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The sound of moans and skin-to-skin slapping to each other. The creaking sound of the bed keeps moving back and forth non-stop.

"Fuck…Bubbles. You're so tight!" Brick said as he keeps thrusting inside her.

"Brick! Faster...Faster!" Bubbles keep moaning as Brick take the opportunity to suck on her erect nipple as he continues thrusting her with all his energy.

"Brick…I think…I'm going to cum soon." Bubbles moan as she hugs him trying to hold back the feeling of pleasure that he was giving.

"Me too…Fuck! Argh!" Brick finally release his semen inside Bubbles knowing that she is currently on Birth control.

Both exhausted after their fuck session as they slowly drifted to sleep. After seem like forever, Bubbles slowly waking up from her sleep. She feels warm as she saw a blanket was covering her body. Brick must have covered her body when she was asleep after their sex session she thought.

"You're awake?"

Bubbles turn to the voice owner only to see Brick who was now smoking a cigarette by the window. He was only wearing his jeans. The light reflection of the moon makes his silhouette more handsome and manly. She can't help but get more attracted to him. However, their relationship is somewhat complicated.

"Bubbles…" Brick called her out since there was no answer.

"Yeah…Thanks for the blanket." She said smiling.

"It's just a blanket. Why the hell are you thanking me for?" He smirked.

"What time is it?" Bubbles asked looking around the room to find a clock.

"10 p.m." Brick answer as he continues smoking.

"What! Why didn't you wake me up sooner?" Bubbles panicked trying to find her phone. Blossom probably calling her right now trying to find her whereabouts.

"Calm down…if you're worried about that pink leader of yours. I already settled it for you." Brick said as he put out his cigarette and took out Bubbles phone from his pocket.

"I text her saying that you're sleeping over at your friend." He said walking over to Bubbles and sit beside her on the bed.

Bubbles took her phone from Brick and look over the message she received from Blossom. She read the text she received from Blossom, "Okay, Have fun." She looked at Brick and giggled, "Why are you pretending to be me?"

"So we can have more fun like she wanted." Brick whispered seductively as he leans in lightly kissing her neck. Bubbles cannot help but moan when Brick lightly suck and bite her neck leaving her a mark

"Brick…" Bubbles moan out his name.

"Hmm.I love it when you moan my name. It sounds sexy." He whispers in her ear and licks her as he continues to kiss her neck. His hand slowly move toward Bubbles breast as he keeps groping both of it lightly.

"We… just ...did it a few hours ago…" Bubbles gasped as she feels Brick put more pressure as he gropes both of her breasts as he continues to lick her neck.

"Didn't we agree to entertain our sexual desire when we need it? After all, that's the reason why we become sex friend right?" He said as he continues groping her breast even harder making her pant even harder as she feels her body getting hotter and hotter feeling Brick tongue on her neck moving toward to her breast.

Bubbles grab holds Brick head as he continues to work his tongue on her right nipple and biting, sucking it lightly in the process while his other hand grab her left breast making Bubbles pant even harder. He continues to kiss her body down slowly to her navel licking her in the process in a teasing manners.

"Brick…" Bubbles find it difficult to breathe normally as her body keeps being teased by Brick. She can feel herself getting wet and horny.

Brick smirk when he saw Bubbles was already wet. "Well…look who's wet?" He dived in working his magic tongue licking Bubbles clit, licking and sucking her making her moan even crazy. "Brick.." Bubbles moan as she keeps pushing his head in feeling the sensation of his tongue make her crazy. She can't help but want more.

"Brick…wait…" Bubbles said as she managed to call out his attention. Brick look at Bubbles wondering why she asked him to stop. "Why…" Before he can continue to speak he feels his dick being gripped by Bubbles, "It fair for me if I give you the same pleasure like you did to me." She said as he continues to stroke his dick back and forth.

Brick hissed in pleasure as Bubbles continue to give him a blowjob. Damn…Brick has to admit Bubbles really know how to work those tongue as she keeps circling and licking the head of his member while cradling his ball. Shit…if she keeps doing this to him. It won't take long for him to cum.

"Damn it…Bubbles. I can't take it anymore." He immediately pushes her back to the bed and slowly positioning his dick inside her clit thrusting it in inside of her. "Damn…You're so tight." He said as he keeps thrusting into her deeper making Bubbles moan out his name.

"Brick…There! Right there!" Bubbles yelled when Brick found her G-spot making her feel the sensation of his dick inside of her.

"Scream for it…" Brick said in between his thrust.

"Fuck me, Brick! F-F-Faster! Faster!" Bubbles said as she claws his back when Brick keep thrusting with inhuman speed.

"Bubbles..." Brick stare at the girl who was under him. The seductive look she had really turn him on even more. He kisses her as they keep fighting for dominance playing with their tongue until they break their kiss. "Brick…I'm going to cum." Her head pushed forward, resting in the nape of his neck hugging him intoxicated with the mixture of his smell and cigarette combine. "Me too…" Brick said as he inhales the scent of Bubbles sweet smell with the mixture of their sweat makes him at the end of his wit to hold on.

"Brick!" Bubbles yelled out his name as she reaches her climax. "Bubbles…I'm cumming." Brick can't help but followed as he feels Bubbles wall slowly closing in his throbbing member during her peak was too much for him to handle. He slowly feels exhausted and falls softly on Bubbles, not caring about each other sweat. Brick kiss Bubble shoulder before he rolls over on his back as both of them still out of breath.

"Come here…" Brick turned to Bubble and give her the most gentle kiss.

Bubble can't help but close her eyes, feeling happy that the fact Brick kisses her gently. Is it wrong for her to think maybe that they can be more than Sex Friend? She ends up falling in deeper in this dangerous agreement that they both agree.

"That's as a thank you for the Blowjob." Brick smirked after kissing Bubble. He lay back down and pull Bubbles closer to him where she lay her head on his bare chest. For a second he swears he saw Bubble eyes seem disappointed after he said that but maybe it was just his imagination. Maybe he was just exhausted.

Bubble nuzzle her face in Brick bare chest, inhaling the scent that he had. What was she even thinking that Brick would kiss her for loving her? After all, they are just Sex Friend…Yeah..that is what she is just a Sex Friend.