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Solas had never believed his generals when they told him that he had a great vision when creating a plan, but poor execution. That was, until he been partially responsible for a rift in the sky that was threatening to end Thedas thinking he could fix the issue of the veil that he had created for the world. If he had only listened a few millennia ago, maybe none of this would have happened. Despite his many regrets, Solas couldn't undo his mistakes, but he could try and right them.

This may not have been the world he had known, but he wasn't going to let it be devoured by the fade and an evil magister that he might have empowered to do so. He was going to fix this mess, starting with the Dalish elf that came tumbling out of fade physically, baring his mark on her tan hand.

He presumed she was Dalish, her markings were of Mythal, but she could have been taken by a circle and kept there after she had received her vallaslin. It was an unlikely scenario, but one that he wouldn't discount until he got to speak with her for the first time. He wondered how this elf would receive him as a "bare faced" elf, he doubted this woman would even thank him for saving her life.

Despite everything that Solas had planned for, she was an anomaly he hadn't been expecting.

It sickened Solas to see how far his people had fallen. First by losing their immortality, fighting amongst themselves so fiercely for generations that man had taken over the continent, and to make matters worse, they had lost nearly all the culture that had made Elvhenan a long standing empire in the first place. His people had been reduced to nothing but wandering savages. They were still wearing the same slave markings and depending on would be gods even after he had spent so much to free them.

He heard her grumble out and curse in elvish more than once in pain, nothing coherent. Solas wasn't even sure of the young woman's name as he healed her. When he had been asked to look her over by The Seeker, he had been stunned at how they treated her, locked her up like an animal, while she was writhing on the cold stone floor in agony. She looked small, at first Solas thought that she was still in her teens, but that had been proved wrong when he observed closer. She was developed beyond adolescence and into adulthood, but not by too much. Solas figured she was somewhere in her second decade. She was still an infant to him, who had lived thousands of years.

Solas sighed, as the mark flared again, calling to his power like a moth to a flame. It illuminated her face for a moment, giving her dark matted half-shaved locks a bit of color to them for a moment. The young woman began to spasm. He grabbed her hand and pulled the raging magic, drawing more of it out and into himself. Once her twitching stopped he moved a shaking finger to her temple and forced healing magic into her body.

Solas shifted slightly on the floor. Healing a patient in the dungeons was not the best for his joints, or the comfort of his patient, not that any of the humans of Haven cared much for the comfort of two elves, regardless.

The mark was acting oddly with her. It quieted and it flared on its own, making Solas' already drawn face turn into a deeper frown. It seemed to be more at war within her than it was with him. Magic was a fickle thing and if this child is gifted with magic, well, that could be why the mark is reacting to her.

Was the mark still killing her?

More than likely she would perish in a few days at most with the Breach in the state it was, but would she be able to help them before her untimely demise was the better question and the one that the Seeker wanted answered.

If he let her die Thedas would end, he would end and so would his people. It would be his fault, again.

The woman gave a breathy wince and Solas' heart nearly stopped when he swore he heard her mutter the word "Fen'harel. The mark quieted after that, settling into an uneven pattern of rises and falls with the Breach, but it did not seem to be paining her nearly as much.

Small mercies, he supposed. She would live to see another day, which at the rate of the Breach's increase, it could very well be her last.

Theoretically, if she were to use his power to reseal the Breach she could stop it from spreading, but it would be painful, especially for someone so painfully mortal.

The telltale clang of boots warned Solas that Templars were coming to remove him from the prisoner's presence. It seemed that two unarmed elves in a single prison cell stirred fear into this entire organization. Solas resisted the urge to smirk at their naivety. It wasn't that they wrong to fear him, but in any other situation, this kind of treatment would be ridiculous. Then again, nothing was more terrifying than elves.

The boots stopped and someone cleared their throat behind him. Solas turned to see that it Commander Cullen. He withheld a sneer. Templars made his skin crawl no matter if they claimed to be retired from the order or not. Luckily, this man was not made for politics and was easy to read, something Solas easily played to his advantage.

"Is there something you need, Commander?" Solas asked, with the perfect amount confusion and honest exhaustion in his voice.

"Seeker Pentaghast wants you in the valley. There are quite a few men that would profit from your skill set." There as no room for argument in the Commander's voice. Solas was being dismissed and sent out into a demon-infested valley, most likely to die, because the Seeker wanted him there.

Solas resisted the urge to snap. He was not some Templar kept mage. No one ordered him around like this. The Commander narrowed his eyes at Solas for a moment before letting out a sigh. "I'm going to be going to the forward camp with you."

So, it was already a last stand. Solas took one last look at the prisoner and hoped that after all the healing magic he put into her that she'd wake up soon. By his accounts she should have already woken up.

But, Solas exited the cell and made his way out of the keep. The Commander was gracious enough to give him his staff back as the made their way to gates. He locked eyes with Seeker Pentaghast as he passed her. She was talking with the Spymaster and half a dozen troops. Solas wanted to wait for the prisoner to wake up, but the Seeker deemed her fit enough to be left alone. She was a prisoner after all, the fabled reason for causing the rift in the sky.

Oh how wrong they were.

It wasn't until he was, as Varric so elegantly put "ass deep in demons", that he met the young Elven prisoner. The Commander, if he could be called that, had stationed him with the dwarf in an attempt to keep all suspicious persons together. Though, through some kind of luck or misfortune, depending on where you were on the battlefield, he, Varric and a small handful of men had been separated from the army. Which at first, seemed to be the worst possible thing that could happen, but the screams of pain for over the hillsides made Solas think that he might be the lucky one away from more of the direct fighting.

As much as he disliked the Commander, Varric grated on his nerves in a completely different way. The dwarf had a way of reading people that he had not seen yet in this world. It worried Solas to no end that somehow he would be found out by this non-dreamer. He also seemed to enjoy prying into Solas' past, and Solas made it obvious that he wanted nothing more than to avoid talking about his origins.

"That's a break in demons for now," Solas said to the dwindling group of injured soldiers. Morale was low and any kind of break seemed to be welcomed. No one even commented that an elf was one to give the order. Battle was good for something at least. It always showed who the followers were compared who could be leaders.

The group had stopped momentarily to tend to the wounded before continuing to The Temple of Sacred Ashes. They were close and there was word that Seeker Pentaghast was coming with something that could stop these rifts. Solas dearly hoped that she had the prisoner with her. Otherwise, this whole mission to the temple will be wasted.

Solas sat in front of a soldier, Jim, who winced as Solas' magic pooled into his injured arm. It was going to take time for it heal, but it was stable for now.

"Is the kid going to live, Chuckles?" The dwarf asked and it took Solas a moment to realize that he was being addressed.

"He'll be fine as long as he does not re-break his arm any time soon. Why did you-"

There was the sudden and now familiar sound of a rift opening interrupting Solas. He grimaced, the rift couldn't have come at a worse time. He swung his staff overhead and prepared for battle. Varric picked up his crossbow and stood in front of the injured soldier trying to create some kind of barrier between him and the demons, even though Varric barely came up to the man's abdomen, his crossbow sent a clear message.

The last line of defense for these humans was, a rogue dwarf and an elven mage, how history has changed in the mast millennia.

Solas started casting, there was no time to waste. He could escape this then make his way back towards Haven if he had to. He needed to find the prisoner and he wasn't going to let himself die here and leave this mess to humans to attempt and fail to clean up. He focused the demon in front of him and fired the first ice spell that came to mind, leaving Varric to deal with the other enemies.

It wasn't until a knife protruded from the demon he was fighting that he realized he was no longer only fighting alongside Varric. The Seeker had arrived with the prisoner, who seemed to be fighting with dual blades. She was a rogue then, he could have sworn she felt like a mage.

There was no time to waste on guesswork of ambient magic in an elf that doesn't seem to be able to cast. With the help of the two women the demons fell quickly and left the rift weakened enough to potentially close it.

Solas grabbed the prisoner's glowing hand and forced it to touch the rift. She did not fight him, but he could feel every muscle in her arm tighten and one of her blades clang on the stone beneath their feet.

"Hurry, before more come through!" He shouted at her and through some miracle, she figured out how to manipulate the magic to close the rift.

The elf turned to him, grey eyes burning with unnatural energy. His hand still clutching her wrist and she pulled away as if burned. It seemed that she was like every Dalish elf he had come across then. All she sees is his bare face.

"So this is what this does?" He heard her mutter to herself as she stared at the mark on her hand, eyes narrowing as a flared up slightly again.

She had to be in horrendous pain being so close to the Breach.

"Yes, I theorized that the mark would be able to close the rifts and hopefully the largest one in the temple ahead."

"Lovely, that means more demons," she muttered, gazing down at the flaring mark on her hand.

Solas noted that she had an odd lilt to her voice compared to other Dalish elves that he had the misfortune of meeting. It was an odd mix and he couldn't quite place it the accent. It sounded familiar though, it would grate on him until he figured it out, but that was for later.

The dwarf cleared his throat, gaining everyone's attention and breaking the tense atmosphere that the two elves had caused.

"Now, that you two have sorted that out, I'd like to introduce myself, the name is Varric Tethras, rogue, storyteller and occasional unwanted tagalong."

"Ah, yes, you only take part in fighting demons when they suite your needs, not when they destroy a city and begin a war!" The Seeker snarled and Varric visibly cringed. Solas raised an eyebrow, he was going to have to keep that in mind for later use.

Though, the prisoner did not seem to be following their conversation any more than he was, which was comforting to some degree. "Well, Varric, I'm Ellana, from Clan Lavellan and you are the first person to kindly introduce yourself to me," she told him with a small, yet guarded smile. Solas nearly snorted at the not so subtle comment on the treatment she had received at the Seeker's hands.

"Well, Bianca and I are more than willing to go into the valley and fight with you Ellana."

"Absolutely not! You will only get in our way!" The Seeker snarled.

"You named your crossbow Bianca?" Ellana asked, her lips twitching at the corners.

It was obvious on what they focused on in dire situations.

Seeker Pentaghast had a temper on her when it comes to that dwarf. At least that what Solas had noticed from his time in Haven. The dwarf had to have a gift for aggravating that woman something awful. Solas vaguely wondered what Varric did to direct her ire solely at himself.

"You need my help, Seeker, admit it," the dwarf grinned, almost egging the Seeker on further.

She made a guttural noise at the back of her throat before marching away, arms thrown into the air in exasperation, signaling for the rest of the group to join.

But, Solas hadn't yet given his name and felt that if they were to be fighting together, she should know it before they departed. "My name is Solas, if introductions are to be made," he said as cordially as possible, given the situation and the fact he was dealing with a Dalish elf.

"What he means is, he kept that mark from killing you," Varric interrupted, eyes dancing mischievously.

Ellana turned to him her eyes soft, but the lines around her mouth were hard, leaving Solas slightly confused as to what her reply was going to be. "Thank you. I thought that I heard a voice while I was trapped between waking and sleep. Here I thought I had the Dread Wolf biting at my heels. Luckily, it was only you," she replied with a polite dip of her head and a grin on her face that was more teeth than anything else.

It was a formal acknowledgment that made his skin crawl. Solas had been put under the impression that the Dalish hated the dread wolf, yet this was the second time she had mentioned his ancient title, his badge of pride.

Did she know something?

He watched her back start to move to catch up with the Seeker before Solas himself moved to follow. He was going to need to keep a much closer eye on this woman. His spies would also need to find Clan Lavellan and find out if Ellana is the only anomaly or if the entire clan was just as strange as she was.

He was hoping that she was the only exception, it would make things much easier on him in the long run that way.

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