into a crouching position. Pausing, the two enemies ran at each other, but right before their blade met, red smoke appeared around Randy. "Smokebomb!"

The Sorcerer looked around, wondering where the ninja may have gone, when he heard a noise from above him. Reacting just in time, the Sorcerer met Randy's blade with his own blade, before pushing him off with his superior strength.

Randy flew across the room, this time not landing so gracefully. Groaning, he looked up to see the 800-year-old villain standing over him. Getting up, the two swung their swords at one another, when the Sorcerer's sword cut Randy's in half. Randy stared shocked at his now useless blade, faintly hearing a booing in the background from a student or faculty member.

Randy looked up to see the Sorcerer loomed closer, blade ready for the final strike and a smirk on his wrinkled face. "I have looked forward to this day for centuries. Vengeance is mine!" Raising his blade, he failed to notice the orange and yellow portal form right above his head.

The Sorcerer laughed, but was suddenly pinned down by a screaming Julian and Howard, who pinned the Sorcerer on his stomach. "That was terrifying," Julian said, slightly trembling.

The two teens groaned, sitting up. "What the juice did we land on?", Howard asked before the Sorcerer growled from underneath him. "Landed on the Sorcerer!", he said, now as terrified as Julian, who was slowly being pulled off the Sorcerer by some unknown force.

"What is happening," he asked, as did Evil Julian who was also being pulled, the two heading towards each other. Hearing his own voice, Julian smiled, waving hello. "Oh, hello, evil me," Julian said. Randy frowned; maybe the Land of Shadows did more damage to Julian than he originally thought.

Evil Julian screamed, trying to grab onto something as not to get too close to Julian. "Stay away!", he screamed in vain. Almost at the same spot, the two versions of the goth involuntarily stood up, merging back into a singular being. Standing for a moment, Julian giggled. "That tickled! Where did I go?"

Randy was about to question that statement, wondering if Julian remembered anything from when he was split in two and trapped in a different dimension, when he noticed his best friend standing in front of him. "Howard!"

Howard scoffed, both amused and annoyed at his best friend's predicament. "We're apart for five minutes and you let the Sorcerer out? This is why we have to stick together!" Randy was surprised no one questioned that statement. In hindsight, they were probably focusing more on the green skinned wizard that was about to kill their hero.

"Get off me!", the Sorcerer exclaimed, starting to buck like a bull.

"Get me off of him!", Howard yelled, starting to seriously freak out.

Randy groaned, starting to get annoyed with this whole situation. Pulling out a ninja ring and a slingshot, he carefully aimed for the belt where the Sorcerer kept his Chaos Orbs.

Finally getting the freshman off of him, the Sorcerer stood up and noticed Howard's foot was caught on his belt. Looking up to see his best friend, Howard officially lost his cheese. "What are you doing?!"

Focused, Randy smirked under his mask. "Trust me," he said, silently wishing he sounded more confident than he felt.

"I don't trust you!", Howard yelled, the Sorcerer reaching down towards him.

Instead of commenting back, Randy lined up his shot. "Ninja-Ring!" The circular blade shot through the air, hitting its mark exactly. The belt holding the Sorcerer's power was cut still stuck to Howard's leg, as he and the Sorcerer fell in different directions.

Howard laid down, smiling. "Never doubted you for a second, Ninja!"

Looking over, the Sorcerer was livid. "Those belong to me!", he shouted, pointing at the balls. Reacting quickly, Randy ducked under the Sorcerer, sliding behind Howard while snatching the belt off his foot before standing up. In one motion, Randy threw the Chaos Orbs into the Sorcerer's Pit, watching them fall down to where the villain was trapped over centuries.

The Sorcerer looked over in despair. "My power!", he yelled.

Howard looked over in despair. "My shoe!", he yelled.

Resisting the urge to role his eyes at either of their cries, Randy saw the Eye of Eternity with the Sorcerer's Key sitting next to him. Grabbing it, the ninja quickly shoved the stone back into the center of the fish mosaic, resealing the prison, and returning everything to how it was before. Taking out the key, Randy looked up, satisfied at his work.

The Sorcerer cried out in defeat. "The day was mine!", he cried, again not noticing an orange and yellow portal appear next to him. Out of it stood the fancy pants fellow, who walked over and placed a comforting hand on the Sorcerer's shoulder.

"It is over," the man said calmly, smiling up at the green skinned man.

"Huh," the Sorcerer exclaimed before he realized who it was that addressed him. "You…", he said.

"Us," the man said, grabbing the Sorcerer and looking him in the eyes. Randy's eyes widened slightly, not expecting this to happen. The two versions of the Sorcerer stared at each other for a moment before they both a smiled, a white light engulfing them both. Unlike Julian's merge which was forced, this merge was almost beautiful, both versions ready to be one person again.

Randy could only stare at the white light, not really sure how to respond to what was happening. The white light dimmed a bit before showing the human Sorcerer bowing down to Randy, gratitude all over his face. "Thank you for freeing us," he said. All Randy could think of doing was to give a thumbs up. He smiled one last time, before fading away, finally at peace.

Randy heard McFist yell something behind him, but was still too stunned to say anything. He only snapped out of it when his cynical best friend walked up to him. "Oh, a thumbs up? An 800-year-old thank you and you give him a thumbs up?"

Still feeling numb about everything that just happened, Randy didn't pay any heed to what the ginger said. Finally finding his words, a smile broke out on his face, though no one saw it. "Sweet cheese! I did it! I defeated the Sorcerer!" Randy couldn't believe it. Out of hundreds of ninjas before him, he was the only one that was able to defeat the ultimate evil. And he was only a freshman! Again, Randy heard McFist and Howard say something, but was too happy to care.

Randy only snapped out of it when he realized Doug had walked up to him and asked him a question. Not wanting to give away any ninja secrets and not wanting to admit he wasn't paying attention, randy did the first thing that came to his mind. "Doug, allow me to answer that question with a question of my own.", he began, pausing a moment after for dramatic effect. "Smokebomb?", he asked, dropping said ninja tool on the ground so he could make his escape.

As the red smoke cleared, Howard couldn't resist making one last remark. "If I'd known things were going to go this way I'd have worn different shoes." Seeing no one laugh, Howard followed everyone's lead and headed home for the day. Doug stood for one moment longer, before even he gave in to just letting things go and taking a nap. It had been a long day.

Unknown to Randy, Howard, or the Sorcerer, the Chaos Orbs were halfway down the pit after Randy sealed the prison. However, as the orbs were about to hit the ground, where the orbs would have sat forever, something unexpected happened. Howard's shoe suddenly came loose, causing the balance of the belt to change. It only changed direction slightly, though it was enough movement for the Chaos Orbs to hit something other than the concrete.

Now, why the main thing that weakened the Sorcerer's powers was the seal made by combining the Eye of Eternity with the seal made by the First Ninja. However, the chains that kept the Sorcerer in place still weakened the Chaos Orbs' magic, if only by a little bit. Yet, as the orbs made contact with the magical chains, its slight increase in power was all it took to crack the balls, all of them breaking like glass in one moment.

The gas exploded outwards, settling like a fog on the concrete pillar, before it started to rise. However, instead of heading for the pipes as an easy way out, the gas travelled up to the prison's celling, and started coming out through the small cracks in the prison. Once outside, the fog collected itself before slowly moving to the center of the seal, towards the Eye of Eternity. The chaotic magic swirled around the stone for a few moments, growing more and more concentrated, before it shot into the Eye of Eternity, a loud squawk heard as it entered. As more stank entered the stone, the yellow coloring faded to a sickening green, and if one looked closely, they could almost see the Stank swirling in the center.

As the last of the stank entered, it orb seemed to pulse with energy, a green glow radiating over the high school commons room. Something could be seen moving inside the magic stone, it seeming to be changing forms rapidly. The Eye of Eternity seemed to blink, the whole thing becoming a big red eye with a rectangular pupil. However, as more squawks were heard, the red color soon started to change. From the pupil, green swirls rapidly enveloped the eye, leaving everything that was once red now the sickening green color.

The stone blinked again, and the eye turned back into the Eye of Eternity with the green coloration. The light in the room started to fade, and as it grew dimmer, the stone began to return to its proper coloration, no signs of green anywhere in it. As all grew still, on last thing was heard in Norrisville High. It sounded like evil laughter, but it was coming from a bird. Though it seems ridiculous, it actually was quite terrifying. As the laughter died down, the lights in the school went out, and all went dark.