Mr. Resetti gasped as he was tunneling through the frosty, snowy ground, popping out as he wiped his forehead after taking off his yellow helmet. "Good gravy! Why did I think to tag along with you?"

"You're doing this because you want to see how we train beyond fighting each other," Lucario commented as he was jumping ahead, taking a moment to pause and look around the cold mountain. "That, and it's a way of making you pay for interrupting our battles."

"Indeed," Meta Knight said as he agreed with the aura focused dog Pokemon, slashing the various icebergs sliding towards them. "You need to know what we face whenever we go to various stages to battle. It's fitting that this cold challenge is enough of a task for you-"

"Oh brother! Don't get me started!" Mr. Resetti scoffed as he chucked two spare pick axes he had on him at the two Smashers, shaking his head. "This is only being done because the author writing this has no idea on what to write, so instead of something genuine, he's shitposting about us to get away with-"

Lucario and Meta Knight left Mr. Resetti to ramble by himself, with the mole getting pissed off as he tunneled after them. When he managed to reach the two manly Smashers, he was about to chastise them when he noticed the Ice Climbers cheering them on, Popo and Nana bouncing with joy. Mr. Resetti's right eye twitched as he knew this wouldn't end so well for him.