(No one POV)

Blossom and Buttercup were searching for Bubbles, they decide to follow her…knowing they cannot trust Butch entirely.

"Bloss, I found them," Buttercup called out for Blossom as she turns to where Buttercup points to two familiar figure cuddling on the ground. Wait…CUDDLING!

"Wait…I'm not seeing wrongly right?" Buttercup keeps rubbing her eyes to make sure she is not hallucinating. Even, Blossom cannot believe what she is seeing.

"There might be a good explanation…I mean look it's a scary movie and you know how Bubbles is scare of it."

"Yeah…but, we are talking about Butch here. That creep is planning something and we both know that." Buttercup stated the fact to Blossom who try to see the positive side of it.

"I second that." a voice whose suddenly interrupting their conversation.

Blossom and Buttercup turn to the voice owner only to be greeted by Brick.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Buttercup glared at the Rowdy Ruff Leader.

"Calm down girls…I don't want trouble." Brick raises his hand gesture.

"What are you doing here, Brick?" Blossom tone becomes more serious.

"Same reason as you girls." He replied glancing at Bubbles and Butch.

Blossom and Buttercup stare at each other and it seems Brick was not lying.

"I'm just curious what Butch up to these days…" Brick explained not entirely the truth but partly.

"If you going to hurt my sister…I swear I'll punch you." Buttercup threatens Brick thinking that he might attempt to hurt Bubbles.

"It's rather the opposite." Brick stated, earning a surprised look on Blossom and Buttercup face.

"Wait…your concerned is for Bubbles, not Butch?" Blossom asked again to make sure she heard what she think she heard.

"I don't care about Butch…he can take care of himself. Bubbles, she is a nice girl and I don't want Butch to ruin that." Brick replied.

"Okay…assuming that we believe you… I don't understand what Bubbles got to do with you?" Buttercup raised her suspicion with Brick concerned.

"That's none of your business. Let's get to the actual problem here, why are YOU two doing here?" Brick asked them the same question.

Blossom and Buttercup glance at each other, "We are worried about Bubbles, we know that you guys did mention that you change already but sadly, we can't believe that entirely. Bubbles may trust you boys but we don't."

Brick glare at the Pink leader. The reason why he cannot trust people is that of their mindset and stereotype of them still being evil. Only Bubbles who trust them without a doubt and because of that slowly some of the people start to approach them.

"Brick….Blossom….Buttercup." a voice called out to them who was busy having a staring contest and only to found Bubbles and Butch staring at them.

"What the hell do you three doing here?" Butch said annoyed with the unwanted guests.

"Pinky leader here, still think we're evil Butch." Brick still have an intense staring contest with Blossom.

"Figures…like that isn't surprising." Butch glared at Buttercup who was sending him a death glare.

"Please stop it, guys! Don't fight…we promised." Bubbles immediately interject herself in between the two of them and look at them pleadingly.

The four of them immediately decide to stop for Bubble's sake.

"Girls…what are you doing here?" Bubbles asked as she turns to Blossom and Buttercup.

"I could ask the same question to you too." Butch turns his attention to Brick whose only respond with a smirk in return, making Butch glare at Brick knowing why.

"Well, …we are worried about you. Knowing how Butch is..." Buttercup said as she glared at the mentioned name.

"Knowing me what…I dare you to finish that word." Butch glare back to Buttercup. If Brick did not stop him he was going to punch Buttercup like old time.

"Stop it! Buttercup…watch your word." Bubbles push both Buttercup and Butch far from each other. "Butch…Please forgive her…Please let me talk to them first." Bubbles said as she drags both Blossom and Buttercup away from them leaving Brick and Butch alone.

There was a moment of silence between them. Butch decided to break the silence, "Are you spying on me?" He turns to his Brother with a serious look.

"Then, do you have a problem?" Brick asked back with a smirk plastered on his face.

They both look at each other somehow there is an invisible spark between them.

"Butch…Brick…are you two okay?" Bubbles asked as she approached them.

"We're fine." Butch breaks off the eye contact and turn to Bubbles who is alone without Buttercup and Blossom.

"Where are those two sisters of yours?" Brick asked when he notices Bubbles was alone.

"I ask them to go home first… I am sorry for what they say to you boys. Please forgive them." Bubbles asked looking that they both know they cannot say no.

"Don't worry about it. We're fine." Brick smile as he pats her head to ensure that they are fine with it.

Bubbles end up blushing when Brick pat her head and it was obvious from Butch who notices it.

"Bubbles, let go…" Butch takes Bubbles hand away from Brick. "You do not need to wait up for me. Goodbye." He turns to Brick and then went away with Bubbles.

Brick grip his fist because he heard what Butch said after he left with Bubbles, "Stay away from us, Brick."

(Bubbles POV)

I only look at Butch who was dragging me away from Brick. I wonder if something wrong with them? I look back at Brick whose only standing there and mouth him sorry. I can only see him smile from afar and wave his hand to me and left.

I look back at Butch who seems to be in a bad mood. I wonder if he still mad about what Buttercup said to him. We arrived back to our spot and sit back down on the ground. I keep glancing at Butch who was only quiet and continues watching the movie. Somehow, the mood seems a bit tense after what happened and she enjoys how things were before they caught her sibling and Brick was around.

Come to think of it what is Brick doing here? Is he…still doubting about Butch? I turn to Butch who was still quiet staring at the screen. What should I do to make it not awkward between us?

When I turn my attention to the screen, I immediately cry out a little scream and close my ear and shut my eye seeing the horrifying scene. I cannot believe that I forgot we are watching a horror-thriller movie.

Suddenly, I feel my head on someone chest. When I open my eyes it was Butch who held me in his arm. "Don't be scared…I'm here for you."

"Thank you," I said as I cling on his shirt and hide my face since the horrifying scene is still playing.

(Butch POV)

Bubbles were clinging on a shirt like her life depend on it because of the horror scene playing. She still would not let her face move away from my chest. I smile seeing how cute she is right now. She is terrified so I decide to stroke her head to ease her fear. And, it seems like it works too since she seems a bit calm down.

After the scene ended, Bubbles immediately let go. "Thank you…and I am sorry about clinging on you." She apologized feeling bad about it. I sighed, " Don't worry about it. I told you right if you are scare of it. I am here for you." I smile seeing how she smile back.

"Just stay with me like this…I won't let you be scared alone." I said and repositioned ourself back like the beginning. I have to be honest when she let go...I miss her warmth. I finally understand why people enjoy this cuddling thing.

"Just relax. If anything scary pop up…I'll protect you." I said as she relaxes herself letting me hug her from behind whenever the scary scene play. I close her view from it with both of my hand as she also holds it in place so my hand would not let go.

Finally, after the movie ended, I decided to bring her for dinner at Home's Diner. It was run by Mojo and Him after they decide to end their villian career.

"Wow…To think Mojo and Him want to work together open up a business." Bubbles said amazed seeing the Diner.

"Well…who do we have here?" A familiar voice greets both of them.

"Hello, Him." Bubbles greet with a smile.

"Hello...Bubbles. Mojo comes here…look Bubbles and Butch are here." Him called out Mojo who was behind the counter.

"Hello…Son and Bubbles of the Powerpuff girl. I, Mojo Jojo welcome you to Home's Diner." Mojo greeted us.

"So any order…The special I assumed?" Him said as he looks at me. I look back at Bubbles who was wondering what to order.

"What do you want, Bubs?" I asked.

"I am not sure…all of them look so good. What do you recommend?" She asked back.

"Father, can we heave the special one," I said to Him.

"Noted. Two special's coming right up." Him left the two of us.

"What is special?" Bubbles asked curiously.

"You will love it," I said confidently.

It did not take long the food to arrive. It was steak with mash potatoes with gravy Jojo special sauce and two peach ice tea.

"This is delicious." Bubbles beam happily as she eats the food.

"Told ya…that you love it." I smiled seeing how happy Bubbles eat her food.

"Now I understand why this is special. The sauces are amazing." Bubbles said to Mojo Jojo whose happy with her answer.

"You are exaggerating, Bubbles. I, Mojo Jojo are happy to see my customer happy. But please do not stop eating and enjoy. I will go back to the kitchen. So enjoy your food." Said Mojo Jojo and leave to the kitchen leaving the two together once more.

After they have a nice dinner. I decided to bring Bubbles to one last place hope she likes her last surprise for the night.

"Butch where are we going? Why are we going outside town?" Bubbles asked as she still clinging on his back.

"We are almost there…Just hold on." I replied as I speed up my bike. It did not take long until we arrived at the top of the highway.

"We're here," I told her as I take off my helmet. Bubble take off her helmet. And I can see how confused she look. I signal my eyes to the right.

I smile seeing her reaction, "Wow…It's Beautiful."

"Yeah...Beautiful." I said as I stare at her and smile seeing her reaction.

It was not long after that…I decided to send Bubbles home. I walked her to the door.

"Thank you…Butch. I really enjoy our time today." She smiles shyly.

I blushed hearing her compliment. I hope she did not see it.

"Me too. Bubs…do you mind I pick you up in the morning…I mean I give you a ride to school together…if that is okay with you.." I hope my cheek is not red now. Damn it! Why is it hard to keep my cool in front of her.

Bubbles were still thinking and my heart is pounding like crazy waiting for her answer.

"Okay. I would love too." Just that simple word enough to make me feel cloud nine. I tried to act cool and just smile back. "I'll pick you up tomorrow morning. So don't be late."

"Yes sir!" Bubble said giving me a salute, I chuckled seeing how cute she is right now.

I quickly grabbed her for a hug. I cannot help but want to hug her now.

"Butch…" Bubbles were surprised with the sudden hug attack from him.

"Please let me stay like this with you for a moment," I said not wanting to let her go.

"Are you okay?" She asked sounding worried.

What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I doing this? Why am I feeling like this?

After a few minutes, I let her go. I can see Bubbles was worried.

"I am sorry for making you worried. I just needed that." I said making up excuses.

Bubbles look at me confuse but only nodded.

"Okay…if you need anyone to talk about anything, Just call me." She said.

"I'll keep that in mind… See you tomorrow." I said smiling to her.

"Yeah…See you tomorrow. Again. Thank you for today, Butch." She said waving me goodbye and go inside her house.

I walk to my ride only to see a unwanted guest. There standing was a person that I am not happy to see, "What are you doing here, Brick?"

"We need to talk." He said in a serious tone. I smirked as I glared back at him not backing down from his stare.