As Torvald took the letter from the messenger, Nora wrung her hands in desperation. Ripping open the envelope, Torvald quickly scanned the contents before breathing a sigh of relief.

'I am saved! Nora, I am saved!' Torvald exclaimed joyously.

'And I?' Nora nervously enquired, upon which Torvald's joy dissipated like mist on a summer's day.

'No.' Torvald coldly stated, 'Not you. The deed has been done, and your ugly soul has been bared. For shame! You would believe that Krogstag's decency would absolve you of blame! Have you no conscience?' Throughout Torvald's torrent of anger, Nora appeared to crumple, sobbing prostate at her husband's feet.

Torvald strode away from her prone form towards the door, calling 'Helen! Anne! Come to my study!' Once the women had assembled, Torvald addressed them, placing himself between his servants and his wife.

'As you can see, Mrs Helmer is very ill. She is suffering from hysteria, and so I believe it will be in her best interest to have no contact whatsoever with other women. Mrs Helmer will be confined to her room for the foreseeable future, and under no circumstances are either of you to have any contact with her.'

Torvald paused to ascertain Helen and Anne's submission, before continuing. Mrs Helmer's meals for the whole day should be cold, and left in the kitchen. He himself would take them all up in the morning, and collect the dishes in the evening. Nobody but him should have any interaction with her whatsoever. The children should be encouraged to forget their mama.

At this, Nora burst into hysterical sobs, at which Torvald abruptly dragged her upstairs into a guest bedroom and deposited her on the bed. 'I suggest you pray for the redemption of your tainted, immortal soul.' With this, Torvald locked the windows and the door, then swept away downstairs. Nora leapt up to inspect the room and, finding no possibility of escape, collapsed back onto the bed and cried herself to sleep.