As they walked down the street, Motoki said. "I'm glad you were able to give her the watch. Are you still going to meet tonight?" Mamoru shook his head. "No..." He paused, trying to think of a way to word her predicament without giving away her identity. "She's… things came up, and she wasn't sure if she could meet me so we met last night. Because of the stuff that came up, it might be a week or two before we can meet up again." Motoki nodded. "I see. So, you won't be discussing your previous life's record of 50 children and trying to beat it in this one?" Mamoru stopped and faced him. "You make it sound as if it's some video game."

Motoki shrugged. "It kind of is. When you die in a game, usually brought upon losing a battle with a bad guy or the boss, you re-spawn. You lived, got killed by this Queen Beryl character, and re-spawned into this life." Mamoru said. "You have a point, but this isn't a game with infinite lives. If the bad guy wins, it's game over. Permanently." Nodding, Motoki said. "So… when is this re-spawned life of yours going to spawn children?"

Before Mamoru could say anything, a man approached them. The man seemed very serious and angry. He firmly spoke. "Kenji. That's a name you should remember." Motoki blinked. "Yes… that's… I will remember that name." Mamoru asked. "Is that your name?" The man looked at him. "No. I'm Kenji's friend." Motoki whispered. "Did you anger the Yakuza or something? He looks ready to kill." Mamoru shook his head. "Who is Kenji?"

The man feigned being shocked. "Who is Kenji? You do not know who Kenji is and yet you spoke to his pride and joy." Motoki whispered. "Did you flirt with someone's wife?" Mamoru said. "I've spoken to many people. Forgive me if I've offended your friend. If you tell me who the person is, then I can ensure it does not happen again." The man smirked. "Feign ignorance all you want, but Kenji knows who you are. He saw the way you looked at her."

Motoki stepped away from Mamoru. "I don't know this man. Just met him and struck up a conversation since we were going the same way..." The man chuckled. "Nice try..." The man looked at Mamoru again. "I hope the comments of spawning children have nothing to do with her." Mamoru shook his head. "We were discussing video games and comparing it to life. The comment about children was about my game character. I apologize for any misunderstanding." The man said nothing more and walked by them.

When they entered his apartment, Motoki said. "What was that about?" Mamoru shrugged, "No idea." Motoki said. "Well, it might be best if you stay away from the arcade for a while. You know, to keep the patrons safe." Mamoru chuckled. "You mean to keep you safe. It won't work. You're already associated with me. Want some coffee?" Motoki nodded. "Sure." He followed Mamoru into the kitchen. "I've been thinking about that watch you had me retrieve for Sailor Moon."

Mamoru nodded as he made the coffee. "What about it?" Motoki sighed. "It looks a lot like the watches Usagi and her friends have." Mamoru did his best to keep a poker face. "Really?" Motoki nodded. "When Usagi and Makoto were in the arcade yesterday, I noticed Usagi wasn't wearing hers, but Makoto was. It looked identical to what I gave you except it was green." Mamoru slowly nodded. "They probably copied an existing design to make them blend in." Motoki said nothing else, but Mamoru could tell he was still thinking about it.

Makoto smiled as she let Minako in. "What brings you here?" Minako shrugged. "Just thought I'd stop by and see how you've been." Makoto sighed. "We see each other at school and at the arcade. You make it sound as if it's been forever." Minako shrugged then smelled something cooking. "What is that smell?" Makoto chuckled. "Peach cobbler. It's almost done." They went into the kitchen just as the timer went off. As Makoto removed the cobbler from the oven, Minako said. "There's something we need to discuss. I am going to be completely honest with you but you cannot tell anyone." Setting the cobbler on the counter, she faced Minako. "I'll keep your secret. What's going on?" Minako said. "And I mean anyone. No one else can know."

Nodding, Makoto was shocked when Minako pulled out her henshin wand and transformed into Sailor Venus. "Why didn't you tell us?" Sailor Venus sighed. "There are some things certain people do not need to know right now. As Artemis told you, the dreams you are having are memories and everyone needs to remember own their own. He told me what you told him. Nothing will make sense until you know the truth. While I am Sailor Venus, I am also the Princess' decoy." Makoto said. "Y-you're not the Princess?" Sailor Venus shook her head. "I am a decoy for when things get too dangerous for the real Princess." Losing the transformation, Minako said. "It's too dangerous right now for the real Princess to come forward."

Sitting down, Minako said, "The Dark Kingdom usually attacks in the late evening. If they stick to that then Sailor Moon won't be able to fight." Makoto nodded. "Do you have a plan?" Minako nodded. "I will disguise as her and fight. As far as The Dark Kingdom is concerned, it is Sailor Venus missing. They cannot find out Sailor Moon is out of commission after 6pm."

Makoto nodded, "I'll tell her at school tomorrow." Minako smiled. "Thank you." Makoto said. "Luna said the rainbow crystals may only reform into the Silver Crystal once the Princess has them. Since you're not the princess… they haven't formed the silver crystal, have they?" Minako shook her head. "No." Makoto said. "Why haven't you given them to the princess? I know you said it's too dangerous for her to come forward, but at least the silver crystal will be in her hands."

Minako sighed. Okay, so she wasn't going to be completely honest, but she couldn't tell Makoto she already tried it, and they still didn't form into the silver crystal. "You're right. I should give them to her." Changing the subject, she asked. "Are we still ice skating tomorrow after school with Naru and those two other girls?" Makoto nodded. "Yes. Did Rei find two people to go with?" Minako nodded. "Motoki and Mamoru will go with them to make their group five people." Makoto chuckled. "Tomorrow will be a very interesting day." Minako clasped her hands together. "I can't wait to skate with Misha and Janelyn!"