...Well, I just heard the news today

It seems my life is going to change
I close my eyes, begin to pray
Then tears of joy stream down my face…

With arms wide open
Under the sunlight
Welcome to this place
I'll show you everything
With arms wide open
With arms wide open

Creed, Arms Wide Open.


Hiro saw the silhouette appearing before him, taking on a distinct shape that he knew very well.

Without seeming to realize he was, the teen felt the shoulders of his friends fall against his own as he slowly backed away.

Some instinct told him he could not survive this…

They did not hold him there. Instinctively themselves, his friends relented and did not try to keep Hiro there with them.

He stole one guilty look over to Gogo, who nodded in understanding, and then he continued to back away.

Hiro waited there long enough to see the cops arrive, lights blooming around the area, brighter than the portal.

He saw Baymax's form appear in the center of magenta light… he saw Callaghan willingly go with the police… and then Hiro left.


The light was so bright but it could not be warm; Huan almost gasped when he saw his family there.

Baymax, still in his torn armor, dutifully relinquished him to Wasabi. Who, Huan saw, was almost in tears himself as if he-

As if Huan was his own little-

"Uncle Bi!" The boy protested.

Wasabi ripped his goggles and headset off, pulled off Huan's almost as indelicately and then showered the boy in kisses, cradling him close and then passing him over to Fred who still had his suit head up. He caught Huan up, cradling him close, too.

"Freddie!" Huan tried to argue.

"Oh, buddy! Oh, BUDDY."

The 3-year-old was both confused and annoyed, clearly wanting what he had done and the fact that Baymax was six feet- Honey Lemon claimed him next and when it was certain she was slowing down her rapid stream of Spanish, Wasabi and Fred turned their attention to the blinking bot.

"Hey, buddy," Bi smiled. "Let's get you out of there," he and Fred went over to help him up.

Gogo moved over next, for the first time unhesitant as she tried to take Huan. He recoiled from her and Honey chided at him.

"Huany!" Gogo was heartbroken.

"You don't love me," He accused.

She was pinned.

"Yes, I *do*," The girl told him, almost hysterical, "I do love you!"


"Baby, we all make mistakes…" Honey tried to explain when he turned to her. Huan looked over again to Gogo… *his* Gogo.

He saw her for the first time-

The boy threw himself in her arms and she automatically held him to her, rocking the boy.

"I love you," she said. "And I'm sorry," Gogo told Huan into his hair. The first time she had apologized for anything. He shook a little and hugged her.

"It's over now," Honey told them, smiling over what this all meant.

She touched her sister's arm and two of them looked up over at Wasabi, Fred and Baymax.

The bot blinked.

"Where is Hiro? He was here."

He was about to explain that his scanner was corrupted, but when he looked around at his friends he understood. They helped to pull the damaged suit pieces off of him as they got both he and Huan to safety. The time would come to meet back up with Hiro.

They all knew that.


"I don't believe it…"

Mei gripped the stain glass table of the mostly empty cafe she had been in the midst of cleaning.

"Honey?" Aunt Cass looked up.

Roshi looked up too from where he stood and smiled as she pulled out a tray of muffins. However, when she tried to offer him one he wrinkled his nose and turned away. She sighed, biting into it.

And it was blueberry, too!

"It's... It's the Social Worker, Ms. Natasari."

The auburn-haired woman was over to her in a flash, taking the phone Mei was embarrassed to admit she was hooked to now.

Her adopted niece fell into an empty booth, breathing hard.

"It seems the portal was reopened." she said listlessly.

Cassandra stared up at her.

"I guess it wasn't as secure as they thought," Meikomo continued, all the while not really seeing. "And I guess Huany was involved. In it."

There was a moment of quiet.

The two didn't say anything…

Aunt Cass came over, pulled her up by the hand and held the almost 18 year old girl to her.

"As far as I'm concerned," she said to her, cheek against her dark hair, "You are my daughter."

Suddenly, the room was not so empty. Somehow, everything was warm and they felt they weren't alone. They were a family now.


Also, the oven was open.


The turbine was noiseless, but buoyant.

Hiro watched the trade winds drift the wisps of clouds away from the horizon, he saw the dots of birds flying away to warmer weather. Hiro longed to…

"Hi Hiro," Someone said.

For what seemed like the first time in weeks, Dian walked up and sat down beside him.

"Hey," he said softly.

She didn't say anything else for a moment, just sat watching things out in the distance with him.

"I guess you'd prefer Gogo here, huh? She is your technical-"

Hiro placed his hand over hers lightly. At this, Dian sighed a little.

"You know what I always liked about coming up here?"

She turned to him. "No?"

A smile started on his lips.

"Even if we had had a crummy day, even if the team and I didn't catch the bad guy, at least there was always a sunset…"

"Hiro, I didn't think you were the poetry kind. Honestly, I thought you came up here because you like being closer to the sky."

"That too."

Suddenly, his helmet removed, Hiro looked at her calmly. An expectation was in his eyes, however. Dian looked away.

"Well I guess I came here…"

Her short hair flew away from her face in the breeze, then she looked at him with a fond look.

"To say thank you."

Hiro was incredulous.

"For what?! I messed up more than half the time, I've managed to continuously put our family in danger and all of it led to-" Tears.

Always tears.

She touched his arm.

There was disbelief in her eyes, too. "What for? I'll tell you what for…" Dian smiled, then pulled him into a tight hug. "For standing by all of us even though it meant standing against your friends. Thank you for standing by Huany and encouraging him to be a hero." She pulled back and looked into his eyes, passionate.

"Thank you for trying to take a side and then deciding it was all completely pointless to. Thank YOU for standing by Baymax and seeing his right to choose to the end." her grip on his arms kept him shaking, made him stronger.

Yet they were both so weak.

She shook her head when he tried to deny it, gently persuasive.

"It doesn't matter how you started it, the fact is, you wouldn't back down even when everyone wanted you to. Maxie wasn't proud of you because you accepted what he became,

He was able to find peace because he saw how great of a man you're going to become."

Hiro really looked at her a moment, considered, than gave her as big a hug as he was capable of. Somehow, he knew…

"We have to relocate," Dian rubbed at her eyes, for the first time in her life just a girl. "Heaven forbid, but I think it's permanent."

Hiro nodded slowly without looking up, understanding of her situation when two months earlier he had been willing to make Baymax take his cousin and hide him from Dian… who had only been trying to protect all of them… like.

Like someone else they all knew.

"Will I ever see you again?"

Hiro didn't look up for a minute and then he met for eyes. From a villainess, to a desperate girl with no home, to a harried young aunt and now to the transformed, kind woman he saw before him, Hiro couldn't help but smile at Dian.

"I really hope so… cousin."

She smiled one more time and the two of them shared another hug. Then, by way of thrusters, Dian flew off into the horizon.

Hiro's cousin took something with her when she went and he could immediately feel it. Shuddering, the teen brought his knees up to his chest and watched as little by little the sun steadily began to set.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed, even though he did know that time was passing him by, when a familiar presence came to sit down beside him.

The one sitting beside Hiro did not say a thing… and neither did he, for that matter. Instead, Hiro and Baymax sat watching the sunset together. Eventually, it fell completely and at one point after that Baymax stood. Without thinking about it, Hiro climbed onto his back and the robot, suit donned, took him back home.

They both did.

One week later…

"Oh!" Hiro said in surprise, he looked up half expectantly when two big hands caught his project.

"You almost dropped this," Baymax told him, settling the small diorama of the android city Hiro had been working on back into his own hands. He blinked at the half-hopeful look in Hiro's…


"Your heart rate has increased."

His hope settled aside, Hiro tried to hide the disappointment from him. He sighed in resignation.

Baymax was still looking at him.

"I am not helping," he said, his practical tone both a statement and a hint of a lament. The look Hiro gave him next was shock.

"No, no, no Baymax!"

He came over to him and the two embraced. Somehow, it was just enough to keep Hiro… the boy looked up and smiled at him with love. Baymax stroked his hair…

But it wasn't quite the same, even though Hiro could feel the same devotion and care. He sighed again shakily and hugged him again, then set his project aside.

"It's not you, buddy, it's just…"

Hiro felt his presence close.

"It is... still the other?"

This made Hiro chuckle just a little, which made he immediately swallow and nod humorlessly.

Baymax placed his hands on Hiro's shoulders, his loyalty filling some of the void in his empty heart. The robot cocked his head and Hiro was reminded that THIS-

He hugged him.

Feeling Baymax's arms around him reminded him that this was-

"I know we have not seen each other in two years," his friend continued gently, " and I cannot replace… Maxie, but I would still like to be here for you, Hiro."

It was not easy.

"Thank you, Baymax." Hiro gave him a brave smile. "You're right. We did." he said to him. Their kinship, despite time, remained.

Baymax hugged him again.

"And you're still my buddy..." he conceded. "It's gonna take time."

The robot nodded to him, curious, compassionate and remembering him as well. But as usual these days, Baymax did not push Hiro beyond what he was comfortable with. Their friends hadn't had to tell the robot even though they had filled him in over the years.

He was already going over and collecting a slumbering Mochi in his old charger when Hiro took a soft breath and started to place his school project on Tadashi's side of the room when he noticed a white chip laying by the window.

Hiro slowly walked over…

And picked it up.

"Hey Ma... Baymax, I know I haven't asked but do you still have that fighting chip in you?"

"I believe so," He rose up, Mochi cradled in his large arms. "You look like you could use a warm bath. Relaxation techniques-"

"Bay- oh, sorry, go head."

Baymax blinked at him, taken a little aback by how polite and even patient Hiro had become.

As was usually the case, Hiro grinned back sheepishly at him, to let him know he was still him.

The robot didn't say anything for a moment, then he put Mochi down and waddled over to him.

Hiro waited. "Max?"

"I want to help you in any way I can," He said. The teen's eyes widened; he thought a cuddle attack… or, or he'd hold his hand-

"Soothing music might also help."

The light in Hiro's eyes…

"No, that's okay, buddy," he patted Baymax's stomach, "Look, I gotta run this thing down to S.F.I.T., K?"

He was almost down the stairs when he paused… and then smiled back at him. Baymax blinked.

"Wanna come...with me?"

This was the first time Hiro had asked him to go anywhere with him, as a result the bot nodded.

"Glad to have you back, buddy."

"It is good to be back as well, Wasabi."

Hiro was given an expectant look.

The 16-year-old didn't think twice.

"Always glad," he smiled at Max, than Bi. Proud, his friend smiled back at him and went on to class.

"When will you be attending?"

"Huh?" Hiro looked up at this, then remembered Baymax didn't know. "Oh, yeah, you deactivate now."

That first night was the first time Hiro had been willing to actually sleep in his bed… normally. He set his model on the worktable.

"I actually attend night classes."

Baymax walked over to him.

"A lot has changed in the lab."

"A lot has changed," Hiro turned to him, voice steady, "But the one thing that hasn't changed is you're still my friend and I'm always glad to have you… you-"

He was in Baymax's arms.

Out of nowhere, Hiro started sobbing profusely. He sobbed right into the soft vinyl chest of his best friend…

The sharp tinge of guilt, the glassy taste of pain… he was comforted in arms that still supported and more than understood him, all of Hiro walls broke down and he mercilessly cried against Baymax.

A hand patted his head, and even though Hiro never forgot it wasnt the same, this was still his Baymax and he still meant so much to him.

When he looked back up at him, he actually felt his heart beating faster as color filled his cheeks.

"Your neurotransmitter levels have risen, indicating an elevation in your mood, Hiro."

Baymax told him this, hands on his shoulders. The personal way he said this was still expertly covered over… professional.

Hiro knew better.

"Don't hide it, buddy." He smiled. "Please. It's not like how it was before, you don't have to hide the side of you that's not just a robot."

Baymax tilted his head.

"I am sorry about everything."

"It's not your fault," Hiro reminded him, touching his arms as well…

When he saw that Baymax was going to try to breach that wall, was going to come even closer…

Hiro swallowed hard and turned something over that was on Tadashi's work desk; it was an old magazine for Henderson Tech in San Bejinidino… the same one Hiro had wanted to go to and build more robots like Baymax.

Oddly enough, he had been inspired by Yama's clones.

These robots like Baymax had been the very ones the Care Bots had been… the very ones Hiro's mother had "borrowed"...

The very ones Maxie had been the Bot Boss of. But… Hiro picked up the article it was turned to and saw a happy-looking android holding the hand of his human friend… In a world of peace.

A world Big Hero 6 had tried to make, a future Hiro and his friends had fought to sustain…

He sighed and started to set it down, resigned yet again, when Hiro saw Baymax with his access port open and the white chip in his fingers. Gasping, Hiro took hold of his arm. He fought him.

"No, Maxie!" He said accidentally.

Baymax slipped it in.


The robot pushed it closed.

Breathing heavily, Hiro looked up at him. Baymax met his eyes with his black, hyperspectral cameras.

Stiff, Hiro started…. Then, when he realized he was crazy, he let his eyes wander down. Baymax still waited for him patiently now.

Hiro sighed, chancing a look.

"Maxie?" He beseeched him.

The robot merely blinked at Hiro.

Shaking, knowing his arrogance and utter lack of common sense would cost him dearly now, Hiro turned to let his agony have him.

Someone took his hand.

He looked up in shock.


Baymax blinked at him.

The light coming through the round window was like a ghost of happiness, a recalled memory…

Hiro tried to look away again but the pressure of the round fingers grasping his fingers back sent messages into the innermost essense of his core self.

He tried… belief would cost.

Faith could devastate.

"Maxie," Hiro said softly.

In response, his best friend looked down and the white chip slipped out. Before Hiro's eyes a pair of black ones with a line that intersected them appeared like a wish being granted on top of it.

Baymax looked up at him.

"Hello…" he tightened his grip on the boy's fingers. "My Hiro." The Botman said in his softest voice.

Maxie hugged a welcoming Hiro into his arms as their own light filled all corners of the entire lab.

This warmth was all their own.

The end.

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