Hey, this story is a High School DxD challenge issued by Zanark Sathanus about (Fem Vali) Miya tells Issei the truth about the true reason he got reincarnated and he decides to leave the Gremory peerage to join Miya's side. This story talks about betrayal, but with a different approach than the other fics. It starts in the Summit Arc during Issei and Miya's fight.

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Chapter 1:

Kuoh Academy:

Issei Hyoudou, Rias's only Pawn and the current Red Dragon Emperor was fighting his rival, Miya (Female Vali) Lucifer; the descendant of the original Lucifer and the current White Dragon Empress. He and the others just fought the descendant of Leviathan and the magicians of the Old Maou faction of Khaos Brigade when Miya revealed that she was with the organization.

"My rival, why are you so loyal to the princess?" Miya asked with her Devil wings unfolded behind her.

"Because she saved me from death after that fallen bitch killed me. I must repay her with my life." Issei said with determination that made Rias happy and Miya sad.

"You are so naive." Miya said with a frown.

"What do you mean?" Issei said confused.

"I mean, if she truly saved you, then why didn't she warn you about the Fallen Angel or protected you from her?" Miya questioned her rival.

Rias's eyes went wide along with Akeno, Kiba, and Koneko, the moment of truth has come but they must do what they can to stop it.

"Ise! Don't listen to her! She is just trying to distract you so she can have an advantage over you." Rias said with a Devil smile.

"Rival-kun, don't listen to her right now, just think about what I said, ne." Miya said with a cute smile making him blush.

"Issei-Kun, she is your enemy. She just trying to play with your mind." Akeno said although she wanted desperately to tell him the truth.

"Right! Quit playing with me!" Issei shouted with anger.

"You're so hopeless. If I show you proof, then will you believe me?" Miya said with a straight face.

"Show me what you have and we will see." Issei spoke without hesitation.

"But Ise-" Rias wanted to speak but Issei interrupted her.

"-Wait Rias, I don't want to believe her, but I have to see if she really has a proof."

He looked at his rival and she nodded. She summoned a large TV made from a large magic circle and then a video has started showing Rias and Akeno in the ORC in the old school building.

"Rias, are you sure about this?" Akeno said not liking her friend's order.

Rias looked at her Queen-best friend from the corner of her eye with a mask that hid her nervousness.

"I don't have any other choice left, this is the only solution I can think of." Rias said while she pitied the pervert.

"I know, by letting him die you will earn his loyalty, but there has to be a way with less risk than this." Akeno tried to sway her friend.

"There is, but we have to build the trust and it will take time that we don't have." Rias said with a frown.

"Then what if he finds out then what you gonna do?" Akeno said with a straight face.

"Then that will be a problem but I hope my care and affection can decrease the impact. My family is known for their big hearts and I am sure he will accept it even with finding out." Rias said with uneasiness.

Akeno sent a doubtful look at her King-best friend. As her Queen, she knows about the trait of the Gremory family, but there a nagging feeling in her mind that Rias will regret this decision that she chose to ignore.

"If you are so sure, then I as your Queen, will support you." Akeno said with a smile.

"Thanks." Rias sent a thankful smile towards her Queen.

Then suddenly her eyes widened and after a few seconds her smile widened.

"He has accepted the pamphlet so it's finally started." Rias said with a big smile.

Then the video ended and the magic circle vanished, all of the present were frozen like statues, shocked at the truth that had been revealed. They couldn't believe that Rias Gremory would let a human get killed by a rogue Fallen Angel just to reincarnate him. Issei just stood there, his face expressionless.

'Rias did that just to get me? But I thought she was my savior! Now I know she is not, she is a killer, a bitch, a spoiled princess. She must die.' Issei thought before addressing Rias.

"Ise, the video is obviously fake." Rias said while hoping not lose him.

"Rias, is it true?" Issei asked her in almost a whisper with his back turned on her.

"Of course not Ise, I would never do that." Rias said with a nervous smile.

"You gave me the pamphlet, so that means you knew there was a Fallen Angel in Kuoh, right?" Issei said seriously.

"Right, it is my job since this is my territory." Rias said proudly.

"Then it is true." Issei said boiling in anger.

"Yes. I mean no! I..." Rias tried to make excuses but failed.

"See Rias, you can't make excuses and you even lied to your brother and family." Issei said furiously while turning around to look at her.

His eyes were flashing green and he was somehow trying to not explode.

"Issei, please let me explain." Rias pleaded while tears were gathering in her eyes.

"There is nothing to explain. You let me die by that fallen bitch so you could get me in your peerage, just to get you out of your engagement with the fried chicken." Issei said with hate walking towards her.

"Rias, why did you lie to me?" Sirzechs said with a shocked tone.

"Oni-sama, I was desperate! I want to love someone, not forced to marry." Rias said with tears coming down her face.

"And you did that by killing a human? If the Shinto heard of this you would lose Kuoh or worse, war." Miya said with anger.

"Why Rias onee-sama, Issei-san didn't deserve this!" Asia said while trying to not pass out.

Xenovia and Irina also voiced their opinions while Akeno, Kiba, and Koneko were trying to calm them down.

"Rias, why didn't you tell me?" Sirzechs said not liking what his sister did.

"I-I didn't want to trouble you, Onii-sama." Rias said while playing with fingers.

"Finished already?" Issei said while his head is low.

"So, my rival, what is your next move now that you know the truth?" Miya said landing behind Issei.

"Well, do you know why I haven't returned your advances, huh Rias?" Issei said while looking at Rias with cold eyes.

"No..." Was Rias simple answer.

"Because I thought Raynare was gonna kiss me and be my girlfriend, but no, she killed me because I was a threat. When I became a Devil, I was afraid of women and the thought of falling in love again. I was happy with all of you guys and I was about to be able to move on." Issei said without emotion.

All of them were shocked, especially Rias and her peerage. Apparently they forgot about Raynare and her effect on Issei. Rias, Akeno, Kiba and Koneko looked down in shame.

"But now I know why you brought me back to life, my heart is destroyed completely." Issei said angrily.

"So Issei, what happens now?" Azazel said with interest.

Issei just stood in front of Rias and looked at her in the eyes, his green ones filled with hate and emptiness.

"Ise-" Rias called but Issei slapped her in fury.

"-don't say my name like we are friends bitch."

"Issei-kun, I am very sorry for the things you have gone through." Michael said with sadness.

"From this moment I hate you, Rias Gremory, and if I see you again, I will kill you!" Issei said with an evil smirk.

"Issei, you can't be serious." Rias said with fear.

"Oh? But I am, do you see me joking?" Issei asked with irritation.

Rias shook her head and backed away from her pawn.

"So Issei, you are telling us that you weren't a pervert?" Xenovia asked with confusion.

"No, it was a mask because all I really wanted was to be loved by the people who I love." Iseei said with tears.

All of them were surprised that Issei wasn't a pervert at heart and all he wanted was love, a genuine one, but Rias destroyed it without knowing.

"We didn't know, Issei." Kiba said with a sad face.

"Of course you didn't because you were busy with a forced engagement, a revenge against a sword which is by the way is stupid, or fear of your true self. No one cared for a pervert who was in pain. I saved you and helped you but in return you give a kiss or a promise, there is no 'Issei, do you want to talk?' or check if I have a problem." Issei said with a sad smile.

He was right, they all had problems and he helped them, but they didn't even ask if he was ok or to open his heart for them. They felt selfish and they don't know if he would ever forgive them.

"Issei-kun, I failed you as your childhood friend." Irina said in tears.

"My goal is still to be a harem king, but that will have to be put on hold because my new goal is to kill the Devils." Issei said with an evil grin.

"You mean the Old Maou faction?" Serafall asked a little cheerfully.

"Yes and no, yes for the Old Maou and no because what I meant by the Devils is all them including, the New Maou faction." Issei said with a sadistic smile.

None of them could believe that the one in front of them was Issei, the lovable hero of the ORC, stating that he was going kill all the Devils.

"You wouldn't do that, right Hyoudou?" Saji said while trying to look brave.

"Of course I will, Saji." Issei replied back with a smirk.

"Issei...!" Rias called out to him with red eyes from crying a lot.

He just ignored her and walked towards his fellow peerage members.

"Well Asia, Xenovia, and Irina, you haven't betrayed me, so you are still welcome to be a part of my harem, but as for you three, Kiba and Rias will have to die, but you two…." Issei said looking at Akeno and Koneko. "hmm, I am not sure yet." Issei said with a smile that made them blush then switched to anger.

"But Issei-" Kiba tried to talk but Issei didn't let him.

"Don't or I will end you right here."

Then Issei walked over and stood beside his rival, Miya, who was amused at the show. Suddenly someone teleported nearby. He was a young man with black hair and eyes wearing a Chinese warrior costume and carrying a staff in his hand.

"Bikou, what are you doing here?" Miya asked her companion.

"Hey Miya, we need you to deal with the Norse gods." Said Bikou with a serious expression.

"From the way you dress, I would say your are this generation's Sun Wukong." Azazel said with amusement.

"Yes, but unlike the first, I prefer to be free. Please call me Bikou." Bikou said with a smile.

"Miya, I am joining your team." Issei said with a stern tone.

Everybody looked at Issei like he lost his mind some of them tried to persuade him but he tuned them out.

"Ok, Bikou let's go. I will explain everything later. Bye everyone! Come on, darling." Miya said with a happy tone while clinging to Issei's arm.

"Sorry, but this the path I chose. Azazel, Michael-san, I will talk to you later. Bye my lovely nun, exorcist and angel, behave till I come see you again, alright my honeys?" Issei said with stoic-happy tone while trying not blush at the feeling of Miya's breasts sandwiching his arm.

Asia,Xenovia and Irina blushed while the three of them proceeded to leave and no one did anything to stop them, all the while Rias watched where her Pawn was a moment ago and cried wishing that he was here comforting her.

"Issei, I'm sorry." Rias said with guilt and regret while continuing to cry at her Pawn's departure.

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