The two of them stood there, looking at each other as the fire roared around them. Flaky being nervous about what was to occur while Springtrap had a vicious look in his eyes, as if he was ready for his next prey, and his next prey, was right in front of him. Springtrap thought to himself, 'this is going to be an easy fight, my opponent is the most cowardly person in the town' He then began running at her before jumping high into the air, ready to cut the porcupine clean in half. Seeing the incoming attack, Flaky was able to dodge it, partly however as the blade went right through her left arm, causing her to drop the Bowie knife and wail in a heap of pain as her left arm had been sliced off mid way.

Flaky: AHHHHHHHH. She screamed as she looks at the stump that was once her left arm, tears of pain bleeding from her eyes, catching her off guard, Springtrap kicked Flaky right in the stomach, causing not only for her to go flying straight into the back wall of what was Flippy's living room but upon hitting the wall, with her being a porcupine, her quills get lodged deep into the wall, making her a hanging duck. Springtrap appeared before her and mocked her with a phase that would normally annoy Handy. Springtrap: Need a hhhhhand? He said as he held up her now severed left arm.

Springtrap: Anylastttt words, Bitch? Flaky kept silent but immediately afterwards, Springtrap pulled out his machete and aimed straight for her eye. Flaky would've lost her eye has she not noticed it earlier and was just barley able to hold it back, her pupils shrank as the tip of the blade grew closer. Flaky: P-P-P-Please, why a-a-are you d-doing this t-t-t-to us?! Springtrap stopped the blade for a moment, acting as if he realised his actions were bad, but for Flaky, it was too good to be true as Springtrap decided to surprise Flaky by applying a sudden huge amount of strength towards the blade, forcing it straight into her eye. She screamed and immediately pulled the blade out and slammed it straight into his left kneecap, Surprised by what had just happened, Springtrap wailed in pain as he struggled to get the machete out of his knee.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Flaky pulled her self out of the wall and re-arms her self with Flippy's Bowie knife. She ignores the pain in her leg as she turns around to see Springtrap now standing with machete in hand. Springtrap: Impressive, I'd never- ever- ever thought that the towns coward would fight ba- NOW DONT SHOVE BUDDDDDDY, OR ELSE ILL HAVE TO GET YOUR PARENTSSSSSS- But the shit ends here. He then drops the machete and raises his arms. Two phantoms emerge on either side. The right being Giggles, the left being Flaky's worst nightmare, phantom Flippy. Springtrap then answered Flaky's question.

Springtrap: Ever since I met my demise in this suit I had wanted revenge, for what those lllllittle brats did to me. Flaky was shocked, he had wanted to kill them, all because he got killed by ghosts of his victims, it was too much, causing her to collapse on her knees, crying. Flaky: W-W-What d-did we e-e-e-even do to d-d-deserve this?! Springtrap: Remind me of the ppppppppast. He then tackled her to the ground and raised his machete high into the the air before bringing down, Flaky brought her Bowie knife in an attempt to stop the attack which lead to little success, she then quickly puts her hand in front of herself to defend her self from the blade of which it does succeed, but at the cost of the blade going straight through her hand. She kept a firm grip as she desperately tried to push the blade away from her chest. Springtrap was once again, surprised at how long she could keep it going, be he had enough, with all his might he brought the machete down, hitting her rib cage directly, she screamed that loudly that it caused Springtraps hearing to go down for what seemed like hours.

During that time, she just laid there, unable to do anything at all. The phantoms surrounded her, waiting for Springtrap to come back and finish the job. She began crying, knowing that her bests efforts were a complete failure and that they would all lose their normal lives thanks to her, that was the case until... she noticed that Phantom Flippy held out his hand towards her in a fist before speaking 'Don't give up now' the others joined in, she began receiving hope and strength again as she pulled the machete out of her chest and her hand. Phantom Flippy then appeared to think of an idea as to how Springtrap could be beaten. P Flippy: Flaky... Flaky: Y-Yes Flippy?! P Fliqpy: Can you trust me? Flaky: Wait, w-w-what are y-you. She was cut off as Phantom Fliqpy when inside of her. Realising what he was doing it was extremely difficult to contain all the sudden strength she recieved, she got onto her hands and knees as she coughed up a little blood. She then went silent as she stood back up, the phantoms looking at her with concerned looks. She then opened her eyes to reveal that her right eye was her normal eye but her left... was the eye of Fliqpy's. Flaky: Lets finish this once and f-for all. The phantoms cheered her on as she now armed herself with Springtraps machete.

Springtrap has just finished recovering from her deafening scream before noticing that Flaky was making her way towards him, with his machete. Springtrap looks at her and notices that she somehow got her eye back and that the eye that was back, was a sickening yellow compared to her natural ruby red eyes.

Springtrap: How is this possible- ble- ble I stabbed that eye out. Flaky: Did you, because I d-don't think you did. Flaky then charged at Springtrap and swung the machete at him with all the might in her arm. A direct impact was made directly at the side of Springtrap's head, causing the top half of the head to fly off, Springtrap stumbled backwards in pain a little bit before returning to face her. Flaky then stared face to face with her predators face, their actual, face.

The flesh had completely rotted along with the nose with some parts of it revealing its aged skeleton, metal parts also seemed to have fused around the sides of the head. The mouth had several mechanical bars going right through the jaw keeping it open at all times. The eyes had also appeared to be fixed in as the metallic parts seemed to appear to keep them in place. She was disgusted and nearly vomited immediately upon the sight of his 'face'.

Springtrap: lllllllets settttttttle this once, and for allllll... He then begins charging at her, screaming as he does so, he tackles Flaky to the ground and begins punching her, causing her nose to bleed and a black eye. Flaky pushes him off with great strength before ramming the machete into his knee again. This time however, Springtrap immediately took the machete out, picked up Flaky and pinned her to the wall using the machete.

It looked as if it was all over, she was losing blood fast and was losing her strength as well. Springtrap looked over to his left and found a gasoline canister. Springtrap: Bingo, now llllllets ge- PLAYING THE- PLAYING THE- PLAYING THE LAST SSSSSSSOMG FOR THE NIGHT KKKKKKKKKKKK- get this ssshow, on the road- oad. He walks over to it and picks it up, it's half full, enough to have fun. Flaky looked to her left and saw her fate, she was going to get drenched in gasoline and then thrown in the fire, then she remembered, he was no longer applying any force to the machete anymore.

Using what little strength she had, she pulled it out of her stomach, causing her to drop to the floor, dazed due to the amount of blood lost, she made her way to Sprintrap who was surprisingly enough, still occupied by the gasoline.

Springtrap then turns around only to have Flaky take the gasoline canister and broke it open, drenching him in gasoline and a little went on her arm. With the last of her remaining strength, she screamed as she round housed kicked Springtrap into the fire.

Springtrap: nnnno, No! iiii can never- ever- ever dieeeeeee, you shallllll - BEHAVE NOW KIDDIES- *distortion* i shallll beeeeee... back... jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjust you wait- ait- ait and ssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Those were the last words he ever said as the rest she heard was plain out distorted pain and screaming, after 5 minutes the roaring fire cut off his screams. Flaky lied there, she had done it, she had beaten what could have possibly been the biggest threat towards the town, and at a convenient time as Flippy's grand clock that was somehow still standing rang its bell, implying it was 6AM. She looked up despite her vision getting blurry, she could tell that the phantoms were around her only this time, they began glowing white. She shielded her eyes as the light got incredibly bright before revealing the tree friends she knew.

Everyone: You did it Flaky. WOOHOO?! Flaky: heh heh... heh. Flaky then collapses on the floor. Today had been one hell of a long day.

6 and a half hours later

Flaky awoke in the happy tree hospital with several bandages all around her, implying that she was the only survivor, barely though. She still had a black eye from when Springtrap punched her, her left arm had been reattached with hundreds of stitches. She also had her leg held in a hoist. She could barely move.

She then heard the door open to her left revealing Sniffles, alive and well. Sniffles: Good Afternoon Flaky, how are you feeling? Flaky: F-F-Fine, aside from the slight pain from my leg, it's uncomfortable. Sniffles: Well don't worry, I'll find you some pillows, it'll be fully healed in 2 weeks, plus you should take it easy Flaky, you had one hell of a fight last night. Flaky: Y-Yeah, I w-w-would've l-lost if it w-wasn't for Fliqpy. Sniffles: Wait, FLIQPY HELPED YOU!? Flaky: Y-Yeah, sort off. Sniffles: Well that's, actually fascinating, that's the first thing he's actually done that has helped us out, oh and by the way Flaky. Flaky: W-What?

Sniffles: You have quite a lot of visitors so I had to nail it down to 5 as there were too many. Flaky: And w-who are those 5. Sniffles: Cuddles, Giggles, Splendid, Flippy and surprisingly enough, Fliqpy. Sniffles: I shall now let Cuddles in to see you.

Sniffles then walks out of Flaky's sight before she hears sound of bunny slippers running down the hall before screeching to a halt right at the entrance to her room. Cuddles: Heya Flakes, Long time no see man. Flaky: y-yeah. Cuddles: What happened last night was insane, I thought for sure we was going to lose the entire town, but thanks to you Flaky, we're all alive and well. Flaky: yeah, b-but I got hurt, a lot in the p-process of the f-fight.

Cuddles: Welp, gotta go Flakes, I'll catch ya round when you're feeling better ok. Flaky: Ok t-then. After Giggles and Splendid's visits ,Flippy came in to see her.

Flippy: Hi Flaky.

Flaky: H-Hi Flippy. Flippy: So I'm assuming you know what happened last night.

Flaky: Its a l-little blurry but from what I can remember, fliqpy possessed me so I owe him a t-thank you on that one.

Fliqpy *in Flippy's mind: Tell her I said no problem. Flippy: He said no problem, he saw what could've happened if he hadn't possessed you.

Flaky: F-Flippy... Flippy: yes Flaky?

Flaky: C-Can I, s-stay with y-y-your for a while until I h-heal up? Flippy: Sure you can.

Flippy then hugged Flaky as she weakly hugged him back.

The day after Flippys house was finished, Flippy immediately took Flaky over and cared for her for another week. Sure Fliqpy did come out but it was to only have a talk with Flaky. After the week had passed Flaky said her goodbyes and went back home. That night Flippy went to bed feeling happy. But what he didn't know... was that his house was rebuilt on top of a body of which was shoved into his basement as some kind of suit.

The door leading to his basement was normal kept hidden under a carpet of Flippy's, but he had forgot mainly because of his love for Flaky. It clanged several times before going silent, footsteps going down the ladder. On a table in the basement layed Springtraps costume head. The lights flickered as the head vanished from site only to see a shadow of what appeared to be a large bunny with a small head. It then put the costume head on.

Springtrap: IIIII'll beeeeee waiting- ing- ing for yo- KIDS- you...

Springtrap: The Springtrap has risen... god damn he's not alone...