Barbas was laying curled around Hircine's spear. He still couldn't see and his paw was killing him along with his tail. The chained collar felt even heavier than before but none of that pain felt any greater than the one in his chest. Hircine was cruel. He re-established his and his master's connection once he said deal. He could feel the pain his master was enduring for him and he could hear all the rushing thoughts of his master for what seemed like hours. What made it all the worse is heard his master's mental screams but nothing physically anymore. This must mean Hircine had him silenced somehow and he didn't wanna think on how.

"Master...why… why for me…" Barbas whined out loud.

He tried to distract himself by wiping his eyes with his good front paw. He could feel the dirt finally dropping from his eyes. He would of done this sooner but he was chained to a stone floor before being suspended in the air by his tail. He shuddered at those old thoughts.

"Oh no… Bad Barbas… I shouldn't go thinking about that again… Master might feel those and be in more pain…" Barbas whispered to himself.

Barbas blinked his eyes open once all the dirt was scraped away from it. He squinted and blinked rapidly as his eyes adjusted to the light. He forgot how bright his home was.

"Maybe I should try and stand.." Barbas spoke to himself.

He was trying to distract himself from the pain and the thoughts gushing into his head from his master. He put his weight on his good paw as he stood up, wobbly but standing. He pressed his bad paw down and felt the sharp tingling pain shooting up his arm to his shoulder. He whimpered and looked back as he tried to lift his tail. A familiar pain came through his back once more and his whimpers turned into yelps of pain.

"Be quiet hound."

Barbas shot his head to the door of his and Vile's cottage. Hircine stood there as he was shutting the door quietly. His deer skull was oddly facing up before Hircine took a hand to its snout and pulled it down till it popped back into place before turning around. He clearly got dressed quickly and was fixing up himself as he was adjusting his grey-furred cape by its chain and tugging at his bracers. They probably were displaced after he had his way with Barbas's master. He slowly approached Barbas.

"I finally got him to sleep after I was done…! And I don't want him to wake up from your whining...!" Hircine snapped quietly.

Barbas looked at him confused, questioning, "Why would you care if he sleeps?"

"Cause little rab- I mean Vile needs to rest after what happened..." He whispered, looking down at Barbas.

Barbas blinked confused but replied, "You still didn't answer my question…"

"Did your old master have to deal with this many questions?"

Barbas growled back quietly, "You mean my only master!"

Hircine narrowed his eyes at Barbas and grabbed the chain collar, yanking it up as he whispered, "I mean your old master! I am still your new master hound!"

"But you made a deal…"

"I haven't released you yet…! Unless you wanna come back to my Hunting Grounds, sit down and stay still!" Hircine growled in Barbas's ear.


Barbas did what he was told. He hated it but he had no choice. Hircine was his master till he took off that wretched, heavy chain. Hircine pulled the collar over Barbas's head and took out his spear from the ground. Barbas shook his head and stood up, trying to ignore the pain.

"Good dog…" Hircine whispered as he began petting Barbas with a slight smile before ending it with a pat to his head.

He watched Hircine as he walked to the portal. He was speechless and unsure what to think about that gesture. Hircine was seemingly so cruel before but once he got what he wanted, he was fine. Even, friendly Barbas dared thought.

He turned back and smiled an odd smile, stating calmly, "Till we hunt again Barbas."

He disappeared through the portal as it closed. Barbas quickly turned and limped to the cottage. He grabbed the handle with his mouth and turned it open. He stood in the kitchen and sniffed the air. His master's scent was coming from his bedroom. He quickly limped to the door and opened it. The room was dark with a torn up white toga on the ground. A large lump on the bed, wrapped in a blanket, laid there not moving an inch.

"Master…?" Barbas whispered.

A hand came down with a bruised wrist from the blanket. Barbas folded his ears back and slowly approached the hand, nudging it on top of his head. He rested his chin on the bed's edge as he saw Vile peek his head out.

"Master…" Barbas whined, feeling terribly sorry for his master.

He was completely naked under those blankets and Barbas could smell a reeking stench of blood. His cheeks were bright red and he was panting as sweat dribbled down his forehead. His body would shake with every breath and he looked like he was crying though now dry of tears. He saw cuts on his cheek, chin, shoulder and throat but they looked like they were older than the fresh ones that dotted his body.

"B-Barbas…" Vile whined softly.

Barbas couldn't take it anymore. He jumped onto the bed and laid down next to Vile. He was usually never allowed on the bed and would always sleep on the big pillow next to it. Today though was different. Barbas's master needed him and he needed his master. He felt his master's hands wrap around him and pull him closer. They exchanged body heat as he felt his face buried into his shoulder. His fur was starting to feel wet in that area when Barbas realized he was crying into him whatever tears he had left. He felt guilty for all his master's pain.

"Master… I'm so sorry…" Barbas whispered to him as he rested his muzzle on Vile's head.

"No, Barbas… I should apologize…" Vile whispered back into Barbas's fur.

"No no no, master! I shouldn't have argued with you in the first place…"

"And I shouldn't of kicked you out for such a stupid reason…"

"Master… I'm sorry."

"Yea I know… I'm sorry too, Barbas…"

They cuddled up next to each other on the bed for awhile before Vile calmed down enough to pull his head away. He was still sniffling but he rested against Barbas.

"Barbas…" Vile spoke.

"Yes, master?" Barbas responded looking down.

"Let's make a deal."

"Ok. What's the deal?"

"Don't leave my side ever again and I won't kick you out… alright?" Vile said nervously as he looked up into Barbas's stare.

Barbas smiled and spoke cheerfully, "Ok deal!"

Vile smiled slightly in response. He lowered his head back into his shoulder and it looked like his eyes were drooping shut. Barbas watched as his master finally fell asleep into his fur. He shortly followed his master to sleep as they laid in the bed, finally enjoying each other's company once more.

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