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Today's 3 words: Wound, tear, risk

Ready, GO!


I knew this was risky from the moment I thought of it.

I mean, distracting the Vermillion warriors while the rest of the team goes after Krux and Acronix … it's practically suicide. But I was ready to take that risk. I drew my katana and motioned to the others to leave without me. "I'll be fine. I can handle them," I spoke as a single tear escaped my right eye. They nodded and left for the final fight.

I focused my attention on the Vermillion. "You aren't going to hurt my friends if I have any say in it!" I shouted to them. That got them riled up. They charged as one toward me. It didn't take them a minute before one of their swords to make direct contact with my torso, tearing through clothing and skin.

I collapsed to the ground, defeated. My wound was too serious to fight anymore. My element was my only remaining weapon.

The flames that burn within.


Ninjago city was awfully quiet. I couldn't risk go into there. The serpentine could be here any second. A tear gently rolled down my eye, I couldn't let my home get destroyed.

We raced into the city as fast as we could, my breath billowed into clouds in the cold night. I had a wound in my left arm, so I couldn't use my bow. I got my arm caught in a sewer lid, I'm so stupid. So that's that, no sir-ee a bow for me.

I saw a snake go into a sewer, god help me. " Seriously?! Another sewer? I'm not breaking my right arm." I said.

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