Furno:- 1. DNA Digivolution involves only two Digimon and unless they have a Digivice to keep them separate they are permanently joined, DigiXrosing can involve any number of Digimon and can only achieved with a Xros Loader, whereas DNA Digivolution can occur naturally.

2. I have no plans to, no.

3. No, I will not assign levels to the Xros Wars Digimon - they have no levels in their official canon and I found it a very refreshing new take on the Digimon franchise, so I will not give them any in my stories either.

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"Of all times, why did this have to happen now?" Yamaki flipped his lighter with obvious agitation - something he hadn't done in quite a while. "It's bad enough that this happened at all, but less than a week before we're supposed to be going public? The timing couldn't be worse."

"Is there anything you can do at all?" Ryo implored the Monster Makers, who had been gathered at top speed. "Something to… I dunno… force Millenniummon's consciousness back into hibernation?"

"Well… I won't say that it's impossible, Ryo," Janyu wrung his hands. "But we'd be wading into unchartered waters. I don't know where we'd begin with a request like that."

"Yeah, but you could figure it out surely," said Takato. "You guys are the Monster Makers. You created Digimon. You made Grani. You built an actual portal machine using data you analysed from GranKuwagamon. Surely there's something you can do for Monodramon."

"Well, I have a few theories… a few ideas we could try," Shibumi was stroking his beard thoughtfully. "If we consider the Millenniummon side of Monodramon to be like a computer virus, perhaps we could install a program into his body that will purge him from the system. Or at the very least, construct a firewall to keep that part of him contained. But the tricky part is getting any of that done while Millenniummon is in control. It would be like trying to make everything in the computer, including the power, shut down except for a single word processor."

"Hey, we're not saying we're not going to try," Babel quickly interjected at Ryo's downcast expression. "We'll work our butts off to get this under control if we have to. But it's unlikely we'll be able to sort out anything overnight."

"What are the odds that Millenniummon will be able to re-assume his own form?" Daisy asked. "Last thing we need is a monster trying to tear down the walls while we work to cure him."

"If Millenniummon reassumed his true form he'd vaporise the building," Ryo said dryly. "But I don't think it's likely. If he could have retaken his true shape and re-attained his power, he would have done so already."

"So what's stopping him?" Lopmon asked.

"He probably doesn't have enough digital energy," Shibumi reasoned. "He's in the Real World right now. If he'd woken up in the Digital World, I believe he would have downloaded the data from everything around him and reshaped it into his original body. But he can't do that here. It's like trying to load something new onto a USB drive without plugging it in. It just won't work."

"Well that's a plus," Jeri said brightly. "At least we only have to deal with Monodramon's level of power, not Millenniummon's own."

"Trust me, that's more than just a plus," Ryo said in relief. "So, you guys will try?"

"We will do our best," Janyu promised. "If there's a way, we'll find it."

"It seems the threat is pretty well contained as long as Millenniummon can't get to the Digital World," Henry mused.

"But I think we should still take precautions," Takato said, pumping his fist with a surprising amount of energy. "Aayla, you still have that communication link to the Sovereigns, right?"

"Right here," Aayla pulled a small holoprojector off her belt. It had been there for over a year now, completely unused. "Are you asking me to use it?"

"Yeah," Takato nodded. "I think we should call Azulongmon and tell him to keep all our Digimon allies on standby, just in case. If ZeedMillenniummon is really as powerful as Ryo says, we shouldn't take any chances. And we should also have at least two Tamers and their Digimon guarding Monodramon at all times, to make sure he doesn't try and pull any funny stuff while nobody's looking."

"Whoa, what got into you, Chumley?" Kazu raised a brow. "You look pumped. Did your parents announce you were having an early Christmas this year or something?"

"I just think we should be taking this seriously. Being Tamers is like… our official jobs now. We have to do this right."

"Oh dear. It's just like when he wanted to patrol the city looking for the Devas," Rika rolled her eyes. "Please tell me you don't have another flag in the works."

"Well, thinking about it…"

"No. Flag. Gogglehead."

"Fine, fine. But seriously, we should have guards."

"Well, any excuse to skip school is fine by me," Kazu snorted.

"Does that mean you're volunteering for the first watch?" Guilmon asked innocently.


"Of course it does," Hagurumon declared. "We will proudly stand vigilant and watch Monodramon like orcs!"

"Hawks, Hagurumon… hawks… but yeah fine, sure. I'll do it. Just as long as I don't have to do it tonight."

"Terriermon and I will watch this evening," Henry suggested. "Dad will probably be here anyway so it should be fine."

"Great!" Takato said. "Oh, oh and we should have a secret word for when we're discussing Monodramon or Millenniummon in school. So that the others in the class don't know something's up and get worried. Any suggestions?"

"How about just Millennium?"

"Aaaw, that's no fun Kenta. We need to be more imaginative than that."

"Jeez, what's up with Takato?" Terriermon wondered aloud. "I haven't seen him this enthusiastic for something potentially dangerous since forever?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

The voice made everyone freeze in their tracks and turn slowly to look towards Monodramon, who was now standing just on the other side of the glass and leering out the collected group.

"It should be easy to see why Takato's acting so driven," Monodramon… or rather Millenniummon… snorted. "It's because he wants this to be a good story he can tell to Tai Kamiya if they ever meet."

"What? No, it's not!" Takato protested.

"Please," Millenniummon sniggered. "I see right through you. I have all of Monodramon's memories… I know every one of you. And you Takato, you practically hero worship Tai. You designed Guilmon to be a dinosaur, just like Agumon. You only took up wearing those goggles after you got a Digimon, just as a little tribute to your idol. And now you know he's real, you want to be sure that you can impress him. It's funny really, how you never thought of yourself as a leader before but now… now that you know Tai is real… how long is it going to be before he starts to try bossing the rest of you around, I wonder?"

Takato's face was burning, and he desperately searched for a comeback, but he seemed completely unable to find one.

"If anything, I bet you're hoping that when the time comes, you'll be the one to lay the finishing blow against me," Millenniummon continued. "Tai and WarGreymon defeated me as Machinedramon. Davis beat the other Kimeramon. Now you want to be the Gogglehead that can finish them both, don't you?"

"Well… you always get defeated," Takato blustered. "Every time! And this time it's going to be permanent! You'll see?"

"It's quite cute how you think you can prepare against me, honestly," Millenniummon turned and strutted away. "But no matter how much people think they are ready for me, they always fall short. I always find a way to counter you. Even on the brink of defeat I always claw my way back. And this time will be no different. I predict no more than three days before I am free from this box. And then… I will leave none of you alive except Ryo. The rest of you aren't needed in the future I have in mind."

The following silence felt like a heavy weight nestled over the group. But Ryo found the strength to get up and grip Takato's shoulder firmly.

"Don't listen to him, man," he said. "He always did know exactly the right thing to say to get under your skin.

"…He's right though," Takato bit his lip a little guiltily. "How pathetic does that make me…? That on the off chance I ever meet the real Tai Kamiya, all I want to do is impress him. What sort of hopeless fan does that make, right?"

"Takato. Tai would be incredibly impressed with you, whether you were the leader or not," Ryo said firmly. "Take it from someone who's met the both of you; he would."

"Thanks," Takato beamed. "But still… that's no excuse just to give orders and expect them to be followed."

"Well then I have a handy solution to that problem," Ryo offered Takato a tight smile. "I say, at least for now, we make Takato our official leader."

"Eh?" Takato blinked.

"Really? You're just going to nominate him like that?" Henry said, surprised.

"I always thought we functioned pretty well without a proper leader," Rika agreed.

"We do, but… look, it's important that we don't let Millenniummon get to us. He's very good at causing rifts between friends," Ryo said. "After what he just said, if Takato keeps pressing his ideas it might not be long before the rest of us start resenting for him. Or Takato could lose confidence and stop suggesting things entirely. Either way, Millenniummon gains an advantage, and we can't let that happen. So let's shove both those possibilities into the garbage by making Takato our leader. Besides, even if Millenniummon's words weren't a factor, I think Takato could be a great leader."

"Well I can't argue with that," Henry said. "Takato always has been front and centre when it comes to Digimon-related issues."

"I guess," Kazu mused. "I mean I can still kick his ass at the card game, but I suppose, thinking about it, he is good at making the right calls."

"I agree. Takato would be a great leader," Jeri smiled warmly, making Takato blush rather forcefully.

"There could be worse leaders I guess," Rika chuckled. "Looks like the Gogglehead is in."

"Wow, thanks, guys," Takato looked around at the group with a broad albeit embarrassed smile. "I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything, Takatomon," Guilmon bopped his own chest with his claws proudly. "Just do your new job. You're going to be great."

"Of course this probably means you'll have the be the one to do most of the talking with the reporters and answer to the police for any damages we do," Terriermon laughed as he watched Takato's face pale a little at that. "Who knows, I might rack up the damage bill a bit more just to see you squirm."


"What? Jeez, Henry, you know I was kidding."

"Yes, because you're completely unable to do anything else, aren't you?" Renamon grumbled. "You really should grow up."

Terriermon's jaw dropped. It had been a long time since Renamon had been frustrated by his antics or his jokes. Never once had she given him more than a polite reminder that perhaps he was doing it at the wrong time since they'd been mated.

"Whoa, Rena," he breathed. "Where did that come from?"

"I… don't know," Renamon rubbed her head. "I'm sorry, Terriermon, I suppose I am just a little perturbed by all this. But this is a pretty serious discussion, so perhaps it would be best not to undermine Takato's confidence straight away."

"Yeah… yeah, okay. Sorry."

"Well, anyway, it's settled," said Jeri firmly. "Takato is our leader."

"Then… as leader… I guess we should all go back to our regular lives for now… except for you guys if you're taking the first guard duty," he nodded at Kazu and Kenta. "I mean, we don't want to make it seem like something's going on when we're close to having to do those interviews, do we?"

"And if Monodramon isn't back in control of his body then?" Ryo pressed.

"Then we'll just have to pretend you're ill or something and reschedule the interview for when he is I suppose."

"Sounds fair enough," Henry nodded. "I guess this means back to school."

"Just in time for last period," Rika grunted.

But, as the majority of the group made to leave, Millenniummon raised his voice again. "Good luck focusing on your studies instead of worrying about me. And what I will do when I get loose."