Hello! It's been some time since the last chapter.

Nearly a year.

But as I stated at the end of the last chapter, I am waiting for the manga to finish. However, the release of chapter 423 shows us that we are near the finish line. I have an outline written for chapter 50, but it can't be set in stone until we know how this all ends. I can start to write a week or two after the manga ends. Another event to note is the release of the 3rd episode of season 7 last week. We finally see Tooru's face in the anime (though she also appeared in the intro, so eh)! So, concerning all that, I have made some updates to the fic.

1. Chapter 39 has a new short scene establishing the main group changing to first name basis, it also leads into the next scene involving Aizawa's absence on the 1st day of the 3rd term. Again, looking back, I should have made them all start to address one another by their first name way before chapter 49 and them getting back together after running into the vigilantes seemed like the perfect time.

2. On that note, chapters 39-48 had this first name change edit occur.

3. Overhauled the latter part of the 3rd scene of chapter 49. This is to be reflected in the new anime episode that did show color in Tooru's face reveal. I had banked on it being colorless in my writing, so I made that change, adding much more to that scene now.

4. With Tooru's face no longer being a spoiler for anime only, I have updated the cover art for this fic on both and Wattpad, though it doesn't really apply to Ao3. As I said when I updated it last time, I commissioned Krumbs to make two versions, one with Tooru invisible and one with her visible. Going forward, I feel this version will be the permanent cover art for the fic.

5. I have a new commission being made by Hazel0217 on Twitter. If you remember, they made the previous cover art involving the main 3 girls boys dolls of their boyfriends in their hero costumes (as well as a vice versa version), both the winter and Halloween art of the couples, and specifically the Halloween IzuTooru one is my header on Twitter. I commissioned another IzuTooru piece that will hopefully be ready in the coming week or so. Again, my Twitter is crazy_man185, so keep your eyes peeled.

6. The Cubicity side stories have been slow work, but Iichako chapter 4 is basically done with chapter 5 not far behind. MashMomo 4 is mostly done though not much of 5 is written. KodaJiro 1+2 are half done too. Expect the Iichako 4 to drop sometime this upcoming week. From there, I wanna release chapters every few weeks until I just focus on KodaJiro chapters for a while. Then eventually rotate between the three.