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So my focus is on him, on the best and bravest Donald Ressler but our Agent only suffers and we have already seen that writers are experts in making him suffer, but they do not show us the aftermath of events and sometimes this is frustrating, so I decided to create one myself (noting that something can still happen in season 5). I always imagined these events but I never had the courage to write it. *What a shame.* But now I created shame in the face and I decided to share my ideas with you and for us, I always loved the idea of Red taking care of Ressler, but I am also I'm a Keenler-Ship so I decided to put it all together, but my focus is still on Resslington.

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And then everything became too much to bear and Ressler with his face washed in tears got up awkwardly from the sofa and went towards the kitchen, arriving there he opened the upper left cabinet and took out a box of first aid, opening it he removed all The bottles of pills inside and emptied one by one on the kitchen island, when he finished he dragged his bare feet in the cold wood of the apartment to the cupboard on the opposite side and took a long glass and filled it with tap water, not Caring to turn off the tap completely, and then he filled his left hand with as many pills as he could get with one hand and the glass of water with his right hand. Ressler swallowed the different pills and drank water, not caring about the water that flowed around his mouth and wet his black T-shirt, after drinking enough he put the half-empty glass on the island beside the pills left over Scattered, he then redirected to the room with unsteady body and sat back on the couch next to his phone. Donald then started feeling dizzy and drowsy, but before closing his eyes he was startled by the phone vibrating on the couch and immediately Liz's image was on the screen, and she was the last person he wanted to think of while living so he Grabbed the phone with clumsy fingers and inadvertently picked up the call but the cell phone fell to the floor beside the coffee table, but Ressler was already very close to the darkness and simply wrapped himself in a ball on the sofa. Moments later he began to choke on his own saliva and cry, it was when he fell off the sofa and stood between the same and the coffee table, now suffocating with the excess saliva that was in his mouth.

Liz came home tired from traveling to the hotel to meet Red, but somehow happy, regardless of whether or not Red is a criminal, he would still be her blood and that meant she would not be alone in life without a mother, Father, nor history (even with Red being a son of a bitch as only he can be) and for a moment she felt relief. After releasing the nanny she took Agnes on her lap and kissed her and fed her, the nanny was only in charge of bathing her before leaving, so Liz went to her room and threw herself on the bed. And then she felt a sense of loss, of lack, throughout this movie she almost did not talk to Ressler or even saw him and then she decided to call him and see how he was and what he was working on at that time of 'Vacation' .

The phone rang four times before being answered, and then Liz began the conversation.

"Hey Ress .." but the call was mute and she thought for a second that it could be the operator or Ressler was already sleeping, after all it was past 11:00 PM, but Liz did not imagine him sleeping at this time because they were on vacation And even on routine days Ressler only slept after 12:00 PM. Then she continued.

"Ressler are you there?" It was then that she heard the gouts coming from far away and then a loud banque, that despaired her, something was not right with Ressler, so she tried again.

"Ressler ... Oh my God, Ressler." Still getting no answer, she got up and ran into the room to get her purse and at the same time tell the nanny she needed to run, But before that she asked the nanny's phone to call the emergency since hers was still on call with Ressler's phone.

"JANE ... JANE ..." Liz ran to Agnes's room and Jane looked at her in alarm.

"What happened?"

"I need your cell phone. Quick." Jane handed it to her without understanding, and then Liz dialed the number and Jane fell into the act.

"I need an ambulance on Delaware Avenue block 8 4B, I do not know what's going on but he seems to be choking."

"Okay ma'am, an ambulance will be at your address for 3 to 5 minutes."


If you are with him, now lay him on his side and make him expel all the accumulated saliva. "

"I'm on my way to his house." And with that, Liz returned Jane's cell phone and ran to Donald's house. It would take about 7 minutes for her to get into traffic so she decided to cut her way between the streets and get there in 3 minutes At risk of being stopped by the police, but it would be for a just cause.

Liz parked the car in front of the block of Ressler and went up the stairs not to wait for the elevator, with the master key that she gained from Sam when young in the hand she opened the door of the apartment of Ressler at record speed and found the apartment completely dark , Illuminated only by the lights of the city, visible by the open curtain and the hair of the Ressler stirring as the body hit the ground. Liz turned on the lights and immediately pushed the coffee table away and saw a trail of saliva and foam coming out of her partner's mouth, she immediately turned his body aside to try to remove the froth stream and then proceeded to assess his heartbeat, she called for him, but then she stopped, and then when she felt no pulse she turned him on his back and began to do CPR while the ambulance did not arrive. "Come on, Ressler. Please ... Wake up. "

Two minutes later two paramedics appeared in the doorway and simply walked in. Liz halfway through the tears of despair stood up as the paramedics engaged him in a heart monitor. It marked 46bpm, he was barely alive but at least had pulse so they started working to release the airways, Liz could no longer see this torture so she touched the noise around and saw the faucet open, she ran to go Closed it and found the medicines on the counter. She simply did not want to believe it and ran back to the room where the paramedics were sucking the foam from her partner's mouth, moments later he choked several times and the paramedics rushed to put him on a stretcher and fly to the hospital. Liz walked down the elevator with them and joined the back seat of the ambulance, holding Ressler's hand that now had an IV and an oxygen mask attached to her face to give him oxygen.