In the room with Liz she started the questionnaire, while Red left to solve some 'personal' issues.

"Why did you think about committing suicide?"

"Because I was not thinking straight and I thought I was guilty because people died around me"

"What made you think differently?"


"You did not have this before?"

"Well I'm lonely, it's me and me."

"What do you think about your work?"

"It's the most important thing I have because I protect innocent people from danger and do justice to bad people"

"What do you think about your partner?"

"She is the angel who lives saving my life. Wait, is this a scheduled question? "

"No ... it was to see if you were paying attention to the questionnaire."

"Are we done then?"

"Yes. But you are unfit for duty for the next 15 days. "

"But why?"

"Just kidding." "Red wants to see you in 45 minutes."


"Is it your turn, And I who must know what it is? "


"Close the door when you leave."

"Yaa." And so Ressler left the office that Dr. Robbins had given in to Liz to take the exam and finish the report, Red was already waiting for Donald outside, ready to leave, Dembe was already waiting in the parking lot

The other day Red and Ressler embarked on a trip to Canada. Both needed time to think and rest. After all Red was still shaken by the death of Kaplan, his faithful ex-friend, and the indecision between relief or fear of Liz's knowledge of his fatherhood, as this could put her in more danger, but at the same time he was happy with the real test That Liz was really his daughter, not Rostov's daughter.

Ressler improved a lot after the incident with the pills, Red also realized that he cares (And a lot) with his field agent, the two men spent a week off in Canada to cool their heads and think about the next step, the situation of Ressler With the vice was almost totally resolved, he continued to do NA, but now he had the support of his 'family' that despite the problems are united for whatever comes and goes. Liz and Ressler also improved the relationship between them, it was not perfect, but it was getting close to the normal they once had, Liz decided that it was no longer possible to continue being unhappy only by a silly desire, after all father is what creates and not What does and she's a free, independent woman and does not need no man to hold the diaper pack for her, her friendship with Ressler also seemed more intimate and she realized how much he loves her and then she allowed herself to receive that love from him. Several times she and Ressler took Agnes to the park or had picnics on weekends with cooler temperatures. The prospect of living that Ressler had to live increased slightly, now he had new reasons to wake up the next day, everything was happening gradually without skipping steps in a relationship in a relationship and then when the Post Office returned to normal, they went back to doing good Protecting good people and doing justice to bad people.