Elyla Torwell. The newest member of their broken and hated lost team. A team of misfits and miscreants. They all had their stories, they all had their past. They have suffered more than others.

But Chiki knows something, knows that there is something so terribly wrong about Elyla, that black dressed little girl with the ears and tail. It's her eyes mostly, it's mostly her pitiless eyes set against a smiling, pretty face.

Elyla scares Chiki.

Her eyes are amber orange, sometimes gold, or even yellow depending on when the light catches them.

Sometimes. They are not.

A quick glance over her shoulder, a placid look, a passing view: Twinned black holes- eyeless sockets amidst the penumbra, centered on beads of scarlet red with a leering peeled skull- teeth chattering maniacally, a locked grinning rictus of scorched black bone, hellfire and the screaming of damned souls-

She blinks.

Elyla is there again, staring back at her with that same dead eyed expression in her amber eyes, a quiet, knowing smile playing across her lips.

The child is evil.

The way she fights is inhuman. She blitzes into the Grimm, Axe flying, and deathly silent, her face placid and stoic and her eyes dead of light but filled with hate. She hacks, she cleaves, she smashes Grimm to pieces, blood and ichor spatter across her body and she does not care in the slightest. She wields that bastard black axe, a devil of a weapon- Corpse Soot she called it- with a malignant skill that she shouldn't possess, the sheer hysterical ability easily surpassing even headmasters. Then there is her Aura- Or, the lack of it, Chiki has never seen Elyla pop her Aura, she has never seen that glittering shield manifest. It's almost like the attacks just phase through her like a blade through smoke. An almost intangibility seems to surround her person.

Chiki is afraid of Elyla

Then, there is the way that she speaks, if ever at all. So jovial and matter of fact, twisting words like a poet- asking questions that are rhetorical and then postulating insane and impossible answers. The way she speaks of the pointlessness of peace and of ways to give death 'proper meaning.' She speaks of the afterlife. Elyla believes the afterlife to be a hell of unimaginable iniquity, a swirling mass of souls a sea of damnation where all are subject to the torments of demons, of the thousand lacerations of death and the torment of endless time.

Chiki is so terribly afraid of Elyla.

She doesn't sit alone at breakfast or dinner, and Chiki wish she did. She would look at the food on her plate and at the people around her, she will watch them eat and it seems if she copies their movements, down to the expression like a demented mime. When Elyla showers she'll stare at her body- she stare at how the water runs over her arms legs breasts and tail. She pull at tug at her skin and scowl as it offended her. She will pick at her nails until her fingers bled, she will scratch at her cheeks and chew on her tongue

She also sings- more often she chants as if in idle prayer- whispering in some harsh and cruel language. Sometimes, Chiki will wake when she sleeps, and Elyla will be there- on the bunk next to hers, staring, silent, eyes wide and open and empty, so terrible are those pitted black eyes. She will stare, and then she will turn, facing away and pulling up the covers, the shadows of the night swallowing her.

Chiki wants Elyla to die.