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She stood on the roof. Fog surrounded her and on the other side of the roof stood a man. She faced him, and pleaded "Save me" He replied "How?" She fidgeted, not knowing what to say to that. How is she supposed to be saved? She didn't know. Feeling a sudden panic as if she were a prey being closed in on, she looked around and pleaded again "Save me".

Confusion, maybe a hint of anger was etched on the man's face "How am I supposed to save you when you run from me?" She sighed. She wanted to run to him, but she couldn't. The feeling of him being put in danger wouldn't go away. She couldn't do that to him. Looking around again, she couldn't shake the feeling she was being watched.

The building shook and the man ran to her as she fell into a dark abyss.

Usagi bolted up, gasping for air. Again, she dreamed she was asking someone for help. She felt so lost and helpless in the dreams. She wondered who the mysterious man was and why she was drawn to him. Did the dreams have meaning? Shaking her head, she decided the best course of action is to continue ignoring the dreams. Because, what are the chances of her dreams having meaning? Almost none. What are the chances of the mysterious man existing? Zilch.

A beeping from her communicator interrupted her thoughts. Youma. After getting the location from Mercury, she quickly transformed and ran to the battle. The youma was a ballerina type thing. Its' voice was like nails on a chalkboard. "Ooooo, 1, 2, and jump. Now you do it." Sailor Moon said "How about I don't?" The youma pranced around and then narrowed its' eyes at her "You will" It sent pink ribbons toward her and she jumped out of the way. She threw her tiara at the youma.

To her surprise, the youma used a ribbon to catch and toss the tiara to the side. A masculine laugh came from above. She looked up and saw Kunzite. He sent an attack and she dodged it. Every attack she sent to him, he dodged. Every attack she sent to the youma, it either dodged or tossed aside with the ribbon. As the battle continued, it became harder to avoid the attacks.

Kunzite and his youma were tough and she was no longer able to get a good shot at either one. Breathing heavily, Sailor Moon watched as Kunzite ordered the youma to go after civilians. She needed help. Where were the other senshi? Another attack was sent. She dodged it, but she didn't realize the youma hadn't actually gone after civilians. It had circled around to sneak up behind her. Ribbons wrapped around Sailor Moon and threw her against the wall. She fell to the ground as the ribbons disappeared.

A bolt of lightning hit the ground and Kunzite growled, looking around. "Show yourself, or are you going to be a coward and hide?" His question was answered with a fire ball from Sailor Mars on the roof. Sailor Moon looked up but couldn't see the senshi due to the balcony. Kunzite smirked as he sent another attack at her. Sailor Moon quickly got up, but tripped on her hair. Landing hard on her back, she watched as the attack hit the balcony above her. Everything seemed to slow down as the balcony fell. Her mind was screaming run, but her body wouldn't move. Suddenly, Tuxedo Kamen picked her up and went through a door just as the balcony hit the ground.

Sailor Moon internally swore as the impact of the balcony knocked Tuxedo Kamen off his feet, sending them to the floor. Tuxedo Kamen quickly got up and closed the door while dust was still in the air. She stood, closing her eyes at the pain. Kunzite was going to pay for this. The sounds of the battle echoed outside. She opened her eyes and looked around. The room appeared to be a hotel room and it didn't look as if anyone had used it recently.

Tuxedo Kamen approached her. Grabbing her waist, he pulled her to him and she placed her hands on his shoulders. She nodded when he asked if she was okay. His hands inched down and he tightened his grip. Her heart raced as the battle and her pain was forgotten. She looked into his deep blue eyes as she reached to knock his hat off. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair.

Tuxedo Kamen clenched his jaw "No…We can't." Her hand slowly fell to her side. She removed her other hand from his shoulder as he took his hands off her and stepped back. Sailor Moon wondered why he was holding back. Did she do something wrong? Damn it, she didn't want him to hold back. She wanted him to kiss her senseless. She wanted his hands on her. She wanted him.

He took a few steps toward the door. Sailor Moon had to know what she did wrong. "Why?" He looked at her, hesitating. Reasons why he was walking away went through her head. Is she not pretty enough? Is she too short? Is it because she's Sailor Moon? That would be ridiculous especially since he's Tuxedo Kamen. Then she looked down at herself wondering if she is too flat. As the silence continued she regretted asking. She could have told herself it's because they're too busy saving the world, but no, she had to open her big mouth and ask why.

After what felt like an eternity of silence he said "You're too young." Her eye twitched. Too young? She bit her tongue to refrain from reminding him where his hands had been. He sighed "We can't be seen together. What will people think?" Sailor Moon wanted to argue, to say they don't have to express their feelings in public; however, the look on his face said he wasn't going to change his mind. Sailor Moon sat on the bed as Tuxedo Kamen left. When the door closed, it felt as if a knife had been stuck in her heart.

Sailor Moon clenched her fists trying to not let the tears fall. He didn't want to be seen with her because he was concerned what people might think. Is that all he cared about? The battle outside raged on. She went to the bathroom then exited through the window, grateful it was a corner room. If she went out the door, the others would see her and ask questions.

Again, Sailor Moon ran to the battle. Mars yelled at her for being late as usual. She assumed Mars and the rest of the senshi wouldn't have been able to see her under the balcony. Throwing herself into the battle, she pushed thoughts of Tuxedo Kamen aside. Kunzite seemed to have disappeared again and left the ballerina youma for them to fight. They'll get the Shitennou one day. Right now this youma needed to be moon dusted. Hold up, who's the senshi in orange and where did that white cat come from? Mercury shouted for everyone to attack simultaneously. They did and the youma was not able to stop every attack. The youma screeched as it was destroyed.

Jupiter asked the senshi in orange "Who are you?" Sailor Moon squealed when she saw a familiar red mask "Sailor V!" The newcomer nodded. The white cat said "I am Artemis and this is Sailor V. She will be fighting with you as Sailor Venus. Her real identity is Princess Serenity." Sailor Moon was relieved. Finally, they had found her.

Once again, Tuxedo Kamen suddenly appeared. "Princess…" Mars stepped toward him and firmly asked "What do you want?" He ignored the senshi "Princess, why have you been sending me dreams? Why do you need the silver crystal? Will I remember my past?" Sailor Venus silently shared a glance with her cat. Tuxedo Kamen stepped toward her "Princess" She stepped back, making eye contact with Sailor Moon. Her eyes were questioning. Then she bolted. Artemis followed. Tuxedo Kamen ran after and so did the senshi, except Sailor Moon.

She knew there was no point in chasing and ran home. Besides, she needed some time alone. Entering her bathroom, she de-transformed and splashed water on her face. She couldn't focus. Tuxedo Kamen thought she was young. Well, she was, but he didn't know that. He didn't know she got detention often. He didn't know the confident superhero is really a sensitive girl. Tuxedo Kamen didn't know anything about her. She placed her hands on the counter, sighing.

She didn't know anything about him either. He might be much older than her. She gripped the edge of the counter. What if he's married? What if their princess is his princess? Wouldn't that make him their prince? It made sense especially after the way the princess reacted to his questions. She was sending him dreams and asked him for the crystal. Remember his past? As in a past life? Then there was the look the princess gave her. Did she know about the kiss she shared with Tuxedo Kamen when Princess D was here?

Usagi frowned at her reflection. If only her feelings could be washed away like the dirt then she'd be fine. It wasn't that simple, though. She desired a man who would never be hers.

She had to suppress her feelings.

Deny them.

They don't exist.

She smiled. What feelings?

Her smile faltered.

Her heart ached.

She shook her head. No, it didn't.

She had to focus. Protect their princess. That was her job.

She had a mission and she'd do whatever it takes to get it done.

Even, if it meant never falling in love.