"Are you sure it's okay for us to be doing this? I'm feeling pretty exposed..."

"Deku, I know it's a bit strange, but this will be good for the both of us. Neijire-senpai said it works for Mirio-senpai and Tamaki-senpai as well."


"Okay, so it's like this?"

"Close, you need to go a bit lower."

"So right... here?"


"Ochako! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt yo-"

"Deku, it's fine... it didn't hurt, you just got a sore spot."

"O-oh... okay, here we go..."

"Mmmmmmm~... Deku~... you feel so goooooood..."



"Okay, my turn for you."

"W-w-wait, Ochako, can we talk about thi- oof! Ow... seems you've still been doing Gunhead's training regiment."

"I've still got a long way to go, but I should probably go back for another lesson. Maybe you and Eri can come too."

"That sounds like a grea-AAAAAH!"

"Whoa! How long has that been in there?"

"I... couldn't... tell..."


"We should probably get to breakfast." Ochako said as she stretched, before reaching for a shirt.

"Yeah, I doubt even Eri can stop Kacchan from being impatient." Izuku chuckled as he slipped off the bed. He grabbed a pair of pants and a shirt before leaving the room. Ochako grabbed his hand with a smile and the two were off to the common area.

They warily decided to enter through the kitchen as it sounded like a fight of some kind was going on. What they saw was not what they expected on a Saturday.

"You two are going to let them be and they can come down when they want!" Midnight stated as she, Eijirou, and Mina were standing over Tenya and Toshinori - both wrapped up in the 18+ Only Heroine's whips, looking ashamed and embarrassed, respectively. A very angry Katsuki was being restrained by Mezou, as he was the only one that could do so without damaging the building.

The two saw Eri swinging her legs as she sat on the counter watching Rikidou work his magic for the last of the pancakes. The little girl saw them and her smile almost brightened the room.

"Good Morning, Mama, Papa! Breakfast is ready." Eri beamed.

All eyes were on the newcomers with various expressions. Quick as an Iida, Mina slipped by Ochako and pulled her away to the rest of the girls, a rather wide smile on their faces. Izuku was left a tad dumbfounded until Eijirou clasped a hardened hand on his shoulder, a strange tearful look of pride on his face.

"Izuku my bro, today you have shown true courage in the face of the unknown, and I'm glad that you took such a step for your daughter's sake." Eijirou smiled.

Izuku stared back confused. "Uh... thanks?"

"So how was it?" Denki walked up holding his glass, a weary expression on his own face.

"Well?" Mina asked to Ochako's face, her being the most eager to hear the answer.

"It was great, Mina! Deku's just so good with his hands. I haven't felt this good in so long!" The zero-G heroine smiled, raising both her arms over her head as she proved her point with how far she was bending backwards. The other girls looked surprised.

"I didn't expect that kind of answer." Tooru whispered to Kyouka.

"Yeah, who would think Midoriya was a natural?" The earphone jack girl responded.

Momo had a rising blush on her face as her mind reeled.

"So how big is he?" Tsuyu asked straight faced. Ochako's eyes went wide and Minas grin grew wider.

"Yeah! Tell us!" Mina squealed. "Is that nickname of his really just short for the Great Deku Tree he's got?"

Eri was humming to herself as a plate of three pancakes was placed on her lap as she happily started to use her fork to start cutting her flapjacks, making sure to get one with a big banana slice in it. She heard Mama and Papa shout something in panic, before she shrugged and bit into her breakfast.

'Mmm, nice and warm.'

They were giving each other massages, you pervs.

Sooo... yeah! That's the end for this fic. Hopefully you all can enjoy my next work, where the new Ending is just a bedtime story for Eri told by her Grandpa Toshinori. See you then!