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By janahjeanb

Damian spit blood and wipe his chin with the back of his gloved hand watching the fight in front of him briefly in appreciation.

Whoever is behind the robin mask, was not only tough but is a cheater. Something he almost admire in a guy. They had finally catch up to the guy after a wild chase across rooftops for hours.

"Are you sure he is 100% human?!" Red Hood screamed trying to get away from a series of spinning kicks the man was giving him. Red Hood was hoping Dick was wrong so that he can end this madness with just one trigger of a gun. Batman wouldn't mind effing someone who's an alien or robot right? I mean dimension portal is not exclusive for humans only right?

Dick shot his younger brother a look. "Of course I'm sure." he answer rather testily while trying to get out from the bola that wrap his entire body.

Tim was trying to sneak in at the man's back with his bo staff. "Demon brat what are you still sitting there for?" He yelled seeing Damian resting on the ground.

"Eff off!" Damian yelled back.

The trio once more tried to somehow knocked off the man wearing a batman tattered cape but until Dick can help the least they can do is tired him out but the man seemed only to grow stronger instead.

All this time, the man keep weirdly silent and if Tim or Red Hood get a lucky hit he only grunted in pain and tried to shake it off. His freaking two utility belts hold a strange and cyberpunk version of birdarangs and smoke bombs that he never seemed to run out of supply as well.

Dick joined in by leaping down from the sky and as grand entrance go, err, well...

Damian slapped his forehead watching as the golden boy fly off the edge of the rooftop in a beautiful arc by a well-placed kick from their target.

Damian barely register the thuck sound of Dick's grapnel gun activating. Instead he still tries to pinpoint who's the alternate version of his siblings this man was. He kinda hope it was him.

Fat chance for it to happen. He watch as Tim tried to catch Jason who got thrown. The man is clearly white! And clearly tough as ropes of muscles and scars and burns decorate his biceps. The only way you can tell he is a robin is the r insignia on his chest and the belt.

Growing horror dawned on Damian especially as he tried to compare the stranger against cool Jason and nerdy Tim.

"Timothy Jackson Fucking Drake!" He yelled his conclusion after he fell on the ground with a one sweep kick.

"Nooo!" His brothers screamed when the man followed that sweep clutching a birdarang like a knuckle claw and was aiming straight for the boy's carotid.

The stabbing gesture ended with a rapid finger flick on Damian's forehead.

Damian was still in a dazed of disbelief as Timothy grab his uniform and lift him back to his feet.

"Take care of him!" Finally Timothy growl as he throw the kid at Red Robin. Then he throw a smoke bomb.

"Sonabitch!" Red Hood yelled later at the edge of the roof. The dimension traveller had vanished once the smoke cleared.


The 25 year old later would curl tighter into a ball trying to rocked himself in comfort. He watched this Gotham from the comfortable perch of the watchtower while uncurling and curling the hand which held the comm he had stolen from one of those strange birds he met. He was placing his lips on an old batarang like a communion or a confession.

He only look up when another shadow split from the corner to looked down at him.

"Here's your chocolate mug filled with marshmallows young master," the butler said seeming nonplussed to be delivering this order from a cold stranger who coincidentally looked like a much older version of Red Robin.

The man leaned his head on the butler's legs and closed his eyes.

Alfred pat his head, ignoring calmly as the son of his master started to shake and cry silently.

It was too late for Batman and the kids. The chocolate had gone cold. Alfred and master Tim had vanished from this Earth to find a new home.

-The end-

An/ the two utility belt and the batman tattered cape is too awesome not to be borrowed from fernandidily-yo's "world apart" fanfic.

Some of the element in this particular oneshot is suggested by alexandria.


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