Chapter 1

After the battle with the Chimera Ants, Gon had been terribly wounded. Everyone said there was no hope for him, but Killua knew there was on way to save his best friend. Killua had gone out of his way to save Gon; but in the end, it was all worth it. Gon had been saved. Killua cried tears of joy to finally see that his friend had been saved. It was what he had to do next, that would change his life forever.


"Yes, Killua?"

"I want you to take me, Alluka and Gon, somewhere where no one can find us, a place so far or remote that not even the best Hunters can find us…even if it means leaving this world. Got it?"


And at that moment, the trio disappeared.

**At class 3-E**

"Nagisa~ " Shouted Karma as he ran up to the blue haired boy.

"Oh, good morning Karma."

"Hey, did you hear what Koro-Sensei found this morning?"

"No, what happened?"

"Apparently there was this big flash of light in the forest earlier this morning before school. When they went to see what happened they found a bunch of weird kids in the forest."

"That's so weird" Interrupted Kaede.

"Not as weird as you" Snickered Karma as Koro-Sensei walked into the classroom.

"Good morning Class!"

"Good morning, Koro-Sensei" responded the class.

"Now, I know by now you have probably heard the rumors and I would like to tell you all that the rumors are true."

A wave of whispers filled the room after Koro-Sensei's comment. After a few moments a few hands were raised.

"Yes, ?"

"Koro-Sensei, if you don't mind me asking, what's happening to those kids as of now?"

"Ah, well they are currently resting in the nurses office and when they wake up Mr. Karasuma will interrogate the kids and hopefully figure out who they are and where they came from." Koro-Sensei explained.

"Now, let's go on with today's lesson.

The rest of the first half of class went off without a hitch. The bell rang and the students when off to lunch while some stayed behind in the classroom.

"So, do you guys wanna peak into the Nurses office and see what the look like?" Karma asked with a smirk on his face.

"I don't know…they could be dangerous…" Kaede said with uncertainty.

"Aw, c'mon! What could a bunch of kids do? I mean, we are Assassin's after all, what could they possibly do to us?" Interrupted Ryoma standing next to the door.

"I agree with Ryoma-kun. They're just a bunch of kids…."

"Who showed up out of nowhere!" Argued Kaede.

"Look guys, this could drag on for forever" Intervened Nagisa "I suggest that whoever wants to go, to go, and whoever doesn't want to go, can stay in the classroom. I'm going to follow Karma and Ryoma to the Nurses office" Nagisa stated as he stood up and made his way to the door

"You heard 'em, let's go Karma." Ryoma said as he nudged his head in the direction of the nurses office.

***A few moments later**

The three stooges arrived at the Nurses office and the each entered one after the other. There was a sheet that blocked half the room. They pulled the curtain back to find 2 young boys and a little girl sleeping in separate beds. One boy had pure white hair and wore a white t-shirt and a dark blue longs sleeve underneath, the other boy had long spikey black hair and wore green jacket with a black tank top underneath. The little girl had long black hair and a strange headband the keep her hair out of her face as well a bore a strange Kimono like outfit.

These three definitely were strange, stranger than anyone they've ever met, besides Koro-Sensei.

The three stooges drew closer and closer to the young kids, until all of a sudden, BAM, the door slammed open.

"Now, Karasuma, I know you're not too fond of strangers, but we can't just leave these poor children by themselves"

"I don't care, these kids could be international spies or high level assassin's sent by other countries to kill you. I am not going to put the lives of these students in jeopardy because you're soft"

The thee stooges hid behind the white haired boys bed in the far corner of the room and listened in on the conversation between Koro-Sensei and Karasuma.

After a few minutes of arguing between the two teachers, the spikey haired boy slowly but surely woke up.

"Look, he's awake." Nagisa pointed out as the boy slowly sat up and yawn.

The boy immediately turned his attention to the three stooges.

"Who're you guys?" the boy asked curiously, only to immediately be hushed by the hiding students.

The boy talking and shushing grabbed the attention of the two arguing teachers.

"Ahh….I see you're awake now" Koro-Sensei said cheerfully.

"Where am I?" the boy asked.

"You are in Kunugigaoko Junior High School in Japan. Now, might we ask what your name is, sir"

"My name is Gon, Gon Freecs. Nice to meet you mister….."

"Kurasuma, and this is my associate Koro-Sensei. Do you mind if we ask who your friends are, ?"

Sure. The white haired boy is Killua, and the girl is his younger sister Alluka. Although, I don't know who those three are" He said as he pointed to the three stooges that were hiding in the corner behind Killua's bed.

"Nagisa, Karma, Ryoma. What on earth do you think they're doing in the Nurses office?!" Kurasuma demanded.

"Uh….'cause we're not exactly banned from the nurses office" Karma smart mouthed only to be immediately elbowed in the gut by Ryoma.

"You three, back to class. Now!" Kurasuma boomed as he pointed to the door.

The three stooges left the Nurses office and Kurasuma continued his wave of questions.

"Mr. Freecs, would you please explain to me how you got on school grounds?"

"I don't know. All I knew is soon after I woke up in the hospital I ended up here."

Kurasuma was dumbfounded. How could a kid not realize where he was?

For nearly an hour the room was filled with questions on where Gon was from. Koro-Sensei and Karasuma could hardly believe his story. It was almost this kid had come from a different world…


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