Wanda had turned up on Clint Barton's doorstep a week before Laura was due, a pair of suitcases in her hands and a backpack over her shoulder, carrying everything in the world that was dear to her.

"The compound isn't the same without everyone," she'd said quietly. "Can I stay until the baby is born?"

Clint had invited her in without even questioning how she'd arrived.

Now, as Wanda slipped out of bed and quietly dodged around her half-unpacked bags to sneak into the hallway, she was practically giddy with excitement.

The final step in her plan took place tonight.

After so long plotting and scheming and working to get her revenge and scrap what little of her family she had back together, it was all finally about to come to fruition. She just had a couple final little details to take care of.

Padding quietly down the hallway as she had so many long months ago, Wanda slipped into Clint and Laura's room without a sound, moving to stand at the side of the bed. For a long moment she watched the sleeping couple, a wicked little smile curling her lips as she leaned close and reached a hand out over each of them.

A little wave of her fingers and a burst of magic was all it took to be in their thoughts, and from there it was easy enough to erase the Avengers.

Clint would remember being alone on the mission in Sokovia, where she and her brother had saved him at the expense of Pietro's life.

He wouldn't have to mourn the deaths of his friends, because he didn't know that they existed as anything more than famous figures on the television.

The only strange woman that Laura would remember Clint bringing home was Wanda.

Neither of them would think of the Avengers as anything other than celebrities.

Wanda paused to press a little kiss to Laura's belly, murmuring "sweet dreams, Pietro," to her brother before slipping back out into the hall.

On her way back to her room, Wanda stopped to erase the memory of Natasha from the children's minds as well - so they would not have to know the sadness of losing someone dear to them.

Only the joy at having their new Aunt Wanda in their lives.

That done, she slipped back into her room and nestled herself into the soft, warm blankets of her bed, drifting off to sleep with a little smile.

For the first time since Stark's awful bomb had torn her life apart nearly ten years ago, Wanda felt like she could finally be at peace.

That night, the nightmares did not return.

Wanda slept like a baby.