Maybe it's too early for a SYOT…

I know I'm taking a risk.

But I'm just doing four slots.

And I am willing to wait. A while.

The other story on my profile is a sort of side story.

I have loads of time the next days so I hope to be able to do two more authors.

I hope someone enjoys this story and wants to submit.

Cassadee Snow, 58

President of Panem

The crowd was noisy, you could hear the people whispering to each other trying to predict this year's twist. Nervously I stood on the big stage. My hands, already wet from the sweat, clamped around the sides of the golden envelope. When I got the signal from the cameraman I opened the envelope slowly. For the extra suspense and drama the Capitol wanted, and I told the crowd:

"To show the citizens of Panem that we see the Games as a sport, the 125th Hunger Games will be held like a tournament. There will be a group stage, a qualifier for the final and the final."

I waited for reaction from the crowd.

No one saw this twist coming.

Tournaments were something I had always been satisfied by. But these games wouldn't have the old sports like soccer and hockey. We would still use the Hunger Games.

"And to remind the citizens of Panem of the exhausting war, the different stages will happen after each other without a the tributes having a break." I interrupted the crowd.

Then I walked off stage, leaving the crowd in silence.

When I got off stage the avoxes brought me food but I quickly declined the offer and they left me alone sitting on the couch, thinking about that I had to end the Games eventually. The presidents before my time had wasted to much lives.

Lives of innocent kids, who had nothing to do with the rebellion.

Tears rolled out of my eyes and I sat there for a long time.

The walk home was long, through the dark streets of the capitol. My heartbeat always rose when I walked out here alone. But that day I felt safe. Safe from the people trying to attack me. Safe from the Hunger Game lovers. It was because of the large knife in my pocket. The knife my father used to make an end to his life.

I knew what his life had felt like.

But I had to finish something.

Smithy, 39

The Head Gamemaker of the 125th Hunger Games

My wife was a beautiful woman. She walked out of the shower with her red hair falling onto her shoulders. But that wasn't the reason I married her. It was the fact she helped me with all my problems, like thinking all the arenas this year. We needed seven different exciting arenas.

She suggested that the arenas in the group stages could be the classic ones:





I liked the idea of bringing back the classics and told Lana we would discuss this further after dinner. While cutting the carrots for the salad I ran through the twist once more.

The group stages:

The sixteen reaped tributes will be divided into groups of four. You win your group stage when the other three tributes are dead.

The qualifiers:

When two of the groups are finished the winners will be made unconscious instantly and we will bring them to the next arena. They will wake up on their platforms in the same pose they were in before. With some television magic it will look like they teleported.

The two winners will fight in a 1vs1. The same thing will happen to the other two group stage winners.

The final:

The last two will fight to death.

I thought about how simple this twist was and laughed:

Even the districts liked Cassadee a tiny bit, because she was simple.

Then I cut myself.


This is how I get only 16 tributes:

The president has drawn four numbers from 1-12 to represent the districts who will not be in the reapings.

I don't think volunteers will work. Sorry mate.

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