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Despite what happened in the fade, not much changed between Solas and Myna. They had kept each other at arm's length, using Corypheus as an excuse to avoid each other.

But, now, it was finally over.

The sky had been repaired for good this time. The once feared Magister was officially dead, sent to the fade permanently by Ellana. Solas hadn't been invited to fight in the final battle. Nor, did he know what happened to his orb, his precious foci hadn't been found at the final battle amongst the rubble, from what he had been told, but then again, reports were still coming in.

Ellana had decided to take Dorian, Cassandra and Sera with her. So, that left Solas the agony of watching the battle from afar, Myna next to him, crushing his hand with her ever increasing grip. He supposed this was Ellana's way to make sure he didn't leave after getting his hands back on the foci. It was obvious to him that his daughter didn't trust him, rightly so, she wasn't a fool. Myna trusted him even less, having a millennium of reasons to back her up.

Yet, there they were, worrying over the child they had accidently conceived together and Solas had no intention of leaving until he saw that Ellana was safe and sound. Even then, he wasn't sure if he would abandon his new-found family.

Myna had told him of the master plan she had come up with Lali and Audul. The three of them had been the most gifted generals he had ever come across and with their plan for the newest rise of the Elven people being put into motion. From what Solas had been told, the three of them had been collecting ancient elves and placing them in strategic positions of power all over Ferelden, Orlais, Dalish Clans and Alienages throughout Thedas. They were beginning to reeducate the People, they were helping them recapture their culture and bring back long forgotten arts. Clan Lavellan had always been considered odd amongst the Dalish as well as the two other clans surrounding them. Rebellions were brewing around Orlais and Ferelden, brought in the name of freedom. The name Fen'Harel had come up more than once.

The three clans that his generals were in charge of in the northern Free Marches seemed more like large towns, than destitute Dalish savages. They had a thriving culture around magic, a thriving population as well as impressive trade crafts. Myna, Lali and Audul were leading these clans and hoping that in time, others would follow. Myna had received reports that a few clans in the South of Dales had started to take up more Ancient practices.

Solas wasn't sure if his plan to destroy the world was that great of an idea. Releasing the gods of old would cause mayhem and more than likely end Thedas altogether.

"Was staying for this really that difficult?" Myna asked, watching the horizon where torch lights could be seen as well as Inquisition banners.

It wasn't too long until Ellana was spotted leading the group of weary battle trodden soldiers behind her. Cassandra was sporting a black eye, Dorian had his arm in a makeshift sling and Sera had a basic field dressing across her torso. Ellana had a cut above her left eye, but it wasn't something a quick trip to the healers wouldn't fix.

They all might have looked tired, but they were smiling, laughing and singing. Solas spotted Fenris make eye contact with his daughter and not a moment later the two rushed towards each other in what appeared to be a bone crushing embrace. There were some quick words in broken Elven and Tevene before she stood before the Inquisition, proud and unyielding.

"Corypheus is dead!"

The cheer that erupted from the crowd could more than likely been heard at the Winter Palace.

Myna released his hand and moved to embrace her daughter, healing her eye and whispering something into her ear. There was a brief smile and a nod of her head before the crowd whisked them away.

"Last one to the Great Hall has to clean the barracks!" A lieutenant shouted as the rush for the victory celebration began. Skyhold had never been so energetic before and while Solas could apricate a party, he found himself on the battlements. He needed to go to the battle ground to check for his foci. Even if he wasn't going to use it to destroy the veil, he was going to need it remove the mark from Ellana's hand, otherwise, she'd be dead within the next five years.

"You do know that there is a celebration going on inside?"

A familiar head of braided hair leaned up next to him. Ven had finally decided to speak to him, more than likely, he had been distracted by Dorian. "I'm aware. Though, if you've been paying attention these past few months. I'm not known as the social type," Solas replied smoothly, though his son only grinned.

"Yes, well, mother has some stories to the contrary, but she's too busy getting drunk to really care right now. Gods know she deserves some kind of break from worrying over everything. I also know that you've been contemplating leaving…" Solas raised a questioning eyebrow and Ven held up his hands, "Mom told me while she was drinking herself under the table."

Solas let out a long sigh, his breath visible, he shivered slightly as a breeze passed through. "Yes, well, I need to retrieve my foci. Your sister's life is still in danger. After that, it would be better for everyone if I just disappeared."

Ven snorted. "You're full of yourself, you know that? My mother would hunt you down till the day you died if you left again. She thinks that you could help her and Audul and Lali."

"But, my foci-"

"Has been found and is safely being kept away from prying eyes. Where do you think I was all day? Waiting for Dorian to come back? I'm not passive rabbit waiting for his master to return. I spent the day on the battlefield, weaving around that damn dragon and magister to keep that foci of yours from breaking," Ven snapped and honestly, Solas hadn't even been thinking about Ven's whereabouts. The Dalish First had been rather stationary these past few months, keeping to himself in the library with Dorian.

It took a moment to realize what Ven had said. He had found his foci? Solas pushed himself forward and grabbed Ven by his shoulders. How had he retrieved the orb without being noticed during the battle? Dorian would have no doubt made some kind of comment about his lover fighting by his side. Had Ellana even known about her brother's involvement?

"Where is it?"

Ven rolled his eyes and pulled himself out of Solas' grip. "It's safe. Mother and I had always planned to take the orb and hide it away from you. We quite like the way the world is now and with Ellana at the helm of this new era, well…there's a bright future for the People after all."

Solas felt a vein on his forehead begin to throb. While it was nice to know that both Myna and Ven were plotting the future downfall of mankind, hi sister was still in trouble. They still needed to think about Ellana, not just the bigger picture. "What about the anchor? It's still killing Ellana. We need the orb to fix that."

"There are still rifts that need to be closed across Thedas. Once those are sealed, then we'll give you back your orb and fix her hand. We don't trust you, Fen'Harel. You've already betrayed your People once. We haven't forgotten what your master plan cost us, and our trust isn't so easily won back," Ven warned, his eyes glowing an eerie grey before he turned to rejoin the party, a skip in his step as the door slammed shut behind him.

Solas, not for the first time, wonder how powerful his son truly was. He had seen Ven cast powerful spells, but he had always assumed that he drew more power through Ellana's mark. But, it was in moments like these when he was angry that Ven was truly frightening. In time, Solas hoped that he'd be able to call his own magic to the same frighteningly unnatural levels as his son.

Solas sighed, for now, he would stay at Skyhold, if only to try and finish up what he had started. This organization needed all the help that it could get. He had noticed spies slipping into the Inquisition. He was going to need to figure out which ones were Myna's spies and then start to purge the organization of any kind of impurities. The humans would look for any excuse to kill his daughter or to disband the Inquisition now that Corypheus was dead.

Well…Orlais more so than Ferelden, but they tended to always want to one up each other, and they were shemlen. An elf could never truly trust a shem.

It was a week after the final attack that Lali and Audul arrived for a surprise visit with a few warriors from their clans and two bundles of something in their arms. The group had caused quite a stir climbing the mountain. Cullen had almost sent a small cluster of soldiers to attack the well-armed group of elves riding some of the best-bred harts that Solas had ever seen. Solas swore that Dennett was drooling at the mare that Lali was riding.

Commander Cullen had his troops surrounding the group of elves. It was obvious that the humans didn't trust the newest arrivals at Skyhold. It wasn't everyday that such a large group of well equip and seasoned Dalish Elves wandered into a well-known human stronghold.

These were his two war generals, one covered the navel fronts and the other all land operations when they had been at war millennia ago. Both were powerful mages, one the grandson of Dirthamen and the other was son of June. They had been well trusted amongst the court, but in the end, they had betrayed them all by helping the Dread Wolf.

They had reapplied their markings of their ancestors on their faces. Something that Solas thought that they would never stoop to doing. They had been two of the first he had ever removed. It hurt to see them standing around proudly wearing their salve markings again. Solas vaguely wondered how long it had taken for them to decide to reapply it. They had been so excited to be free.

The two of them looked nearly the same as Solas remembered, both broad shouldered elves with knack for getting themselves into trouble, but they were more mature now, maybe they didn't look older, but they carried themselves in a different way than they had back in Arlathan. Audul in particular seemed to hold his head higher than Solas remembered. Under that mop of fiery red hair was an elf made for leadership and he wore it well. Lali still had the same shit eating grin he always had, his dark hair shaved close to his scalp and his ear decorated with various different earrings. Solas wondered if Lali had been the one to give Ellana the earrings that she wore on a regular basis.

Ellana was in the center of the courtyard, her mother next to her speaking to the Commander in hushed tones. Solas could see his daughter making pointed and rather aggressive hand movements. He heard Lali bark a laugh and Myna sent the once general a withering look. A moment later the Commander raised his hands in a peaceful gesture and ran a nervous hand through his hair before motioning for his troops to leave them be.

Solas edged closer, staying out of immediate sight, but close enough that he could hear what was going on. He noticed that Sera was also watching the entire interaction from her room at the Tavern. For someone that claimed she didn't care about "elfy things" she rather seemed to enjoy listening to Ellana's family gossip.

"We come baring some very important packages that couldn't be left alone with the clan," Audul said just loud enough for Solas to hear. He turned his attention away from Sera and realized that both leaders had dismounted Myna had taken a step forward towards the other two Dalish Keepers.

Myna took one look inside each wrapped package and smacked them both on the arm with her staff. The two much larger elves winced. "Why did you bring them with you? You know how dangerous things are going to be around here!" She hissed causing her two friends backup, pulling the bundles closer to themselves and using them as shields from Myna's ire.

"Yes, and things are tense with the clans right now. There are shemlen near the boarders. I didn't want the little ones in any kind of danger, not with their heritage. We couldn't risk that being lost. The other children have been moved as well while he prepare for attack. Luckily, with the Sentinels that you sent to the mountain we hold the advantage in numbers and trained warriors," Lali replied handing over one bundle to Ellana and Audul put the slightly larger package in Myna's waiting arms.

It was in that moment that Solas realized just what was being dropped off. They had brought children, more specifically, Ven's children. The child in Myna's arms wriggled a bit at the hood that had been covering her head fell away, revealing a main of bright red curls. She had her thumb in her mouth and she was looking around rather frantically. Solas briefly saw a pair of blue as her head swiveled from left to right.

There was a moment when her eyes landed on something in the distance and she pointed excitedly and wiggled out of her grandmother's arms and made a dash for the stairs to the Keep. It was then that he noticed that Ven and Dorian were descending the stairs, talking avidly to each other. It didn't seem like either of them noticed the visitors in the courtyard, nor the small child racing towards them.

A loud shout of "Babae!" could heard and Ven's eyes widened in recognition when he realized who was approaching him. Solas watched as Ven bent down and waited for his daughter to run into his arms. The young elf was crying into her father's arms. Dorian looked extremely confused and uncomfortable shifting from foot to foot. Ven had to have told him about his offspring.

Solas saw the little girl rub her eyes and peer shyly at the Tevinter Altus. Dorian waved weakly with a shaky smile. The young elf scrambled up her father's shoulder, used her hair has a makeshift rope and began to wave enthusiastically at Dorian. Ven yelped halfway through her climb and put her on his shoulders. The child whispered something in Ven's ear that had the elf roaring with laughter, drawing the attention of the majority of the courtyard. Dorian just looked extremely concerned at the stares they were receiving from everyone.

Ellana pushed her way through the crowd, Lali and Audul behind her, as she made her way back into the main keep. The rest of the elves in the company went to put the harts away in the stable. Solas sighed, moving away from the wall. He'd need a new strategy for listening in on the next conversation that was no doubt about to happen in Ellana's quarters.

"You know, you are allowed to come and hear what Lali and Audul have to say," Myna said from behind him. Solas forced himself not to jump in surprise at Myna's sudden appearance.

"I felt that I wouldn't be welcome. It is a family gather of sorts, after all," Solas responded, trying to keep the conversation light and for the most part anonymous from onlookers.

Myna snorted. "Yes, well, you have more family invested in this than anyone else attending," she told him with a shrug as she hooked her arm through his and dragged him through the crowd of people surrounding the entrance to the Keep.

Solas saw Hawke and Anders chatting with Varric. The dwarf once again wiggled his eyebrows when he noticed that Solas was being dragged about by Myna, but this time Hawke joined in the fun. The woman had been beyond elated the past few weeks and nearly inseparable from Varric and her non-possessed lover. Fenris had been seen speaking the little group more than once, especially after the Bianca debacle last month. Varric found it hilarious that Solas was in a potential relationship with Ellana's mother. He had mentioned more than once that people had been betting on the wrong Lavellan to get together with Solas. Apparently, there had been a betting pool during on who Ellana would end up with, and Solas had been one of the contenders.

They were the last to make it to Ellana's chambers. Lali and Audul were lounging on the sofa, Fenris was against the hearth, holding the small, still covered bundle of Elven child in his arms. Ellana was pulling out reports from her desk. Ven was on the carpet with his daughter, who was dozing in his arms, and Dorian was confusedly sitting in next to him. When Solas raised an eyebrow questioningly at the Altus he shrugged his shoulders. "Don't look so confused, Dorian. You've been sleeping with my brother for months. We figured that you should be introduced to two of the men that helped raise us," Ellana said, motioning towards the group of elves around him. Lali and Audul waved towards the Altus.

"If only you were an elf, it would be perfect," Lali grumbled playfully, wiggling his eyebrows rather suggestively between Ven and Dorian.

"I believe that is my cue to leave. Thank you for the offer of staying longer. I'll talk to you later," he told Ven, tapping his lover's nose before making is way out of the room.

Audul grumbled something unintelligible under his breath and shoved Lali off the sofa. For a moment he was mass of dark flailing limbs before crashing onto the ground. Lali growled, grabbed at Audul's clothing and dragged him onto the floor. The two began wrestling on the floor. Some thing would never change, no matter how much time passed.

"Now, is there a reason that humans are attacking the clans?" Ellana asked over the small commotion that the two Keepers were making. They both froze, the mood suddenly somber.

"The clans have been profiting from trading with local merchants, therefore the humans feel threatened. It's nothing different from before, da'len," Audul answered, his mouth a hard line. Solas had seen that look before. His general was holding something back.

"For some reason I don't think that you are being completely honest with Ellana, Audul," Solas commented and for the first time and both of his generals stood at shocked attention. Myna was shaking with suppressed laughter next to him. Had she not told them that he was here?

"Fen'Harel, sir! How long have you been standing there?"

"Long enough to hear you lying to his daughter to her face. Why aren't you telling her about the bandits' true origin?" Myna asked with her arms crossed motioning to Ellana before continuing, "She has a right to know that they were hired by the Red Templars."

Ellana sucked in a breath and ran a hand through her hair. "Why didn't you tell me about this earlier? I could have sent Inquisition soldiers to help fend off the bandits. They wouldn't have been allowed on the Clan's land…" Ellana said pacing as she started formulating a plan to help her people.

"Ellana, we thought that we would be able to handle a few shemlen on our own. We came here to ask for your silent support. We'd need elven members of your Inquisition, ones that would be willing to fight side by side with a Dalish Clan," Lali replied from underneath Audul, who still had him pinned to floor.

"The Clans were alright with you two getting up and leaving for weeks on end?" Ven questioned, standing up with his daughter fast asleep in his arms, her head lolling every so often.

"We have an Eluvian to take us back. It isn't like the return trip will take all that long. We've all been communicating battle strategy through dreams with our Firsts and warriors when we can," Audul replied as he straightened himself and pulled Lali off the ground with a practiced ease before turning back to Ven. "But, honestly, Ven'rius, why choose a magister?"

Ven rubbed the back of his head with his unoccupied arm. "What can I say? It seems that my sister and I have exotic taste in men. They need to be born and raised in Tevinter."

Fenris growled and his marks lit up for a moment before dimming as the little bundle his arms squirmed and whimpered. Solas had almost forgotten about the second child. The one that Myna had failed to mention.

Ellana gave a fond sigh before making her way over the child and taking it from Fenris arms. "Oh, don't worry about the bright lights. They aren't going to hurt you," she cooed as the little hood the child had been wearing fell off to reveal a head of blonde hair. The child was scowling something fierce with one familiar green eye open, while the other was being rubbed with an irritable little fist. That particular shade of green Solas had only seen in the eyes of the sourly marked warrior standing next to Ellana.

Solas swallowed, a bitter pit in the formed in the center of his stomach. He had almost cost a child to be partially orphaned. "This is your child?" He asked Ellana, hoping for some kind of denial. He had nearly gotten her killed. She was a mother. She had to have only recently given birth when she had been sent to the Conclave. How had she never mentioned her own child?

Ellana nodded, "Cecili is almost a year and half old. I was back in fighting shape when the Conclave was called, and as the best hunter in the clan, I needed to go to observe what foolish nonsense the shemlen were getting up to," she answered, as she moved her daughter's fist away from her eyes and bounced the little girl up and down in a calming manner.

"You left your child to monitor humans? Surely there was another clan member…" Solas began, but Ellana gave him a rather dry glare.

"My mission was supposed to only a last two weeks, but someone gave their foci to a darkspawn magister and plans changed. Either way, the world is now a safer place for Cecili to grow up in."

Audul cleared his throat, "Yes let's discus how your foci ended up in the hands of a magister, Solas."

"I have a feeling that you already know how my foci was given to Corypheus. There is no need for me to tell you something you already know."

Lali snarled and stalked up to Solas, magic sparking on his fingertips "And here I was hoping that it was a lie. Do you realize that what you attempted to do would have destroyed the world, again? You could have killed your daughter? Why didn't you attempt to contact us in our dreams? You have agents all over Thedas right now. One of them more than likely saw us. Didi you just choose not to find us? Did you not want to hear our disappointment in you for erecting the veil?"

Solas knew he was going to have to answer a question like this eventually. He hadn't looked for any of his generals. He had assumed they had died and left it at that. But, there might have been some truth in Lali's words. He hadn't searched for any of them, he hadn't wanted to see the disappointment in any of their eyes at his failure. He had never expected to find them again or to find a family. "I had hoped to restore the People to their former glory, but I see that there were quite a few faults in my plan. There were many things that I didn't account for."

Ellana snorted and put her daughter back in Fenris' arms. "You could say that. Are you still planning on using your foci?"

Solas felt Myna's hand on his shoulder. "Yes, Solas, are you going to attempt to use your foci again?"

All eyes were on him, waiting for his reply and no doubt sensing for honesty. Lali, Audul and Myna would easily be able to tell if he was lying. They had all spent centuries training together. He had once been the strongest of the four of them, but his power was still replenishing. Then there was Ven, a very powerful mage in his own right. Honestly, Solas wasn't sure if he would be able to defeat Ven. Solas had yet to see his son at his full power.

Yet, in this moment, if he wanted to, he knew he could escape. He still had a few tricks up his sleeve, but he wouldn't need them here. It was time for the lone wolf to join his pack. If he wanted to rebuild the People he was going to need to help those already living. Focusing on the dead wasn't going to solve anything and bringing back the Elven Pantheon would only make things worse. He had a family here, one that would help him navigate this new world.

"I will only use the foci to remove the mark from Ellana's hand and that is it."

Everyone was quiet for a moment before he was engulfed in his generals' arms. All three of them were hugging him, he could see Ellana and Ven through their arms, each smiling. He saw Ellana sliding a pair of dagger back up her sleeve. They had been preparing for the worst.

A small cry and a call for "mamae!" broke them all out of their revere. It seemed that life was going to change for the Inquisition. With Leliana taking the position of Divine there was going to be a need for a new spymaster and Myna was ready to step into that role, whether the Inquisition was ready for it was another matter entirely.

It was time for an Elven revolution and Thedas wasn't going to know what happened until it was far too late.

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