Normally I wouldn't do this, but for this, its kinda necessary. I have a TON of Outsider ideas on a daily basis, some make it to my computer, others are laughed off as completely stupid. However, sometimes the ideas are good enough to share, but not good enough to become full stories for whatever reason. Still, I need a place to put them.

With that in mind, I have cracked open a second vault with the intention of storing those ideas here. From now on, the Vault of Secrets will be for non-Outsider works, while this will be solely for Outsider works. Hopefully this will help stem the flow somewhat and get my muse back on track.

Oh, and a word of warning. While this is rated T and I will endevor to keep it as such, the chapters contained within are posted raw. I rarely cover anything too graphic in the first two or three chapters, but still, reader digression is advised. If it gets too bad, I'll bump up the rating, but for now it will be fine.