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Vernon Dursley sat at the kitchen table reading his paper as his wife Petunia, made lunch. Five years ago they would have made their freak nephew cook their meal but he had got himself killed during an attack on the magical boarding school called hogwarts.

Good riddance that's what they thought They no longer had to care for that magical freak and had saved a good bit of money doing so. Vernon smiled at Petunia as she set his plate down in front of him. Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Petunia said she would answer it.

"Yes?" she asked opening the door

"Hello Aunt Petunia." a gruff ragged voice said. A loud shriek echoed through the house as she set eyes on her dead nephew. He stepped through the door and shoved her back, he was followed by two men carrying automatic machineguns.

"Y-your supposed to be dead!" she screamed.

"Boss I hear sirens," "I think her husband called the cops."

"Did He Petunia?"

"Of course I did Freak!"

"Mack, Jack get in the car!"

"But Boss."


Vernon walked out of the kitchen and his nephew's head snapped over so fast that the cloth covering the side of his face fell off.

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" Petunia screamed.

The entire side of his face was black and charred. He then took out a silver revolver from his coat pocket and shot both of them.