21 years was all it took for man to start another great war. She swore to stay out of it. While she knew she could make a difference fighting on the front lines, she could not will herself to dawn her armor once more and fight. Diana knew they didn't deserve her help, but that wasn't what was holding her back. It was him. How could she fight when it only reminded her of her greatest loss.

Of course, Sameer called her a few months later asking why she wasn't all over the front page of the news.

"I-I just can't Sammy. It reminds me too much-"

"Say no more Diana. That much I can understand. And I know Charlie would too."

A pang of guilt hit her. Charlie had died 10 years back in a terrible bar brawl after being beaten beyond recognition and left in a dumpster. She was supposed to meet with him, but her new job required her to stay late that night.

As if knowing what she was thinking a voice sounded over the phone again.

"You could not have known mon amie. It is not your fault." Silence. "I must go now. I have enlisted with the British army, but I will write to you as much as I can. Poka my ne vstretimsya."

And that was the last she heard from him.

She first heard of the Tesseract 2 years later after overhearing a couple drunk army officers talking about a so called 'Weapon from the gods'. Naturally, rare antiques dealer Diana Prince was immediately curious as to whether this rumor had any truth behind it. Also because she felt it was her duty to protect man from any threat from the gods. Using her natural Amazonian beauty, she wheedled as much information as she could off the far from sober army officers, and bought the next ticket to the United States of America.

His home.

She tried not to think about him; it hurt too much. 24 years had passed, but he was her first love and was having trouble moving on. Diana had more admirers than she could count, but none of them were like him.

Diana spent the next few days after arriving in the USA doing endless research on Asgardians, Norse mythology, Odin's treasure room, and the Tesseract. There wasn't much, but she made an effort to know as much about it as she could.

A couple weeks later, Diana found herself in front of one Colonel Chester Phillips and two other people introduced as Dr. Erskine and Agent Carter. Diana was offered a consultant position as an ancient mythology and relics expert mostly to be working with Dr. Erskine and occasionally 'the one and only Howard Stark'; if the need arose.

Diana found a father figure and friend in Abraham Erskine. Though he was technically younger than her, Diana could still be considered ignorant when it came to human nature. After 3 months of working with him, she was finally able to open up about herself, her life, and him, Steve Trevor. She broke down for the first time in centuries as she told her newest confidant about her life.

"He was right about one thing, Diana."

He gave her hands a squeeze. She looked up with tearful eyes and gave a weak smile.

"And what was that, Abe?"

"You can save the world."


This is my first time posting a story on fanfiction. If anyone is interested in reading more, I can definitely try to write more, but it will be sporadic. I'm honestly surprised I started a story, but I really wanted to write this one. Especially after seeing Wonder Woman three times and watching Civil War just recently! I do have a tentative plot line for this story, so let me know what you think and any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is appreciated.


Mon amie - my friend (French)

Poka my ne vstretimsya - until next we meet (Russian)