"You would dare defy me like this, Dog?! Get out!" Clavicus Vile hissed as he narrowed his eyes at his hound.

"Master wait…" The hound mumbled, lowering his head.

"I said get out! Go! Leave my presence!" Vile screamed as he crossed his arms pouting.

"But... But master! I-"

"Barbas! LEAVE!"

That was the last thing Barbas heard before he was banished. He could feel himself being summoned to the mortal realm of Nirn. A cool breeze hitting his grey, scruffy fur was his first indicator. Just from a single sniff, he could tell he was in the Grahtwood province in Valenwood before his vision was able to focus. He steadied himself, but something seemed off as he took another sniff.

"Spring has begun… " Barbas thought out loud.

He lifted his head and surveyed his surroundings. Grahtwood was always beautiful in the spring. The grass and the trees' leaves were returning to their bright greens in contrast to their recent brownish hues. The bushes and tree bark had started to come to life with insects building homes within them. Flowers sprouted from the ground and bushes as they bloomed with beautifully bright reds and blues.

Barbas yawned and started to pad along a dirt path that seemed to split the thick woods. He liked Grahtwood's soft soil on his paws. It was noticeably better than the hard dirt most daedric plains had; except that of his master's. His plain had soft soil similar to this one which may be the reason as to why he liked it so much.

As he walked, he shook his head to flop his ears a bit. The loud noises around him hit his sensitive ears quite harshly. He forgot that the creatures were also active as well in this season. Birds chirping in the trees overhead, herds of deer in lush meadows grazing and wolves howling mid-hunt. A female mortal or "Bosmer," as they're called here, walked past him with a little girl clinging to the side of her leg. He looked back at them as the little one stopped.

"Mama! Mama! Can I pet the dog? Oh please! Please?" the girl begged.

The lady with a worried expression,"I don't know, he doesn't look like has an owner…"

He started wagging his tail as he turned around; sniffing the air. The little girl laughed and held out her hand for the large canine. Barbas sniffed it at first then gently nudged his snout into it. She petted him as the lady smiled and walked over to join her. Barbas enjoyed it when mortals gave him positive attention. It's usually the reason he remains in his canine form while on Nirn.

After a while, the lady stopped her daughter and exclaimed they must head back to Elden Root. Barbas cracked a slight smile as he watched them continue trailing along as his thoughts did the same.

If only master could see what I've seen on Nirn and in mortals. Maybe then he would be nicer to them when making deals...

A sudden strange gurgling sound cut him from his thought. It was coming from the bushes to the right of him. Barbas slowly increased his pace as a precautionary measure; keeping his ears and eyes peeled for sudden noises or movements as he moved around it.

Barbas spoke nervously, "What was that? That doesn't sound familiar... Not a good sign... I should find a place to hide... Yeah, that lady said Elden Root should be nearby!"

As if the creature responded to Barbas's external thoughts, the gurgling turned into a loud, ear-splitting screech. Barbas turned his walk into a fast trot. He wanted to get as far away from this thing as fast he could without it picking his scent up. The sounds of this strange creature started to get closer as if it were chasing him. Barbas's fast walk turned into a full sprint as Elden Root's tree appeared within his line of vision.

Damn it! It picked my scent up! I am not being lunch to any stupid creature here! Master! Why'd you kick me out for that stupid reason?!

It's been awhile sense his master, Clavicus Vile, kicked him out. He thought he started to get back on good terms with his master till that stupid argument escalated. Now here he is; stuck on Nirn once more.

He growled and snorted to distract himself from those negative thoughts. He could just spot the roots of the big tree in Elden Root, but the creature sounded close behind. Any normal creature would've given up by now and dropped the chase. This one was persistent, and its footsteps sounded much larger and heavier than that of most animals on Nirn. Then the creature's call changed as if to signal there was more than one. One glance over his shoulder cleared his suspension. There wasn't just one creature, but a trio! He couldn't get a good look as the road's obstacles were dangerous and plenty. He turned his head back to see where he was going as he almost ran into a boulder, but what he did know was that they had thick fur and sprinted unusually. Two of them had silver fur but the one in the middle had black. It appeared as if the darker one was leading its lighter-coated counterparts.

Barbas took another look but was met with the black one's vibrant orange eyes. It burned into his flesh as if he was already gorging into him. Barbas had to get to Elden Root. He couldn't let these things devour him! Not here! If he was with his master, he would've just faced them without any hesitation or trouble but alas… his beloved master had banished him. He barely had the power to shapeshift into something more dangerous. He's just a regular dog that could talk and now he was in trouble.

Barbas could barely see the entrance to the city; his temporary savior. The city had bridges that connected the land divided by the streams that flowing to the roots of the insanely large tree that made up most of the city.

He was almost there as he started to pass by the ends of the large root, but a hidden root on the pathway made its presence clear by snagging his paw. He was yanked to a stop as his body was thrown straight up with his face planted into the ground. He could hear snapping in his paw as the weight of his body made him land backwards onto a pile of rocks. He couldn't tell what pain was worse, his back or his paw, but all he knew was that the pain had started to race all over his body. To make matters worse, his nose was aching and he could begin to feel the blood trickling down the inside. When he tried to open his eyes, dirt that was clamped to his face fur would fall into them. He had to close his eyes and just lay there as the creatures circled him. Barbas waited for to just pounce and eat him whole, but they didn't. They just circled him as their leader stood in front; growling and snarling, as if he wanted Barbas to stand. Those growls turned into a dark, echoey laugh as the wolf spoke in a harsh tone.

"Ha! Thought you could get away? Quite amusing, Barbas!"

Barbas rolled onto his stomach and winced, "How do yo-...?"

"You know, I've been watching you since Clavicus Vile kicked you out. You should really get another master. How about you join me~?" the voice continued over him.

The tone and setting started to dawn on him. This wasn't just a mortal playing tricks. Barbas growled and tried to stand but was met with harsh pains within his back and paw. He fell back to the ground with a whimper, but tried to stand again. He managed to endure the pain. There he was now, shakily standing, tail between his legs.

"No! I won't join you! Serving someone like you? Ha!" Barbas snapped.

"Heh! I don't think you have a choice now, Dog!" the voice laughed.

In a matter of a minute, Barbas could feel that his surroundings had changed. The soft grassy ground had turned into dry dirt and the sounds of peaceful creatures had warped into the howls of things unknown. The scent of sweet flowers turned into the metallic smell of blood, but also an extremely prevalent stench of a sweating man or was it wet dog? He couldn't tell which it was due to the build-up of snot and blood occupying his nasal cavity. What he did know was that someone, or something, was in front of him. He could barely open his eyes, but he could make out a familiar muscular figure with horns. It starts to approach him and he could hear feet dig into the soil with each step along with what sounds like a stick. Barbas starts to slowly back up.


The figure held out something with its hand while snickering, "Be a good dog and stay still...!"

"Stay away from me…" Barbas growled.

"Stay still~!" It said to Barbas with unsettling gentleness.

"Go away! Leave me be!" Barbas whined. He tried to back up further but his futile attempt at escape was thwarted by a tree.

"Dog, quit moving and this won't hurt!" The voice coaxed as it continued to move towards Barbas with whatever was in its hands.

"No!" Barbas choked a whimper.


"No… just let me go home!"

"Stay. STILL!" Its voice boomed.

He felt his scruff being grabbed tightly and yanked up. He yelped a bit, trying to struggle but his injured back forbade him from doing so. He felt something wrap around his neck tightly, like a heavy chain. He couldn't fight it. Facing this figure in the state he was in would lead to his death. The figure dropped him after it was finished then tugged a bit on the chain. Barbas staggered a bit, but he stumbled in the direction the figure wanted him to go. He could only obey the figure's commands. Hopefully, it'll lead him somewhere where he could wash his eyes and wounds, but this person is different. He's not the type to pity those he's captured; that's for sure.

Master, if you can hear me, please... save me...