Guys! I am really sorry for the short chapter...kinda have writer block. I need more idea on this hehe sorry for the shortness.

(Butch Pov)

I rode my bike away from all the crap I just heard. Every word Brick said kept repeating in my head.

"You want to know so fucking badly. Fine! Bubbles and Me are SEX FRIEND!"

Butch immediately stops somewhere, "FUCK! DAMN IT!" I end up clenching my fist. I should punch Brick that time. Shit! Why Bubbles? Why does she have to be in that kind of relationship with Brick! I know I told myself not to get involved…I know there is something going on with them, but damn it!

I hate myself right now! Why did I get myself involved with all of this? If I know…I would just stay away. I shut my eyes…

"Butch, Morning."

"Butch…Thank you."

"Bubbles.." I need to see her. I rode my bike to a familiar destination. I stop by in front of the Powerpuff house.

I am here but I am not sure what to do…I just want to see her.

"Butch…" a familiar voice called me out. I look toward the voice owner.

"Butch…What are you doing here?" Bubbles asked. It seems she just come home.

Did she come back from meeting Brick? Why is she out here late at night? I have so many questions to ask her but they never come out.

"I just want to see you…" I said to her. Bubbles have a worried look plastered on her face.

"Hey, are you okay?" Bubbles asked concerned, I must look pathetic right now for her to look like that.

"You can talk to me if something bothers you." She said. To be honest, her presence itself comforts me. I do not know how, but I end up hugging Bubbles in my arms.

"Butch…are you okay?" Bubbles were concerned seeing Butch being silent all Bubbles can do is hug him back. "It's okay…I am here for you." She said.

Hearing that I swore to myself that I will make her mine. I want Bubbles for myself. I swore that I will end her relationship with Brick. And to that, I need to make her mine.

I let go of Bubbles, "Bubbles, Please be my girlfriend." I stare at Blue eyes shocked by my confession.

"Butch, I…I can't…"

"Is it because Brick?" I cut her before she can answer.

Bubbles looked shocked, "I know it all Bubbles. Let me help you instead and I will love you. Brick only does this for his selfish reason. He won't love you…He is using you, You know it."

Bubbles were quiet. I know she was thinking about what I said, I know Brick may not be honest about his feeling but there is no doubt that he like Bubbles as well. Therefore, I will make sure it will be too late for him to realize it.

"Bubbles, Give me a chance to prove it to you." Bubbles only stare at the green eyes that staring at her. She can feel how sincere his confession is. She does not want to hurt him. But Butch confession and what he said about Brick, She herself knows it. She knows how Brick only sees her as a sex friend. Maybe it is time for her to stop.

"Okay…let's try, Butch."

I hugged Bubbles tightly in my arms and look straight to the red eyes that glared at me. I was aware of Brick's presence from afar. I am sure Bubbles did not realize it either. Brick was glaring at me clenching his fist. I smirked and mouthed to him where I know he can read it.

"She is Mine!"