Author's Notes:

-This is the last chapter of this story. I hope you've enjoyed it. Now prepare yourselves for some heart-warming fluffiness.

I meet Yumi at the Factory at 8:00pm that night. Perfectly enough, she was already there right outside.

William: Hey Yumi.

Yumi: Ah, William, you're here. (she chuckles) Did you get detention again?

William: No, but I was getting scolded by a teacher for a while.

Yumi: That stinks. So I'm guessing you just wanted to get me somewhere we wouldn't be disturbed? (they walk in)

William: I thought I got a note from you asking me to meet you here.

Yumi: We both got notes... How strange... (she looks away and sighs) I suppose I should tell you what happened this afternoon. Me and Ulrich broke up for good.

William: Really? How come?

Yumi: My romantic feelings for him have slowly, yet truly, disappeared. I can't take his jealously and immature behavior. Sure, he may be a great friend, but... I don't think we're really meant to be.

William: That would explain it. I almost thought that you and Ulrich were going to be together and pick up where you had left off.

Yumi: William, answer this honestly, if I was in a romantic entanglement with him, would you leave us be?

William: I would be very upset, but I respect your decision on whoever you choose. Whether it be me, Ulrich, or some other guy.

Yumi: William... (she throws her arms around him) I want you.

William: You, you do? (she kisses him, he then kisses her back, after about ten seconds, William gazes into Yumi's eyes)

Yumi: I love you, William.

William: I love you too, Yumi. Oh, and there's something I wanted to give to you. I know that in Japan, you normally don't open a present in front of the giver, but I want to see your reaction to it. Also, I didn't have much time to gift wrap it. Close your eyes and hold out your hand. (she extends her left hand, William reaches into his pocket and pulls out a silver necklace with a silver heart and a blue heart stone within it) Open your eyes. (she does so)

Yumi: Wow... It's beautiful. Where did you get the necklace?

William: It's a long story. Perhaps I'll tell you one day. (she puts it on) If anyone asks, just say it was a gift. You don't even have to mention that I gave it to you. (a phone is heard vibrating)

Sammy (voice): Oh crud... (he ends up falling over the edge, and drops his phone, William catches it in his hand)

William: Let me guess, you set this up, didn't you?

Sammy: Yes I did. I heard Yumi arguing with Ulrich and I saw them break up. (he lets go, landing on his feet, William hands his phone back to him)

Yumi: You sneaky mcsneak! (they all laugh)

Ever since then, things were definitely looking up for all of us.


About seven years had passed from the day me and Yumi got together. Ulrich did eventually discover our romantic entanglement, and while he's not happy about it, he learned to live with it. I worked as a guitarist, while Yumi was a detective. Oh, and she still wore the necklace that Priscilla used to own. Looking for her dad, I went over to the Ishimaya residence.

(William knocks on the door, Hiroki answers it)

Hiroki: Hello William. Come on in. (he does so)

William: Where's Yumi's mom?

Hiroki: She's at Coco's Cafe, working as a chef, remember? Ever since dad was diagnosed with cancer, she's been working double, sometimes triple shifts just to make a living and keep our home. (Mrs. Ishimaya comes in, collapsing on the couch) Mom! Are you ok?!

Mrs. Ishimaya: I'm alright. (she sits up) Just exhausted.

Hiroki: For goodness's sake, I don't want you to work yourself to death.

Mrs. Ishimaya: I don't want you to worry about getting a job until after you graduate from Kadic Academy. (Hiroki leaves the room)

William: I know that Mr. Ishimaya doesn't want any visitors, but can I still see him?

Mrs. Ishimaya: You're going to ask for his blessing to marry Yumi, aren't you? (William takes out a black box and Hiroki returns with a glass of water, she takes it)

William: I've already chosen the ring. (she drinks from the glass of water)

Mrs. Ishimaya: Go up to him.

William: Thank you, Mrs. Ishimaya. (he walks up the stairs to his bedroom, he knocks on the door, he slowly opens it, he walks in, Mr. Ishimaya wakes up) I'm sorry for waking you, but...

Mr. Ishimaya: I know why you've come. You've come to ask for my blessing to marry Yumi.

William: That is true. Due to the fathers of previous love interests being cruel, I was worried that you would disapprove of me dating your daughter.

Mr. Ishimaya: You and your friends saved Yumi. Who am I to complain? I give you my blessing. Go, propose to her and make her happy. If I live to see it, I'll be present at your wedding.

William: Thank you, Mr. Ishimaya, or should I say, my future father in law. (Mr. Ishimaya smiles)

Later that evening, I had taken Yumi out for a romantic dinner for two, and after I handed the server my credit card to pay the bill, I proposed to her.

William: Yumi... (he drops to his knee) You're the love of my life. My princess, my queen, you mean everything to me. My dear sweet Yumi... (he pulls out a black box, revealing a silver ring with a band of five pearls on it) Will you marry me?

Yumi: Oh yes, William. Yes, I will! (she puts the ring on, and kisses him)

From then on, things continued to get better. Basically, happy ever after for us. As for the others, Odd is still single and flirting with other ladies. He's even flirting with Sissi. I can't tell you how that could end. Ulrich is still single, yet an amazing soccer player, like he always wanted to be. Aelita and Jeremie were happily married, and Anais and Maithas were married and even expecting a child together. Mrs. Fritz and Priscilla were eventually released from prison, but still hated and disliked by many people. To be honest, I never thought I'd get this far. After Yumi was captured, I thought it would be the end for me, but it wasn't.

(William is shown in a wedding tuxedo at the altar, he looks at the audience, seeing Odd, Jeremie, Anais, Maithas and several other former classmates, he looks to the side and sees his best man Sammy and the priest before looking at the audience again)

I could have sworn I saw Ulrich, lurking in the back of the church, but I didn't think he would come. Or was it just a mirage caused by my nerves?

Sammy: Congratulations, my man.

William: Thanks Sammy.

(Mr. and Mrs. Ishimaya are shown on the left side of the aisle, and the music (Mendelssohn Wedding March) starts playing, the bridesmaids walk through, followed by Hiroki, the ring bearer, followed by Aelita, the matron of honor, Yumi is in a black ballroom wedding dress, walking down the aisle with only a bouquet of black roses in her hands, the music stops as she reaches the altar)

Priest: Dearly beloved, we are all gathered here today, in this holy place, to join these two souls, this man and this woman, in holy matrimony.

If you learned nothing from this story, just remember this; The next time you think of giving up, don't give in. You'll find a way to pull through it all, like I did.

Priest: You may kiss the bride.

(William kisses Yumi, the crowd cheers and claps)

Persistence always pays off in the end. Always.