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A/N: THIS IS AN ALPHA/BETA/OMEGA DYNAMICS FIC! Basically, an alpha is the leader of the pack. It's the highest rank between the two, as alphas are all super strong so they could protect their pack. They will most likely go into rut whenever they sense an omega is in heat nearby. Alphas are likely to be mated with omegas. Betas, they control the mood inside the pack. They do not go into rut, and they do not go into heat as well. Yet they had the strongest sense of smell and is the 2nd rank between the two. Betas are likely to be mated with Betas. Omegas, they are the breeders of the pack. Whether their sex is male or female, they both get pregnant. They go into heat soon after their sixteenth birthday. Omegas are likely to be mated with Alphas. Although, anyone had their rights to mate someone else. Even if they are betas, they can mate either alphas or omegas. The same thing with the other two.

I may be wrong, but this was what I have learned so far. I probably missed somethings, so don't hesitate to tell me. These were all stock knowledge.


Kaito Kuroba was an alpha, his father was as well. Actually, mostly in his bloodline were alphas. His mother was a beta, and both of his parents met at the mating ceremony. They were quite a pair.

This was the night where everyone would find their mate, their lover who they would spend with for the rest of their lives. Luckily, it was the perfect night for Kaito to find his mate. It could be anyone, the place was so crowded after all. Across the distance was the forest, where the omegas would get a few hours for a head start to run, while alphas and betas wait until the signal was given, that was the time when the chase begins.

Unfortunate for those who were already in a relationship and hadn't met at the ceremony, unless they were really lucky that the one they love were truly their mate. It was a must for everyone, who hadn't have a mate yet, to participate, it was the tradition. All they had to rely on when finding their mate, where their instincts. When they couldn't find their mate during the event, it was either they didn't have a mate, or their mate already have their own.

At first, Kaito had thought being paired with Aoko was a good idea. They were childhood friends after all. Soon after, when he reached highschool, he realized, he didn't love her the way a person does to their lover. Yet, he only view Aoko as a friend, and a sister. And he had no doubt Aoko also view Kaito as a friend. She was an omega, they had participated together in this event, and both had wish each other the best of luck in looking for their mate.

More people had gathered around the area, they were several tents as well. Luckily, it wasn't a full moon until next month so Kaito didn't had to be Kaitou KID tonight and miss the ceremony. The magician was about to head towards the area where the other alphas were gathered when suddenly Kaito felt a strange urged when his nose picked up on a scent, and made his instincts rise. The smell was of honey, cinnamon, vanilla, and lilac. It was an alluring aroma.

The omegas were called to present in front to be ready, it was finally starting. Kaito could feel his hands clenched, eager to move and find that alluring scent. He had never felt anything like this before.

After several minutes, the first gunshot was heard as the omegas burst out running into the woods. The thief scanned the crowd but failed to spot them. His inner wolf was craving for that honey, cinnamon, vanilla, and lilac scent. It would take a couple of hours until the alphas and betas were given the signal to chase out the omegas.

Kaito could feel his inner wolf growling.

Two hours later, the second gunshot was heard, and the magician used all his speed to run first into the forest. His adrenaline was going haywire, and Kaito wanted to howl due to his excitement. He snarled when an alpha ran at the same direction he was going, there were gritted teeth when suddenly, the other alpha changed directions. Kaito sighed at that.

Running over rocks, logs, and bushes, he could feel that the scent was nearby. It was intoxicating. 'Was this what dad felt when he chased after mom?' The forest was dark, but Kaito had no problem seeing.

Soon, he could hear a pair of running footsteps before him. Strangely, this all felt so familiar. Like that time all those heists, the adrenaline rush, the excitement of being chased. Although right now, he was the one chasing someone.

The teen was fast, Kaito was sure, probably used to running like him. But Kaito was much faster.

The thief growled and tackled the teen onto the ground, he grabbed the stranger's wrist and pinned them down, as Kaito hovered behind the omega, leaving no place for escape. The omega started to squirm below him.

"Shh, shh, it's okay.." He nuzzled his nose into the side of the person's soft hair. This was his mate. The teen froze at Kaito's gentle words and gesture, as he shifted the omega to look at him, he was shocked when he saw striking blue eyes. Before anyone could react, he bit into the neck for a claiming bite, earning him a startled scream, blood pouring from where the bite was made. The omega started to feel weak before those beautiful sapphire eyes fluttered closed. Kaito licked the blood off before kissing the teen's neck.

"You are mine tentei-kun."

xX • • • Xx

As Kaito walked back to the camp, with his mate asleep in his arms. He had frowned when the teen was lighter than most teenagers, had the detective been eating? As if on cue, his mate started to regain consciousness, as he looked up at Kaito.

"How are you feeling?" He asked.

The bite was still clearly visible on his neck. "I'm okay." The detective asked to be put down, as Kaito did. He then appeared a red rose in a puff of blue smoke. "I'm Kuroba Kaito, magician extraordinaire, it's nice to meet you."

The teen took the rose with amused eyes before looking at him. "I'm Kudo Shinichi, a detective. It's nice to meet you too." He smiled at Kaito, and dang it, he loved it when Shinichi smiled.

They continued to walk back to camp, with their hands holding.

"It took a while for you to find where I was." Shinichi twirled the rose in his hand, alphas were much faster and quicker, to find their mate it would have taken at least half an hour, given they had a head start.

"Another Alpha was in the way when I was looking for you, he went to a different direction after I snapped at him, I didn't want you taken from me."

The detective felt warm all inside and heat rushed to his face.

"Well I'm glad it was you who found me."

Kaito loved the way his mate blushed and the warmth of his mate's hands. He really wanted to kiss the detective right there, right now. But they had a party to attend, after the chase, everyone were to celebrate for finding their mate, those who didn't had to participate again next year.

When they reached the camp, Kaito was relieved, but mostly annoyed. Relieved that Aoko had found a mate, annoyed because it was Hakuba.

"Of all people, why him?!"


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