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3rd Anniversary

The piece of paper in front of him was now full of plans Kaito had carefully organized. The lamp inside their room provide enough lighting for him to write, the windows closed to avoid any cold breeze coming in. They had made the right decision to rent this apartment, the noise of the busy city was far away, no disturbance.

With the swift of his hands, the paper dissappeared. The magician reached over to turn of the lights before joining his sleeping detective in the covers. Kaito wrapped his arms around his slender form and placed his chin on top of Shinichi's hair. They dreamt soundly that night.

As the sun began to rise and start a new day, the magician was the first to wake up. He blinked the sleepiness away from his eyes before smiling and hugging his detective tightly, who mumbled something he couldn't clearly hear, still in the midst of dreaming. Kaito got dressed and prepared breakfast, it would be a while until Shinichi woke up for work.

The magician sprinkled some seasonings on the eggs before flipping the pancake from the other pan. He placed Shinichi's favorite coffee in the coffee machine before turning it on. Kaito began to place the perfect sunny side ups and delicious pancakes on the table, as the detective walked in at the same time. Blue eyes hinted with sleepiness in them.


"Good morning."

He grabbed a cup of coffee on the way as he took a seat. The magician sat down and began to eat, he grinned behind his fork of pancakes as soon as his detective sighed in relief after a sip of his coffee.

They had been together for 2 years ever since Shinichi found out about his secret. I'll will be their 3rd anniversary next week, and Kaito had planned everything last night. He was certain Shinichi will be surprised by his gift.

It has been a week. Kaito stood outside of a building, waiting for his lover. He placed his hands in his pockets. Snow had started to fall in Japan, the streets filled with it, making the cars having trouble in getting through. The magician wore the scarf they had bought for each other, it was a couple's scarf, the other pair was with Shinichi.

The said detective was walking towards him from across the streets, the same white and red scarf wrapped around his neck.

"How's work?" Asked Kaito as soon as Shinichi was right beside him, they walked together down the street.

He smiled. "Everything seems fine. Nothing major happened."

"That's good news then."

Shinichi nodded. "How about you?"

Kaito grinned, like he had been waiting for that question all day. The detective gave him a look. "Does this have anything to do with Hakuba?"

"Don't worry, I didn't do it on purpose this time." He winked.

"What did you do?"

"Well, it was kind of his fault. I was in the middle of checking my doves for any sickness, when he came in with food. It's not like I can control them whenever I want to, so when my doves asked for it, he refused. They forced to take it from him instead. In the midst of it, he bumped into a shelf and bird feeds fell ontop of him. All of my doves attacked him."



The made it to their destination, they walked inside the building and took their coats off and gave it to a man standing by the door. He saw Shinichi widen his eyes. Right before them, was a stage. A sign that says "Happy 3rd Annual Anniversary". Their friends were there too. Talking and simply having a good time.

"I.. This is amazing."

Kaito held his hand. "Nothing as grand could ever explain how much you mean to me."

The Heisei-Holmes couldn't stop the smile and blush that hinted on his face. They enjoyed their day, having their friends around and even watched some movies from a projector.

Kaito stood up from his seat and went to grab a drink. Hakuba was leaning beside the table full of food.


"Hey Hakuba, glad of you to come."

"There's something you should know."

"Yeah?" Kaito placed his hands in the pocket of his pants.

"You didn't think you're the only one who planned a surprise, did you?"

The magician blinked. "You have?"

"Not me."

You're the one that never lets me sleep

To my mind, down to my soul you touch my lips

Kaito widen his eyes, as he turned around. Shinichi was at the stage, both hands holding the microphone stand. What surprised him the most was his voice.. It sounded so nice, not his usual out of tune singing, but perfection.

You're the one that I can't wait to see

With you here by my side I'm in ecstacy

I am all alone without you

My days are dark without a glimpse of you

But now that you came into my life I feel complete

The flowers bloom, my morning shines

And I can see

A pause.

Your love is like the sun, that lights up my whole world

I feel the warmth inside

Your love is like the river, that flows down through my veins

I feel the chill inside

Kaito felt himself smiling. His Shinichi, his tone deaf detective. No wonder his voice had been hoarse lately, he had been practicing. This was why he loved him, and no one could ever change that.

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