No one's POV

In an Imperial Star destroyer, Professor Chaos and General Disarray, also known as Butters and Dougie, had just returned from the surface of Tatooine and were discussing their next move.

Butters' POV

"We have not been able to locate those 2 rebels you wanted," said General Disarray. I then replied, "I am professor Chaos, bringer of destruction and doom, we must find them." Disarray then said, they will eventually leave where they are hiding, so we can wait for them.

Dougie's POV

"Our stormtroopers are now coming in, but they are empty-handed," I reported. Chaos, not being pleased, went over to the commander and stuck his arm out to force choke him for failing in what should have been a simple mission as he only brought back a young boy of about three, and that boy was not a rebel. Seeing that it was not causing enough damage, He said, "Aww Shucks," and stopped.

No one's POV

Back on the surface of Tatooine, Stan and Wendy remained in the cave even though they thought all the stormtroopers had left. However, Neither of them could fall asleep.

Stan's POV

I could not fall asleep even though I knew that our lives were not in much danger at the moment. Wendy could not fall asleep either. However, we were both very tired. Also, we were both scared. Because of that, Wendy and I hugged each other tightly and we were soon started making out. It was awesome. After about an hour of that, we both fell asleep

Wendy's POV

Early the next morning, I woke up, seeing that Stan was still asleep, I made very little noise. After an hour, Stan was up too and we gathered up everything we had in order to leave. We were still quiet because both of us knew that stormtroopers could still be around.

Just before we left the cave, Stan drew his blaster. I asked, "Stan, why are you doing that here, now I can clearly see that no stormtroopers are anywhere near here." After hearing that, Stan breathed a sigh of relief and put his blaster away. After that, we left the cave and wandered around looking for signs of civilization.

So that is chapter 2, it is still not very long but It is longer than chapter 1 and chapter 3 will be longer as I will introduce more characters.