0 BBY, Tatooine

Stan's POV

I woke up to the sound of blasters being fired. My parents were at my bedside telling me to get up and grab what I could in order to leave. Within a few minutes, I left the house, but I immediately hid behind a nearby rock because I saw stormtroopers nearby. As they approached my house, my breathing became heavier and I panicked. Noticing the entrance to a cave, I made a run for it and made a plan to wait for the stormtroopers to leave in there.

Wendy's POV

I woke up as my parents were telling me that if I wanted to avoid being captured by the empire, I would have to flee. I spotted the entrance to a cave nearby and went inside it, hoping that the stormtroopers would not find me. Once inside it, I spotted someone. I recognized them as my boyfriend, Stan Marsh. He said, "Wendy, are they looking for you too." I then replied, "yes, they are after both of us." Both me and Stan are in the Rebel Alliance, so that is why they are looking for us. Stan then said that in order to survive and one day see the empire fall, we would have to leave Tatooine and our families behind.

So this is chapter 1. I know this is a short chapter but I was just trying to introduce the story I am about to write.