HAAAA HAHAHA! It's been a while, hasn't it, my minions? Johnny Spectre here with a story I wrote on a whim under my other name Chapelseed. It has Manga spoilers for the precious girl Eri being saved from Overhaul and -

Well, let's just read and find out.

Eri rubbed her eyes at the bright light of the fridge. A throw blanket wrapped around her as she reached into the communal fridge of the class 1-A dor- home. She had to keep reminding herself that this was her new home. Not a prison.

That said, she had just woken up from another nightmare. They had been happening less and less, but they felt like they were becoming bigger each time. She had woken up in her pillowy bed that big sis Momo bought. And while it was soft, it still felt cold.

She remembered big brother Rikidou saying that warm milk made it easier to go back to sleep, so after grabbing one of the three quarts of milk, she used a step stool to climb on top of the counter to get a glass. She poured it carefully into the glass, placed it in the microwave and turned the dial like she had seen Great Grandpa Torino do on his for taiyaki.

She hefted the milk jug and climbed down the stool to put it away, and when she closed the refrigerator door, she heard the shuffling of feet. It startled her, her mind racing in building panic that Chisaki had come back for her.

She was about to bolt or scream or do something when she saw two mittens on hands, followed by awkward lumbering of -

"Ocha-nee?" she hushed out, seeing the bright brunette stagger past the kitchen, seemingly dragged by her wrists.

Her curiosity piqued, Eri forgot about her milk and followed Ochako up to the second floor of the boys' side of their home.

Eri was close behind, hearing the light snores of the older girl, and they both stopped in front of his room.

Izuku's room.

Ochako slumped against the door, grumbling incoherent words. Eri was wondering why she was doing that. She grabbed her lanyard from under her Deku nightshirt and used the universal key card to open the door, the sleeping teen falling to floor as it slid open. Her mittens lifting her up and dragging her to Izuku's bed.

Eri had been in Izuku's room a few times, everything covered in portraits of a blond rabbit ear haired man with a proud smile. Izuku said that skinny Grandpa Toshinori was the same man. All Might.

She didn't dwell on it too much, as she heard the creaking of bed springs and the sound of relief from the older girl. Looking into the dim moonlight saw Ochako wrapped around Izuku. Eri saw she wasn't covered, and she still had her blanket on her. The little girl climbed into the bed and squished herself between the two, throwing her blanket over the three of them. After a few minutes, Eri was drifting back to sleep.

She was warm.

Morning came too soon for the weekend, and Eijirou yawned as he stretched over his head, being careful with the wrappings on his arms. He still hadn't fully recovered from the fight with the Precepts. Recovery Girl had given him the third degree on reckless behavior, she was having a hard time enough with Midoriya.

He was hearing hushed whispering from the kitchen.

"Huh, what's a glass doing in the microwave?" He heard Denki say. A beat went by before Eijirou heard him retching. "Oh God! Bleck! Lukewarm milk? Gyeck!"

He then heard Kyouka say. "You see a glass and you immediately chug it without knowing what's in it? Nice work, Chargedolt."

"Hey hey hey! It's my natural curiosity. Besides, I don't hear you complaining whe- GYAbydfhhxhxjg - Wheyyyyy~"

The Red Riot thought it best to leave the lovebirds to their music. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Midoriya's door open. He hadn't seen him yet today, and the showers were empty last he checked. He must have left it open all night. Eijirou sauntered to the door and looked inside to make sure Izuku didn't get locked out again.

What he saw stopped him.

It made him blink.

Then it made him smile and pull out his phone.

"Mina's gonna flip for missing this," he chuckled as he started taking pictures.

Izuku groaned as the sunlight stabbed at his eyes. He was feeling so comfy in his bed, though it was also feeling cramped. He blearily opened one eye and saw brown hair and a bronze-ish horn poking out from a blanket. He shifted his body and felt arms trying to wrap around him tighter. A whine of protest hitting his ears.

Two whines, actually.

Becoming more aware of his surroundings, his eyes came to the realization that he was not alone.

Uraraka was in his bed.

Hugging him.

Eri was there too.

Snoozing between them.

Any sounds that might have come from his mouth were silenced at Uraraka's murmuring. His eyes went wide as hers fluttered open, her warm chocolatey gaze still dim, unaware of Izuku's internal panic.

"Mmmh? Morn'n, Deku…" she slurred half asleep, still trying to get closer.

"M-m-m-morning, U-ra-ra-ra-ra-rak-k-k-k-k-kaaa-san," he stammered, trying to not panic.

Ochako puffed out her cheeks, glaring at him. "Dekuuuu you promished to stop that. We married, remember?"

'MARRIED?!' he screamed in his head, shaking at sudden idea. This jostled Eri between them and she started to mumble.

"Papa, Mama, too erly to geddup."

Those magic words seemed to have Ochako come to her senses and noticed where she was, looking directly at Izuku's freckles. Her eyes were wide awake and she looked ready to scream before Eri moved again. She looked to Izuku for help, but he was just as flustered.

They couldn't do anything until Eri woke up… whenever that would be.