54. The rubber chicken

By: janahjeanb

The first time he pulled out the rubber chicken as a final test…

Batman stopped and observe in the stairs leading towards the batcave when he spied Nightwing slowly trying to move closer and closer the rubber chicken towards Damian's face.

...Batman almost smile considering Damian is at the right age for the said test.

Batman remembered how Dick laugh when he first heard the funny noise from the chicken.

How Jason punched him in the solar plexus when he heard the frightening noise that came out of it. (Later Jason will remember how soon he equate the sound to Joker's laugh)

How Tim due to lack of coffee to stimulate his synapses simply fainted at the sqwuak and then throw Batman death glare all day afterwards. Tim was offended.

"Have you lost your mind Grayson?! -tt-" Damian hiss when he finally saw the offensive item that he was eye to eye with.

"This is the final test. Are you ready?" Nightwing ignore his youngest brother's glare and asked sombrely. He soon squeezed the rubber chicken.

"Pfft." Nightwing tried hard not to laugh as he bit his lips. He squeezed yet again and soon tears of laughter slide down his cheeks.

Damian cocked his head on one side, kinda alarmed and curious as well at Dick's facial expression.

The third one is the charm. Nightwing burst laughing and throw himself on the floor rolling and giggling as he squeeze again and again the rubber chicken.

"Jesh." Both father and son shared alarmingly similar thoughts.

Damian grab the rubber chicken. And when he got Dick's attention, he bit and spat the head out.

"Nice one kid." Jason said as he raised a free hand for Damian to fist bump him with as Damian made his way towards the bathroom.

Damian fistbump the black sheep of the family. He look at the pieces of the gun Jason disassembled to clean and nod his approval as well.

"You're now my only older brother, Jay." Damian said.

Nightwing sigh. "Party pooper." He grumbled as he started to clean up the mess.

Nightwing woke up the next day with the rubber chicken yesterday beside him on his bed with it's head in place due to duct tape and wearing a colored pen nightwing costume with a mask.

Damian pause as a delighted laugh reverbrated across the manor and then he resumed eating as if nothing happen.

-the end-


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