Wanda Maximoff did not forget.

She had not forgotten how Tony Stark had taken her parents from her, how the Avengers had taken her brother from her, how they'd destroyed her country.

Wanda did not forget when she'd been hurt.

But she also did not forget kindness.

The warm smile of an older woman as she offered the recently-orphaned twins a bag of potatoes off her market cart, free of charge, had ensured a rather generous donation of money once they had the means and the power to obtain such a thing.

The gentle assurance of Dr. Strucker that they would be okay before they entered a room with forty people for an experiment and walked out three weeks later with only each other had earned the man their protection until he had been killed.

Recently, the undeserved trust of Captain America when she asked for his help to stop Ultron had earned the super soldier her favor.

After all, Wanda did not forget kindness.

Which was why the Captain was the first to die.

There could be no forgiving him, because what he and his country had done was something that she could not forgive, but she did not intend to be cruel about his death.

She had decided immediately that she wasn't going to make him watch his friends die around him, so she had targeted him first.

It had been relatively quick, and she hoped for his sake that it hadn't been too painful.

It was almost laughable how easy it had been.

They had been in Germany, fighting. Steve's side versus Stark's side, a conflict that she'd been feeding from the inside for weeks now.

She had begun as soon as she arrived at the compound for the first time, preying on fears and insecurities, driving wedges between friendships, encouraging distrust. She was on a timer, after all. She only had a few months before Laura's due date.

Tempers were reaching a lovely simmer around her, but not doing much more than that, so she had decided to up the ante. Her powers had "gotten out of her control" one of the times Tony was over to visit, and she showed Tony a glimpse of Steve's knowledge.

The knowledge that his parents had been intentionally killed in the supposed "car accident" that had been blamed for their deaths.

As before, with Ultron, she merely had to stand back and watch as Stark leapt down the path to self-destruction, shunning the others and going on a borderline-psychopathic manhunt for the party responsible. A manhunt that eventually resulted in one Bucky Barnes being dug out of hiding.

That, of course, got Steve involved.

Tony had argued that the man was a danger, and needed to be put down. Steve wanted to rehabilitate him from his abuse at the hands of HYDRA.

A few little pushes of her magic (and a memory or two dragged up while people were sleeping) had been enough to make everyone pick a side: kill Bucky, or protect him.

Sam, of course, had sided with Steve, as well as Clint, who apparently had bad previous experience with brainwashing and sympathized with Bucky greatly.

Wanda felt a little for Bucky, having been subject to HYDRA's experimentation herself, so she had sided with the Captain to protect him. Which conveniently also sided her against Stark.

Vision and Rhody, unsurprisingly, sided with Tony.

Natasha, it seemed, had history with the man in question, so she'd decided to stay neutral on the matter, but Wanda caught the Widow alone one afternoon and dragged a few memories up from the depths of her troubled mind, and the next morning Natasha announced that Stark was right, and Bucky needed to be locked away.

With the battle lines drawn, Wanda's stage had been set.

Regardless of Steve's arguments, Bucky had been arrested, imprisoned, and slated for a rather one-sided trial that would land him in a high-security prison that Tony called The Raft - safely locked up for the rest of his days.

Steve, however, had devised a rather elaborate breakout plan to help get Bucky out before his trial, and had called in the help of one of Sam's acquaintances - master thief Scott Lang - to make that happen. Wanda had cheerfully tagged along, lending help where it was needed as she waited for the inevitable confrontation, and making sure that no one on the outside got involved to stop them. (If she had wound up putting Nick Fury in the hospital in order to do so, well... she wasn't about to cry over that.)

Steve had set up a connecting flight for them, one that would take him and the Winter Soldier off to some distant African kingdom where it was said they had the most advanced medical technology the world had to offer. There, they would see if they could get HYDRA out of his head.

One prison break and a wild goose chase through Europe later, they were all on the final scramble for the connecting flight at an airport in Germany, before they could drop off the radar somewhere in the jungles of Wakanda.

And just as Wanda had planned, Tony Stark had showed up in time to shut down their jet.

From there she had simply sat back and watched as the Avengers began fighting one another.

But unfortunately, things hadn't gone quite as planned. They'd all been using non-lethal force.

There had been a lot of punches thrown, and a lot of property damage, but very little accomplished, and Wanda had been starting to think her plan might have been a bust - all that work for nothing - but then Stark had gone for her, and unlike the others, he had been using live ammo.

The idiot.

It had been a simple matter of angles - she'd shifted the tilt of her force field, and instead of absorbing the shot, her powers had deflected it toward the Captain.

The repulsor beam had left a hole clear through Steve Roger's chest.

It had taken everyone a long second to register what had happened, but then they were all crying Steve's name in horror and running to where his body had hit the ground.

There hadn't been any blood.

Wanda remembered thinking about how strange it was, as she'd shouted the fallen Captain's name and run for his side. She supposed the heat of the blast had cauterized the wound when it punched through him, but she hadn't gotten time to speculate.

She'd had an act to perform.

When the others had all gathered and Sam had made the final call, his hands trembling as he'd brushed Steve's eyes closed and soothed the Captain's horrified expression into something more resembling sleep, Wanda had been quick to burst into tears.

She had sobbed that she was sorry, that it was all her fault, that she'd just been defending herself and hadn't intended for anyone to get hurt, and Clint had very firmly told her that she'd done nothing wrong as he'd hugged her to his chest and shot a murderous glare at Stark.

A glare that had been reflected by most of the others.

Stark had been quiet, shell-shocked and horrified and looking sick as he stared at their fallen leader.

And Wanda had reveled in it.

The trip back to the States had been silent, save for a few quiet sniffles or soft sighs. The shock of Steve's death had been enough to stop the fighting, unfortunately. Even Tony had given up his manhunt in the face of the Captain's passing, agreeing that Bucky should go to Wakanda and get help like Steve had wanted, as a final parting gift of sorts.

But when Sam had muttered "too little, too late," no one had disagreed.