Abaddons Little Birds

A meeting with an overpowered, power granting entity is never a good thing. Doubly so when they want you to fix Worm. In this case though, I definitely came out on top, even if I do have an Endbringer control Shard. Mostly.

OK so this idea is just pure silly. I came up with the idea originally while I was considering Endbringer Waifus and it evolved into...this mess. You might be able to guess what I have in mind from the title. For now though, lets get started. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

I floated in a white voice, unfeeling of anything. There wasn't anything to feel, no sensation of touch, no sound, no scents and nothing but endless white to see. Hell, I'm not even sure I had a body right now. Then again, its not that surprising. I didn't remember much, but I did know that before I came here, I had been on a plane that had experienced difficulties over the north sea. Guess the difficulties were the type that led to one way trips straight down. I was...oddly OK with that. Then again, I guess if I was dead there really wasn't anything I could do about it…

Good evening.

The voice came from everywhere and nowhere.

"HOLY…" I yelped, although how I managed that without a mouth I don't know, "Whos there?"

Ah, of course. One moment please.

The space twisted and a figure appeared before me. If I had a tongue, I'd probably have choked on it considering I immediately recognized it. Light purple hair, soft smile and traditional Japanese Miko garb. It was Miya Asama, the First Sekirei from...Sekirei.

"O...K, I wasn't expecting that," I said, "So...am I dead?"

The Miya lookalike smiled.

"Not exactly," she said, "Your body is, but I managed to nab your Soul before you fully moved on."

"Well, that doesn't sound ominous at all," I muttered, "Alright, what do you want?"

"I have a...proposition of sorts," said Miya, "I have a job that needs doing and you qualify."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Me? Whats so special about me?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing really," said Miya, "There were countless other possibilities, you just happened to be the first one I grabbed."

I twitched.

"Way to make me feel special," I muttered, although I wasn't totally disappointed by that answer.

If she'd had told me I was some kind of chosen one, there isn't a chance I'd believe her.

"So, whats the deal?" I asked, "I do something for you and you let me go back to my life?"

"No, your life in your old world is over," said Miya, "I grabbed your Soul before it could pass on, but I don't have the power to give you your old life back. I can however give you a new life in a new world."

If I had a face, I would have paled. I remembered what used that name.

"Aww shit, your a ROB," I said.

"Close enough," said Miya with a faint smile, "I am indeed a hyperdimensional, nigh-omnipotent life form beyond Human understanding and I did indeed bring you here because I want to make a deal."

I groaned.

"So I assume that this mission one that results in me getting dropped somewhere ungodly dangerous with powers and a mission to save the world?" I asked.

"Pretty much," said Miya cheerfully, "You're aware of everything that usually comes from this, so I'll skip the explanation. So, interested?"

I sighed, although how I managed it I don't know.

"Better than dying I suppose," I muttered, "Alright, where am I going and what powers?"

"Excellent," said Miya, "Now, lets get started. First of all, here are your powers."

She did...something and a shard of crystal dropped on my head that had apparently just appeared.


I looked up and froze. I hadn't noticed it at first, but the space wasn't completely empty. High above us was what appeared to be a vast, ever shifting mass of black crystal and flesh that was moving in a rather unnerving way.

"Um, at the risk of seriously regretting what I just agreed to, whats that?" I asked, pointing at the distorted mass.

"Oh, thats my actual body," said Miya, "Humans have a hard time fully absorbing my true form, so I use an avatar to communicate. Much easier."

I looked from the avatar to the crystalline mask as my mind started to draw some rather unpleasant conclusions.

"You...aren't an entirely random being, are you?" I asked slowly.

'Miyas' smile widened.

"Oh my, aren't you a clever one," she said, "Yes, I am indeed an Entity. You don't need to worry though, I'm not like the idiot and the mutt. In fact, not one of my kind is anything like those two morons. The rest of us have either come to the conclusion that the Cycle was useless or been killed after underestimating a host species. The Warrior and Thinker have been uncommonly lucky."

I frowned.

"So what, your benevolent?" I asked.

"I don't know if I'd go that far," said the Entity, "I'm more of an...outside observer. I find the lower races fascinating and they give so much information without needing to be seeded. Certainly not by something as useless as a conflict drive."

"That doesn't explain why you want me to help Earth Bet," I said.

The Entity shrugged.

"I like Humans," she said, "Your kind are the most fascinating of all the races I've observed and I don't particularly want you to get wiped out by those two morons. However, I can't act personally because, regardless of their intelligence, they are very good at fighting. I wouldn't stand a chance. So, I dealt with the Thinker stealthy and planted some seeds to deal with the Warrior. Unfortunately, I underestimated the sheer stupidity and incompetence of the idiots who got hold of my Eye and thus, I need to add another piece to the board."

"And that piece is me," I said, "Great, I do so love being a pawn."

"Oh, you're not a pawn," said the Entity, "I'd say more of a Knight."

I glared at her, which had about as much effect as flicking water at a volcano.

"Anyway, enough chit chat," she said, "You need to go and get started and I have other stuff to do. Don't worry about Precogs, you'll be a blindspot to most of them due to your powers and you'll quickly reach the point where Masters can't do much."

I blinked.

"Wait, aren't you going to tell me what my powers are?" I asked.

"Oh, you'll find out soon enough," said the Entity, "Have fun! And do try not to die. Finding suitable hosts that won't make things worse is such a pain. Tata!"

She flicked a finger and everything went black.

I jolted awake in my bed. For a moment, I thought that it had all been a dream, but a loud gunshot from outside quickly made me think otherwise. I lived in a rather small town in England, so gunshots weren't exactly a common occurrence. Just to be sure, I rolled out of bed and opened the curtains, just in time to see Glory Girl fly past as if taunting me. I shut the curtains again, walked back to my bed and screamed into my pillow in sheer, pants shitting terror.

Once I was done, I decided to check out my new home for the foreseeable future. It was a decent sized apartment, with a large room complete with massive bed for some odd reason, a decent sized kitchen, dining room, living room with frankly massive entertainment system and an even larger collection of media in all forms and a bathroom with a Japanese style bath. The fact it was both really nice and far too big for one person probably should have set off alarm bells, but I was still hoping this was all part of a really elaborate dream.

With everything checked, I dropped onto the couch and stared up at the ceiling. The apartment was quiet, letting me clearly hear the all too common sounds of gunshots echoing from outside and I'd spotted flying figures in the distance a few times on my little tour, which really didn't help me in keeping the oncoming panic attack down. I mean, I'm in fucking WORM of all worlds, the place where hope goes to die! Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that I was fucked, it was quite common for those characters in my position to do rather well, but I had no idea what my powers actually were.

I'd done some half hearted attempts at getting them to do something, trying to fly, lift my over large sofa, lift the dining table with my mind, but none of them had worked. I didn't even get any Tinker ideas when studying the electrical appliances! Maybe my powers needed another living thing to target, but powers like that were rarely well received, so I was a bit worried that I'd end up with a Master power of some sort, which had the potential to be...very bad.

To make matters worse, I had powers from an Entity. True, she had told me that she was on Humanities side, but I trusted her about as far as I could throw her. Even assuming that was true, Entities and their ilk simply aren't Human and tend to do stuff that isn't to the benefit of the individual. For all I knew, my powers were like the Butchers and I'd end up getting offed in the name of powering up the Shard.

With that thought, I violently shoved my rapidly spiralling panic to the back of my mind and decided to do something else. To start with, I flicked the TV on, but the channels were all talking about the recent Smurgh attack on Canberra, so I flicked off. It was nice to get some idea of when I was, but I really didn't need a reminder of how dangerous this world was. Instead, I turned my attention to the massive collection of DVDs and games on the shelves beside the entertainment center.

After browsing the shelves, I decided to put on an old favourite of mine that always made me feel nice and fluffy, despite its dark undertones, Sekirei. Nothing like watching a nerdy loser like Minato land hot alien badasses to make me feel better. Plus, it made me think of what 2020 could have been instead of the mess it had actually been. Oh god, that reminds me, I'll have to live through 2020 again. Assuming the world doesn't blow up first.

By the time I'd the second episode, I was feeling a lot calmer and set about making a cup of tea, all while musing about how much nicer it would have been to be dropped into Sekirei instead of Earth Bet (not that most places weren't a much better option than Earth Bet). I was just finishing boiling the kettle when there was a knock at the door.

"Who could that be?" I muttered as I set my cup aside and went to answer the door.

I opened the door to reveal a slender young woman with brown hair and eyes. She was, ahem, extremely well built, made obvious by her choice of a tight leather top and black mini skirt under a gray jacket. For some odd reason, she looked rather familiar, although I couldn't figure out why.

"Um, hello," I said, a little confused as to why a random woman was knocking on my door, "Can I help you?"

Maybe she was a neighbour here to welcome me?

"Are you David Finch?" she asked.

"I am," I said, "And you are…?"

She smiled softly and stepped forwards, making me step back without thinking. Before I knew it, we were inside my apartment and she shut the door behind her with her foot.

"I am Number 1," she said, "You can call me Yume."

Then she kissed me.

Now, my luck with the fairer sex could be called lacking to say the least. Combine crippling social anxiety with an introverted personality and a set of interests that were less than typically attractive meant that the extent of my dating life consisted of two girlfriends in highschool that were pretty much the definition of immature. As a result, getting kissed by a woman who could easily be a supermodel meant my brain short circuited pretty quickly. However, it quickly kicked back into gear as a brilliant pink glow emerged from the womans back, followed by a rather impressive lightshow that formed into a massive set of wings that looked suspiciously like something I'd just seen on my TV.

After what felt like forever, the woman broke the kiss and pulled back slightly.

"Don't worry Master, I won't let anything happen to you," she said.

"I...you...wha…" I said as I tried to get my brain working again.

Then I slapped myself across the face and shook my head as hard as I could. Brain now functioning again, I took a few steps back and fixed the amused looking possible-Sekirei with a glare

"Right, explain, now," I said, "Who are you, why are you apparently a Sekirei and why did you call me Master? Also, isn't Miya Number 1?"

The woman smiled and dropped into a curtsy.

"Abaddon Protection Engine unit 1 of 20, current cycle designation Yume, at your service Master," she said, "My form and abilities were both determined moments ago as your Shard finished integrating and scanning your brain and mental state."

I blinked twice, then paled.

"Wait, Protection Engine?" I asked, "Are you saying that you're an ENDBRINGER?!"

"I believe thats what my counterpart units are referred to in this cycle, yes," said Yume as she straightened."

I swallowed.

"So basically, I have Abaddons Endbringer control Shard?" I muttered, "And it decided to use Sekirei as the basis for creating my units. Better than the other options I guess."

I glanced up at Yume and frowned.

"But if its using Sekirei as the bases, wouldn't Miya be first?" I asked.

"Well, possibly I suppose," she said, "But you wanted a counter for the Endbringers and I suppose I was the closest you could get to countering Behemoth."

I frowned. I didn't quite see the logic there, but it made as much sense as any of the other Sekirei. I sighed and dropped into a nearby chair.

"So lets take stock," I said, "I am apparently now the strongest Master on the face of the Earth and will eventually have 20 superpowered crystalline weapons of mass destruction in Human form to deal with."

"Thats about right," said Yume cheerfully.

I sighed again.

"Well, that explains why this place is so big," I said, "Hopefully it'll do for a while. On the up side, if you are an overpowered crystalline weapon of mass destruction, you probably won't need to…"


I froze, then slowly looked up to fix a now blushing Yume with a glare.

"My body is a perfect copy of a Humans," she said sheepishly, "In my current state, I'm not too different from any other Parahuman. I can only take my Protection Engine form for a short period of time and when I'm not in that state, I'm a normal Human girl."

I took a deep breath and shoved down the irritation I was feeling. I could already feel my wallet getting lighter as the Protection...fuck it, as the Sekireis stomach growled again. This was certainly going to be a pain.

OK, so I probably could make this longer, but its been freaking ages since I've posted anything and this is as good a place as any to end it. I might add more later, but probably not.

So yeah, benevolent Entity acting as the ROB here. I originally planned for this to be a full on Eidolon power copy with Waifu Endbringer equivalent, but then I started rewatching Sekirei and this idea was too good to pass up. I'm not 100% sure if I'll leave David as just the power battery yet or give him a Tinker power similar to Hero's. I don't really like protagonists that are just cheerleaders, but I also don't want to give David anything that would cause him to overshadow his girls. I also considered one with Fate Servants, but that was a bit to obvious and I've done something similar before.

In case you're wondering, the first three girls will be Yume, Tsukume and Matsu. They won't be exact expies since that would end very badly considering what other girls I plan to have pop up, but close enough.

I'm certain that David Finch is a name that already exists, but I can't remember where I've heard it before. I want to say famous stage magician though. Whatever, my reasoning for the name choice should be obvious.

In case your worried about the girls being OP, don't be. As mentioned, in their normal state, their power level isn't that much different than regular Parahumans. They are in the upper percentile, but not city busters. Once they break out their Goddess Mode however, well, then they reach the point where they could casually wipe cities off the map and sink islands with a bit of extra effort. They ARE functionally Endbringers after all.

And with that, I'm done. Don't forget to leave a review on the way out!