I told Yumi of some of the many events that happened at Kadic, including the Heated Rivalry incident, the Triple Theft Case, the final clash between me and Priscilla, David trying to kill me, Mrs. Fritz taking 's place, and everything else. I told her everything.

Yumi: Wow. Who knew that so much could happen while I was away? (she looks at her phone) It's 11:05. You should be safe to go back to Kadic by now.

William: Thanks for the info. (he gets up and recalls a vision of someone putting a knife into a drawer) Although, I have something else I need to do.

Ulrich: Really? What would that be?

William: Oh, you'll see soon enough. In the meantime, you and Yumi can send some quality time together. (William runs off, he is seen in front of a classroom door, and starts dialing a number and hears a phone ring)

After about half an hour, I returned to my room, exhausted from all the day's events. As I slept, I saw what happened with the other Lyoko Warriors while I was saving Yumi. Aelita, Jeremy and Odd were virtualized in the Ice Sector, followed by Ulrich and Sammy. Sammy saw himself in his attire.

Sammy: Well, this is strange attire. What's my weapon supposed to be?

Jeremie: So, who's going to volunteer as 'tribute'?

Ulrich: You mean sacrifice?

(the Scyphozoa comes forward, Odd shots at it with laser arrows but it doesn't stop, Odd dodges its advances)

Odd: Dang it, that thing won't quit!

(Jeremie slices off some of its tentacles, several monsters start appearing, mainly Bloks, Kankrelats and Hornets, with three Megatanks, shadows begin to form)

Jeremie: Aelita, hide! (Aelita runs into the tower, Xana steps out the shadows)

Xana: You guys won't surrender, will you? (Sammy glares at him)

Sammy: No, we won't.

Xana: You guys brought another rookie with you? (he laughs) How foolish are you?

(Sammy growls, barely dodging some lasers, Odd fires at Xana but he turns into a shadow, nullifying the arrows effects, Ulrich dashes up to him with Super Sprint and engages in a sword fight with him, the Supercomputer screen shows their ID cards, with Xana showing an infinity sign for health and max attack power, Sammy finds his bow and arrow and starts firing at the monsters, eliminating them)

Odd: Oh come on!

Franz Hopper (voice): I've got bad news, guys. Xana's activated a tower. Also, William's in trouble! One of you, go down to Sector 5 immediately!

(Sammy starts running, shooting monsters along the way, Xana notices, but Odd throws arrows at his face, damaging him)

Franz Hopper (voice): You're down to 20 life points, William... (he is heard choking)

Jeremie: Franz? Franz?! This isn't good guys! I think he's being attacked by a spectre!

Odd: Then go and help him! We'll take it from here. (Jeremie uses his sword to reflect a laser back to a monster, causing it to destroy itself before devirtualizing himself with his own sword, Jeremie reappears in the scanners, cut to William fighting monsters for a few moments, cut back to the Ice Sector, Ulrich is trapped in a cage)

Xana: Don't even think about trying to escape. Face it, you foolish mortals can not hope to defeat me.

Jeremie (voice): He's right. His health is infinite!

Odd: Well then, we'll just have to slow him down! (he fires at Xana, cut to Jeremie, who is seen in the computer room, a spectre of William is shown electrifying Franz Hopper)

Jeremie: Leave him, alone, Xana! (the spectre throws Franz Hopper aside and starts to attack Jeremie, he dodges his attacks, cut to Sammy at the edge)

Sammy: Uh, Jeremie, where's the path to Carthage?

Jeremie: Hold on a second! (he types in the code and enters it, the spectre pulls him away from the computer, Jeremie punches him, Sammy goes to Carthage, cut to the Ice Sector, he speaks in a whispered tone) Aelita, you might want to sneak away from the tower to Carthage right now, while Xana's distracted. (Aelita sneaks away, but not before breaking Ulrich's cage by creating an ice block and letting it fall, leaving Odd and Ulrich with Xana, Odd is throwing several arrows at him)

Xana: What is this? I heard an angel's voice. Where is she?! (he runs after her)

Ulrich: After him! Super Sprint! (he dashes after Xana, he summons several Megatanks, Odd gets left in the dust and run over by a Megatank, devirtualizing him, the chase continues, Xana disappears, cut to Aelita at the Interface, about to launch the program, she hears Xana and shields herself for a while until William, Yumi and Sammy show up)

Yumi: It's over Xana.

Sammy: You're outnumbered and outmatched. (Aelita finds the program as Xana throws black lightning at Sammy, devirtualizing him) Ahh! (he disappears, and reappears back in the scanners and is shown fighting the spectre, cut to Sector 5, Xana chains one of Aelita's hands and drags her back, William throws his sword at Xana but he takes it, and destroys the Overbike, he and Yumi fall, but Yumi grabs onto William's left hand, his right hand holding onto the edge, Xana discards the sword and attacks Aelita, she rises another energy field to block his attacks)

Xana: You can't hold my power back forever, Aelita!

William: You'll never get away with this, Xana!

Xana: Really? What are you William? Are you a hero, a villain, or just a lost cause? (he laughs) You try to save Yumi, but she's slowly slipping from your grasp. Some people believe you're still evil for the fire incident. You're nothing but a lost cause, William! Give it up, little hero. You'll never be able to save Yumi, or yourself!

(Aelita's life points are dangerously low, Sammy sees this on the screen)

Sammy: Come on, William. There must be something you can do. Oh! If only Ulrich would hurry up... (back to Xana)

Xana: Well, William, you and your friends have reached the end of the line. Any last words? (he looks below him, seeing the Celestial Dome below him)

William: Yes. Yumi, I love you. (he throws her upward, letting go and slowly falling towards the Celestial Dome, Yumi hits Xana with her fan before landing on the ground)

Yumi: Now Aelita! (Aelita touches the interface as Xana hits her with a black lightning bolt, she devirtualizes as a program is launched)

Xana: What, what is happening?! (streams of white light hit Xana) No! (Yumi looks down and sees William falling) This can not be!

Yumi: William! (Ulrich strikes Xana with his sword, Yumi uses her telekinesis to stop William before he hits the edge, and slowly lifts him up as Ulrich continues to strike at Xana)

Ulrich: Now you'll think twice before kidnapping my girl! (William sees Xana surrounded by white light as he nears to the top, Ulrich stops slashing him)

Xana: Curse you, William Dunbar! Curses! (he disappears in a flash of white light and fades away as Yumi sets William down on the floor)

The alarm clock went off. It was January 6th. It may have been Saturday and a half day, but I would still be facing the wrath of Mrs. Fritz, and I was right. The next day, Mrs. Fritz was not very happy.

Mrs. Fritz: I have bad news for you. Due to Mrs. Campbell's son having some bad medical problems, Mrs. Campbell won't be returning for another ten weeks. (the class moans)

Sammy: Aw man!

William (sarcastically): Oh great. Just great.

Mrs. Fritz: I knew you would be thrilled. (she looks at William) And William Dunbar, you are in a lot of trouble for ditching detention. I swear, you are going to... (the three police officers enter) Ah finally, they're here to arrest you.

Officer 1: Sorry Mrs. Fritz, but that's not the case. (Officer 3 gets out the handcuffs and takes Mrs. Fritz's wrists and handcuffs them)

Officer 3: You're the one under arrest.

Mrs. Fritz: Arrest? For what?!

Officer 2: For possession of a lethal weapon, and attempted murder.

Sammy: Attempted murder?

Maithas: Here's the tape officers. (they play the video tape which shows William in Mrs. Fritz's room)

William: Mrs. Fritz, are you here? (a blue cloaked figure appears with a knife, she cuts William's wrist with the knife, causing him to cry out in pain) Mrs. Fritz, how could you do this?

Anais: And that same knife is located in this drawer. (she opens it, revealing a blood-stained knife, the entire class gasps)

William: Well, what do you have to say for yourself?

Mrs. Fritz: Ok, I will admit that I had the knife in my possession, but I don't remember me ever trying to kill anyone with it!

Officer 3: Yeah, yeah, tell it to the judge, Selena Fritz. You have the right to remain silent.

(they drag her out of the room, the class cheers)

Yumi: So... what now?

Maithas: We should probably tell Mr. Delmas that our teacher's been arrested.

William: We could, but what's the fun in that?

Mrs. Fritz may have already had the knife in her possession, but me, Maithas and Anais framed her for to trying to murder me. Anais donned a blue cloak and pretended to cut my wrist while Maithas filmed the whole thing. This is our own secret, and nobody knew this except us. Ok fine, the three of us, plus Sammy and Yumi. Sammy was happy, and Yumi wasn't very mad after I explained my reasoning. After my terrible teacher was arrested, the two of us stayed there for a while enjoying each others company. That is, until Jim caught us.

Jim: William Dunbar, you have some explaining to do. (William nervously laughs)

William: Uh, I can explain...

We explained the situation, but he made us do pushups anyway. I think he was mostly trying to punish me for ditching detention last night. By the time I got to gym class, he made me run with the first group of students. We were doing mile runs. After I finished my final lap, I ended up tripping again, for some odd reason, but Yumi helped me up.

(Yumi hands William a water bottle, he smiles)

If my face wasn't already so red from running, I would of been blushing for sure. Although strangely enough, when I got back to my room, I saw a note attached to my bedroom door.

William: Huh? What's this? A letter? (he takes the note and reads it) "Meet me at the Factory tonight. Signed Yumi." Hmm.