Just a little oneshot I thought up of randomly... I really SHOULD be working on my other stuff, but... OH! Read the AN at the bottom! Other than that, enjoy!

Autumn Knight was a very strange girl. She was a Gryffindor, but everyone believed she should be in Hufflepuff. She was a Fourth year, but appeared to be a first year, with big baby blue eyes and chocolate brown hair. Many people would say she was adorable, and the most common reaction to finding out she was 14 years old, and not an 11 year old was to stare dumbfounded, or to jump back with dramatic exclamations of her age.

Her personality did absolutely nothing to help the common misconception either, often acting extremely innocent and oblivious, many people were certain that she was lying until one of the other Gryffindors (oftentimes said person being Hermione or Ginny) confirmed the fact that, yes, she is actually 14, and no, we're not joking.

One outshining personality trait of hers, however, was to question anything she did not get, which had led to very many awkward situations and infuriated persons in the past. The reason? One of her most common questions was 'Why'. Thus, leading to her current situation in her first Defense Against the Dark Arts class with Professor Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody.

After the spell was cast, it was almost as if there was a voice in her head, urging her to do what it said. 'Jump and spin in circles.'

Autumn blinked her large eyes in confusion. 'Why?' She felt even more confused as she got a large feeling of surprise and astonishment.

'E-excuse me?'


'Because I said so!'


'Because you have to listen to me!'







The weird voice left after that, leaving Autumn blinking uncertainly. She looked up at Moody, who was staring at her. "...Was that supposed to happen?" He looked taken aback for a minute, before roaring out in laughter.

"You see! This is a true example of resisting the Imperio!" He gave a wolfish grin to the class that sent shivers down many people's spines, then turned his attention back to Autumn. "Tell us girl, what did you feel? What did you do?"

Autumn cocked her head, confusion evident. "I just asked why."

Everyone stared at her. "You resisted an Unforgivable curse cast by a powerful Auror…"


"...Something millions have failed to resist or break free from since the birth of the curse itself…"


"...By asking WHY?!"

She blinked again, not understanding. "Yes? But why did it want me to jump and spin?"

"It's not supposed no NEED a reason!"


In the years to come, that one conversation would become famous. Dubbed the "Why Incident", it was said that no one had ever conversed that long with Mad-Eye Moody that long, while simultaneously driving him crazier than he already was, while remaining entirely not frightened.

But, to the amusement of the people who knew Autumn personally, there was one thing that she still had to say about the whole incident-

"But I still didn't get the answer to my question?"

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