"Come on!" Popo and Nana chimed as they were jumping about with ease. "It's not that farther!"

"How much longer do we have to follow them..." Mr. Resetti wheezed as he was feeling sweaty in his overalls, which were also getting moist from the snow falling around them. "...If I don't rest, I'm going to collapse."

"Come no, it's not that bad." Lucario spoke while carrying the exhausted mole, willing to take him to the top. "We'll get there with no problem, you'll see!"

"Easy for us to say, but Sonny has a point." Meta Knight added while slashing through the snow. "He's not fit to be doing this."

Resetti grumbled as the Smashers followed the Ice Climbers to the very top, being sure that they would find something up there. And lo, they did... a crashed Great Fox. Now why would that be present this high up on the summit?