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Team Evershade Valley Introduction

Chapter 1: In The Middle Of The Mist







"This book is lame!" Toadsworth sighed as he shoved the book entitled "All Of Us Didn't Make It" on the side. Honey Queen was busy arguing loudly with another person on the phone.

They were at a bus to Evershade Valley. Fireworks were really loud because it is New Year, but they decided to stay away from the noises of Mushroom Kingdom and head for their destination. Honey Queen then hung up her phone and glanced at Toadsworth, who was sitting next to her.

"Say Toadsworth, do you have everything we need for the school?"

"Yes, Madame. We have the papers, a pen, the 15,000,000 golden coins, and a flashlight since it's gonna be dark." Toadsworth answered, getting everything out of his backpack.

The bus suddenly stop, and Honey Queen and Toadsworth hit the seats in front of them. Luckily, none of the stuff fell out of Toadsworth's backpack.

"Be careful with that. Otherwise, this'll never happen again." Honey Queen scolded him.

"Yes, Madame."

They both exited the bus, and looked around the place. Everything looked peaceful, all five mansions are not yet abandoned at this time, well, at least there were some lights on. Every single tree was decorated with festival lights and were lit up. The night skies above them were covered with lots of shining stars, and the ground below them was only covered with a bit of snow.

But they were looking for the man who was selling the lot.

They saw a tall man in a trench coat about three blocks away from them. Honey Queen and Toadsworth rushed to him.

"Oh, I've been expecting you. So you have all the requirements?" the man asked and had his hand out to receive the money. A dagger nearly fell from his sleeve but he tucked it quickly so no one noticed it. Unfortunately...

"How cliche." Toadsworth smirked when he saw the dagger.

"What? Oh yes, sir." Honey Queen said. She was going to give the 15,000,000 golden coins to him, but unfortunately, she forget to step up in the sidewalk so when she stepped forward, the tip of her high heels hit the sidewalk pavement and she fell flat on her face. Toadsworth saw this and got his camera out.

"SHITTY SHIT SHIT!" Honey Queen cursed herself. Toadsworth quickly got his camera out and snapped a picture, but Honey Queen noticed this and got up. "What are you gonna do? Post it on HeadBook?"

"It's called FaceBook, Madame." Toadsworth said. "And no, I won't."

"I call it HeadBook since the face is part of the head! Duh!" Honey Queen snapped at him girlishly.

"May I receive the payment now?!" the man in the trench coat asked, (and yelled) in front of them.

"Oh, sorry." Honey Queen said gave him the payment.

After that, they started to head home. They'll come back the next day to start building the school.

January 1, 9:00 AM

Toadsworth and Honey Queen were back at Evershade Valley. This time though, they had lots of construction workers with them. They were all standing there, thinking of where to start.

Everything looked different than last night. The skies above them were dull and gray instead of sky blue. The snow below them started to melt up. Although, they're in the eastern part of Mushroom Kingdom after all.

"Okay! Let's start with the gates!" the boss yelled. Everyone started to pitch in and start to build the gates.

The boss read the blueprint. The area in the gates needs to be really wide on both sides. There will be a fountain in the middle, plus the stone path with be surrounded by flowers. Wow, Honey Queen must've been thinking about this thoroughly.

After about 30 minutes, the gates were completely finished. The gates were gold, and they're the pointy-type on the tip. But the bottom parties of the gates were made out of bricks but they painted it gold.

Then after 30 more minutes, they finished the fountain which was in a large circle shape. The stone sidewalk enters from the gates, surrounds the fountain, and into the unfinished building. Flowered surrounding it were marigolds, daisies, chrysanthemums, and roses. There were also four trees on each corner, and they were filled with cherry blossoms, even though Spring hasn't come up yet.

After 5 hours, the building was finished. The work was quick since there were about a hundred construction workers. The school building was made out of bricks, painted in a gold-ish yellow-ish color. It looked about four or five floors high. There was also the name of the school in golden letters. It read Evershade Middle School Academy. Why was it named like that? Well, the school is really expensive after all. The inside though won't be finished until February. And schools starts on September.

"Well, then everything's done, Madame Honey Queen! I guess we'll start with the inside tomorrow. Am I right?" the boss said.

"Hm, okay I think that's enough. It's already 3:00 in the afternoon and I'm pretty sure you have lots of work to do." Honey Queen replied. Toadsworth nodded in agreement. "We won't be here tomorrow so we'll leave the job with you. However, I expect by February 1st, everything is set up even the auditorium."

"There's an auditorium?" Toadsworth asked excitedly. Honey Queen nodded in response.

After the short break, everyone then went home exactly 4:00 PM, all eager to come back to work. They are a hundred after all.

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